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HL7 WGM demonstration pilot

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1 GS1 @ HL7 WGM demonstration pilot
mHealth – 7 Mai 2014

2 Who is GS1? GS1 is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply chains globally and across sectors GS1 Global Office Identification, creation, development and maintenance of standards and our foundational architecture, coordination with other international bodies, development of training programmes... GS1 Member Organisations Local offices in 111 countries around the globe Implementation of standards, local regulatory adjustments, community management and relationship management with local governments and regulatory agencies...

3 Global reach, local presence
Not-for-profit 111 Member Organisations 1’500’000 user companies (from SME to global companies) Member driven 150 countries served; 20 different domains 2,500 people helping us Over 6 billion transactions a day

4 GS1 Standards

5 mHealth HL7-GS1 Scope: The project consists in bringing GS1 closer to HL7 experts by using some useful tool to capture and document their participation to the mHealth WG sessions. Ideally, the project should be scalable, so that it grows along the time and continues interesting the experts. If/when successful, the solution could be expanded to the full HL7 Working Groups.

6 mHealth HL7-GS1 Boundaries:
To bring GS1 closer to HL7 experts, data capture has to occur by reading GS1 symbols – ideally GS1 DataMatrix (and not QR Matrix, which could be confused with ordinary tools such as web access for advertisements, etc.). The project must be sufficiently simple not to require registering cell phone number of experts or other heavy administrative work.

7 mHealth HL7-GS1 A phased approach – to seek sustainability:
The idea is to start the project with the simplest solution, to raise expert’s awareness and interest. Data capture will then only document expert’s participation to every mHealth WG session (quarter). Participation list will be generated from this information. Is this sufficient for a first phase? Shall we immediately add the next phase to make the project attractive?

8 + mHealth HL7-GS1 A phased approach – to seek sustainability:
By developing the tool for a second phase, experts will have access (by download or by ordering an ) to mHealth’s documents and agenda. Possibly the best is to generate an with attachments so that the ordering occurs through the mobile device, and the reception on a regular computer. Meeting ID (by Q) + Participant ID meeting documents to participant’s mail box

9 UC 1 HL7 members registered to participate in HL7 WGM will be able to obtain meeting material for the WG

10 UC 1, phase 1 Identification management Prerequisites:
HL7 WGM participant receives a unique ID on badge (GS1 identifier + GS1 DataMatrix) Prerequisites: Registration database updated Participant DB generate the GS1 identifier Participant DB includes GS1 identifier for each participant Participant DB includes participant’s address Participant DB has tables to store participant’s attendance to specific sessions Print Datamatrix on badge Print Datamatrix on labels for meeting room doors

11 UC 1, phase 1 (GS1 identifier)
Global Service Relationship Number (GSRN) GS1 «Company Prefix» Sequential number, generated by HL7 for WGM participant identification Check Digit

12 UC 1, phase 1 (GS1 DataMatrix)

13 UC 1, phase 2 Capture participation to specific WG session
Participant uses own cell phone, with app loaded. Using cell phone, participant scans DataMatrix on badge Using cell phone, participant scans WG session code on door Using own PC, participant receives validation, documents (ppt) in mail box. Session participant list is updated Prerequisites : mHealth WG places a GS1 identifier ( meeting room door) Stick DataMatrix label on meeting room door App has to be installed on cell phone

14 UC 2 – attendee locator I would like to locate John Smith right now, because I have something to give him John Smith is currently in a WG meeting session, and has scanned his attendance in that meeting By querying the participants DB, John Smith can be located to his meeting room.

15 UC 2, phase 1 Identification management Pre-requisits:
HL7 WGM participant gets unique ID on badge (GS1 identifier + GS1 DataMatrix) WG meeting rooms have to be identified with label (GS1 identifier + GS1 DataMatrix) Pre-requisits: Registration database updated Same as for UC 1 Print App allows possibility to query participant DB

16 Illustration Scanning a location to document «my location»

17 Questions?

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