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HealthInfoNet’s Behavioral Health Information Technology Reimbursement Initiative August 19, 2014 Dial: 1.866.740.1260 Enter access code 5488051# 1.

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1 HealthInfoNet’s Behavioral Health Information Technology Reimbursement Initiative August 19, 2014 Dial: 1.866.740.1260 Enter access code 5488051# 1

2 Q & A During the Presentation: The call is muted to ensure good sound quality. We are using the ReadyTalk chat feature to facilitate questions during the presentation. Please send your questions to “All Panelists” or privately to the Chairperson. Q & A will follow the presentation You can continue to submit questions via chat Or you can press (*7 Unmute) (*6 MUTE) to ask a question.

3 Agenda 1.Clarification of Milestone 1 & Milestone 2 Requirements (Gemma Cannon & Rob Cook) 2.Substance Abuse Protection & Quality Work Group (Katie Sendze) 3.Frequently Asked Questions 4.What’s next 3

4 Goals for Today’s Meeting Review Milestone 1 & Milestone 2 Requirements and clarify next steps Clarify Substance Abuse Protection in the HIE & Introduce the Quality Workgroup Address common concerns and questions 4

5 5

6 Time-Sensitive Deadlines 9/30/2014 Deadline to confirm the plan and timeline for staff and client Education 9/30/2014 Deadline for confirmation of data Integration capabilities 6

7 9/30/2014: Confirm Education Plan & Data Integration Deadline: 9/30/2014 for HealthInfoNet to: Receive completed Education Plan Confirm Data Integration Capabilities Payment: $25,000 HealthInfoNet’s Payment Schedule: –HIN process for payment is bimonthly, mid/end of month, helpful to have invoices/reports by the 12 th /25 th 7

8 Milestone 1: Confirm Plan for Staff & Client Education on Communications about HIE Gemma Cannon, Behavioral Health Program Coordinator 8

9 Meet the Deadline: Submit an Education Plan The Completed Timeline is your Education Plan A Comprehensive Timeline –Provides a chronological plan –Connects audience-specific communications to each required item A Companion Guide to the Timeline –Allows easy access to audience specific communication per each action item. 9

10 Meet the Deadline: Submit the Education Plan 10 Complete the Communications Plan and Clinical Portal Education & Training Plan Submit completed plan to Gemma Cannon at Please email Gemma with any questions or call 207-541-4114.

11 Milestone 1: Confirmation of Data Integration Capabilities Rob Cook, HIT Project Coordinator

12 Confirm Data Integration Capabilities Steps: 1.Technical assessment questionnaire 2.VPN forms & connection(s) in place 3.Test message & data example(s) received 4.HL-7 interfaces purchased and in place 5.Trigger a HL-7 message/CCD/CDA from your test environment 6. Tech team signs off on test and data examples 12

13 Test Message & Data Example(s) Received Send samples of test HL7 messages and/or CCD/CDA of a test patient (de- identified information) The types of messages are identified under the “IHE Standards and HL7 Specifications” sections of the Technical Questionnaire 13

14 HL-7 Interface Connectivity HL-7 interface connectivity has been established with HealthInfoNet –HL-7 interfaces must be purchased and in place for connectivity to occur 14

15 Trigger a Message from your Test Environment Trigger a HL-7 message/CCD/CDA from your test environment –Preferred is HL-7 message sent automatically when provider performs certain actions (i.e., closing the chart) –If sending HL-7 Messages, please trigger each type of message sent by your organization –It should reach HIN through the VPN or Web Services. 15

16 Data Integration Milestone: Process 16

17 HIN Tech-Team Sign-Off Milestone 1 is incomplete without HIN Tech Team sign-off on: Test examples Data examples 17

18 Call will be Scheduled with HIN Tech Team The Tech Team Call will: Be scheduled now Send Test Message prior to call Check for sample validation, next steps and port assignments –Validation may take from 7-10 business days. Identify how substance abuse treatment information is protected and managed 18

19 Meet the Deadline: Confirm Data Integration Capabilities What to do now: VPN Forms and Connections in Place Call will be scheduled with you, your EHR vendor and the HIN Tech Team Send test messages to Rob Cook ( prior to Technical Team Purchase required interfaces for connection. 19

