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Welcome to Alexandria Buffet lunch is available Please to serve yourself when you arrive.

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2 Welcome to Alexandria Buffet lunch is available Please to serve yourself when you arrive

3 What we will cover Composition of the NEMSIS Database –Status of states Recommended State Dataset Data Submission Schedule NDX (National Data Exchange) –Data profile report vendor and agency stratification New Frequency Reports –Pediatric report –Urbanicity report

4 What we will cover (con’t) OLAP Cubes –National cube –State cube –Movie and paper tutorials Research Dataset –Form and process for data release –Release format –Data users manual Discussion Items –Many to many datasets –Classification of medications

5 What we will cover (con’t) HL7 Update –EMS Domain Analysis Model –NEMSIS HL7 Charter Revision Process Update –Closure of the compliance process

6 Current Composition of the National EMS Database

7 Current Composition (2007-2009) 1. Alabama 635,409 2. Florida 563,655 3. Hawaii 23,912 4. Iowa 200,145 5. Idaho 6,991 6. Maine 139,194 7. Minnesota 476,400 8. Missouri 133,217 9. North Carolina 2,094,004 10. North Dakota 67,346

8 Current Composition 2007-2009 (con’t) 11. Nebraska 86,329 12. New Hampshire 113,807 13. New Jersey 86,199 14. New Mexico 17,454 15. Nevada 38,139 16. Oklahoma 1,922 17. Utah 110,560 Total 4,794,684

9 The next Quarter (23 Total) South Carolina* West Virginia* Colorado* Washington Illinois Alaska (* have submitted data that has not yet been processed)

10 States Potentially Submitting in 2009 (36 Total) Pennsylvania California Massachusetts South Dakota Wisconsin Guam Arkansas Connecticut Indiana Virginia Vermont Oregon Georgia

11 State Recommended Dataset Data Managers Council (DMC) deliverable to NTHSA Purpose – –Develop a suggested dataset for states who have not yet identified what variables will be included. Includes all the National Elements Other elements selected by consensus State Dataset

12 Data Submission Schedule Processes to improve compliance –Reminder e-mails from the message board 1 month, 2 weeks, due now, late notice Sent to state vendor and state data manager –Hard date for “end of year” data Data Submission Schedule

13 As of June 5, 2009

14 Enhancement to Data Profile Report Current report –Submission Summary –Date range for submissions –Frequency tables –Violations of business logic

15 Enhancement to Data Profile Report Available profile stratification by: –Vendor –Agency Data Profile Report

16 New Frequency Reports Focus Groups with EMSC Representatives –Quickly answer simple questions –Tabular data –Access to more complex tabular data Frequency Reports

17 Use of OLAP Cubes "Dimensional modeling gives us the ability to visualize data. The ability to visualize something as abstract as a set of data in a concrete and tangible way is the secret of understandability." Ralph Kimball, The Data Warehouse Toolkit (1996, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

18 National Data Cube Public dataset Generate and save tables Build charts Manipulate the format Export Reports

19 State Data Cube Only see your state’s data Limit of three passwords per state –State EMS Official –State EMS Data Manager –State EMS Physician State’s responsibility to keep us informed of staff changes After login….same as the National Data Cube, except…. State Data Cube

20 Tutorials for Cube Services Tutorials are available as: –Written pdf documents –Adobe Flash presentations Cube Tutorials

21 Break

22 Research Dataset Set for release July, 2009 –Release on a single DVD Includes 2008 data –Dynamic tables –Flat files –SAS files –SAS programming –DVD encryption at the data level Research Dataset

23 NEMSIS Data Use Manual Set for release July, 2009 –Includes Terms of use policy Description of 3 datasets Computed and ancillary variables Edit flags Extended definition document Data Users Manual

24 NEMSIS Terms of Use Policy

25 HL7 Update HL7 Project Acceptance – Clinical Interoperability Council Emergency Care, Patient Care –First phase complete –Second phase complete August, 2009 NEMSIS HL7 Charter

26 Messages Documents Templates Services Synthesis Project Specifications Scope Initiate and Frame Identify Project Specification/Standards EMS Domain Analysis Model Formal SDO Submission Project Analysis Model (PAM) Project Scope and Initiation Document Initial UML Model (Based on ER-EHR UML) Static and Dynamic Components Identification of Known Specifications and SMEs Workgroup. SDO Pre-coordination Narrative and UML for Each Specification. Inventory of Value and Code Sets Complete EMAR Specific -PAM All Classes, Attributes, Code and Value Sets. Actors, Activity and Work Flows 3. 1. 2. 4. 6. 5.

27 HL7 Update (cont.) EMS Domain Analysis Model

28 A Sundry Discussion Items Many-to-many datasets Classification of medications

29 Revision Process Update Draft NEMSIS Version 3

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