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Health Information Exchange

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1 Health Information Exchange
Vigilance Health Health Information Exchange Education James Coburn, CEO Laura Landry, EVP and Co-Founder Mark Davis, Sr. Project Manager Katharine Phillips, Sr. Project Manager October 9, 2013 Copyright © 2013 VigilanceHIT. All rights reserved. 1

2 Agenda Housekeeping – Meaningful Use HIE To-Do List for Practice
Meaningful Use Reports Upcoming Meetings Help Us Help You Gold Coast HIT Resource Center – Stage 2 HIE To-Do List for Practice

3 Meaningful Use Reports and Questions
Send all MU reports to All reports received the previous week will be addressed on the Tuesday, 9:30 am and 12:30 pm, Meaningful Use and Gap Analysis online meeting MU questions ahead of the call so that we can research them and have an answer ready Stage 1 questions: – answered on Tuesday meetings Stage 2 questions: – answered on the monthly Meaningful Use Workgroup meeting, first Wednesday of each month

4 Upcoming Online Meetings
Go to the calendar on our website, for registration details! Every Tuesday 9:30 and 12:30– Stage 1 Meaningful Use Questions and Gap Analysis

5 Help Us Help You Gold Coast has providers that are going to attest for Meaningful Use in 2013 Tuesday Gap Analysis calls are critical to your success If you are attesting for 90 days, somebody from the practice MUST attend one of the Tuesday calls every week You worry about right now, let us worry about your next steps

6 Health Information Exchange 102
Laura Landry Executive VP and Co-Founder November 13th, 2013 Copyright © 2013 VigilanceHIT. All rights reserved. 6

7 Gold Coast HIT Resource Center – Stage 2

8 Gold Coast HIT Resource Center – Stage 2
Vigilance Health is the new name for Gold Coast Health IT Resource Center The Gold Coast Health IT Resource Center will not go away We will continue to help enrolled providers with Stage 1 Meaningful Use Vigilance Health is here to fill the gaps in support for current and emerging models of healthcare We are your trusted technology advisor as you move forward

9 Review from Last Time A quick review to refresh your memory
Healthcare Ecosystem What is HIE? What is Interoperability? What does HIE mean for me?

10 (for Inpatients & Outpatients)
Health Care Ecosystem Over the counter prescriptions Public Health Family, Friend, Internet, TV, Radio, Twitter General Radiology Centers Pharmacy & Pharmacy Benefits Mgmt. Patient Hospitals (for Inpatients & Outpatients) Long Term Care Disease Control Centers Physicians Network PT, Herbalist Chiropractor Lab Systems Labs & Imaging

11 The Big Questions What is health information exchange?
Ability to electronically access medical information when and where it is needed to make critical healthcare decisions What is interoperability? Your systems connected to your referring network for your patients and business needs

12 What Does HIE Mean For Me?
Better information = better care Reimbursement Tied to Interoperability Timely information about significant events related to your patient’s care (e.g. ER visits, filled prescriptions, etc.) New patient history in a usable format Improved care transitions Better informed and engaged patients Greater ability to prevent unnecessary readmissions and medical errors Avoid penalties Assure EHR incentive payments Enables participation in: Shared savings initiatives Pay for Performance incentives

13 How Does HIE Work Operational vs. Technical
What are the components of HIE? What are the capabilities? What is the limitations?

14 How Does HIE Work? Operational
Providers in the business network agree to share data Systems linked together When patient is seen, relevant clinicians/directly to their EHR The “aggregated” record is available as necessary and allowed Technical Your EHR connects to HIE HIE resolves patient identity (L Landry at 123 Main St, #205 is the same person as Laura Landry at 123 Main St, #205) Designated people are entitled to see or be sent certain data elements based on their role (MD, RN, etc.)

15 Goal: Fully Interoperable Healthcare System
The Right Data at the Right Time to the Right People to Support Optimum Health Outcomes HIE Patient - PHR Pharmacy Personal Health Record Radiology Payers Providers Laboratory Hospital

16 Vigilance Core HIE Components
The Right Data at the Right Time to the Right People to Support Optimum Health Outcomes HIE Clinical Database Interfaces Personal Health Record Data Warehouse Notification Security Portals Master Patient Index (MPI) Care Manager

17 Interoperability Limited by EHR Capabilities
Can your EHR create electronic order messages? Order from multiple labs? Order from multiple imaging centers? Provider HIE Interfaces HL7? IHE? Practice Management System EHR

18 What Does HIE Accomplish
Patient-centric care Just as online banking collects all of your financial transactions in one place, the HIE collects all healthcare transactions for one patient in one place Primary care physician is like the “main office” of the bank Almost everyone else (specialists and hospitals) are like out-of- network ATMs – the data still goes to the main bank Sensitive data still remains segregated and protected

19 HIE is Key to Meaningful Use
Using certified EHR technology in ways that can be measured by quality and quantity such as ePrescribing, labs, public health registries, PQRI submitting clinical quality data/other measures: P4P, ACO, PCMH exchanging information to improve care continuity

20 Meaningful Use Goals Patient-centered medical practice Support
Patient care quality, safety, efficiency Care coordination Population and public health Improve Ensure Adequate privacy and security for personal health information

21 View, Download, Transmit (VDT)
Stage 2 Measures and HIE Measure HIE Function Transition of Care >10% of transitions of care from acute Communicator for Direct Messaging environment have summaries transmitted Hospital Connect to populate health via direct summaries View, Download, Transmit (VDT) PHR populated for more than 50% of patients Communicator for VDT 5% of patients view, download, transmit their Hospital Connect to populate health summaries information Ambulatory CCD integration to populate from Required for hospitals and physicians practices Secure Messaging >5% of patients send a secure message Communicator for PHR Required for Physicians Results Core for EP: >55% electronic results Results delivered and received electronically

22 The Classic HIE Challenge
Copyright Sandlot Solutions Confidential

23 Vigilance HIE is Powered by Sandlot Solutions
Copyright Sandlot Solutions Confidential

24 Exchange of Health Information
Benefits of HIE Adoption of EHRs Improved Health Outcomes Ability to Study & Improve Care Delivery Increased Transparency & Efficiency Shared Savings from patient risk Remain viable and competitive Meaningful Use of EHRs Exchange of Health Information

25 HIE Preparation Steps STEP 3
Determine which HIE has greatest overlap with your own list from Step 1 STEP 1 ID who you most need to receive data from and send data to Lab Hospitals Specialists Surgery/Diagnostic Centers STEP 2 ID HIEs in your local area Private HIEs (hospital, med groups, IPAs, etc.) Community HIEs (open to all providers) Colleagues’ HIE providers

26 Get Help with Getting Ready for HIE
12:30PM HIE Workshop Fill out a form with the Step 1 Information and Get your questions answered as you go!

27 Survey We’d like to make sure that our Interoperability Platform is able to connect with all of your referring organizations and vendors. There is a survey at the end of this webinar that asks for the following information so that we can start contacting them to build interfaces: Labs, hospitals, IPA, ACO, Surgical Centers, Nursing Homes, Health Plans The more vendors we are connected with, the more effective we will be in helping you!

28 To-Do List for Practice
TAKE THE SURVEY AT THE END OF THE MEETING! Tell us who your office contact for Health Information Exchange? Let us know so that we can keep them informed Have them us at

29 Q & A / Thank You! Laura Landry Executive VP and Co-Founder
For More Information, Please Contact: Laura Landry Executive VP and Co-Founder Tel:

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