20 Updates: Substance Abuse Protection & Qualtity Measure Reporting Katie Sendze, Program Director 20

21 Three Substance Abuse Questions to Explore Question # 1: Do you provide services that are subject to 42 CFR Part 2 Protection? If “no”: HealthInfoNet will not “block” or shield any of your data outside the current MH/HIV Consent Model. If “yes”: Proceed to the next question….. 21

22 Three Substance Abuse Questions to Explore (continued) Question #2 You provide services that are subject to 42 CFR Part 2 Protection. How do you manage Part 2 Data within your EHR? Question # 3 How will you/vendor prevent this data from being sent to HIN (how is it blocked/managed on the vendor side)? 22

23 Answers Lead to Blocking Options Key examples for discussion: For HL7 v3 vendors using CDA messages- is it all or nothing for patients with SA data? Do you include SA data in your CDA? HL7 2 vs. HL7 3 Can SA be blocked by data type? 23

24 Establishing a Quality Measure SIM Goal: Using HIE as a tool towards quality measurement and reporting. SIM Initiative Participant Requirement: Participate in the discussion and decision making process for establishing the quality measure and process. 24

25 SIM Quality Measure Timeline October, 2015: HIN needs to begin receiving data to support the end goal of Quality Measurement October, 2014 to October, 2015: We will establish small “Quality Workgroup” of subject matter experts to serve as the lead for developing the guidelines and measure options that will used for Milestone 3. 25

26 Introducing the Quality Measure Workgroup Representation from a variety of populations (child/adult etc.) Seeking eight participants Meet monthly beginning in October- October, 2015. (Note: group will have input to structure and process once established.) 26

27 Frequently Asked Questions 27

28 FAQ: Education Requirement Could I get some clarification as to the requirements for meeting the milestones for Training & Education? Do we just have to submit a training Plan for Clients and Staff or, does HIN expect some sort measurement indicating the numbers for Staff/Clients trained as well as the training plan? 28

29 What You Received From Us HealthInfoNet Educational Form –Supports reporting of Education Plan to meet Milestone 1 Requirements Communications Timeline and Guide –Chronological Plan with outreach communications imbedded within each task Communications Package –E-Mail templates, talking points, PowerPoints for Staff Training, posters and brochures 29

30 FAQ: Training Is it possible for HIN staff to train department heads? Does the Training need to be completed by September 30 th, 2014? Does the training that takes place before view-only need to be repeated before go- live with BHO data in the HIE? 30

31 Clinical Portal Training: Options Decide Date, Time and Place Decide who to train and how many sessions are needed (one or two?) Choose how: –Train all staff users on site –Train the trainer on site –Train all staff remotely –Train the trainer remotely Onsite: Train all appropriate staff Onsite: Train the Trainer Remote: Webinar-based training 31

32 Contact Information Sharon Bearor, RN, BSN Clinical Coordinator HealthInfoNet Phone: 207-541-4123 Email: 32

33 FAQ: Opt-In/Opt-Out We’re under the assumption that all client data will go to HIE and that folks will opt out. Is this how the process will work? 33

34 HealthInfoNet Consent Policy Maine law requires HealthInfoNet follow an opt-out consent policy This policy was originally written in 2007 with input from stakeholders representing patients, providers, employers, payers, and government Consumers opt-out online, on paper, or over the phone Consumers opt-out once for all care locations at which time their clinical data is deleted, not just hidden Patients can opt back in,* however their records will start from that day forward. The system does not go back *This will not include protected information, the patient must consent for this separately

35 FAQ: Opt-In/Opt-Out If we’re not accessing behavioral health information from other agencies, do we need to have clients sign the Opt-In Forms? 35

36 Patient Consent Options **Key Training Tool** Your ChoicesAction You Need to Take General Medical Information Mental Health & HIV Information Share your medical information only Do nothing Available to all participating providers Available only in medical emergencies Share your mental health information, HIV information, or both Fill out a consent form available from your participating provider or HealthInfoNet and consent to share mental health, HIV or both Available to all participating providers The type of information you choose will be available to all participating providers Share your mental health information, HIV information, or both, with an individual provider During your visit, tell your participating provider they have your consent to access your mental health, HIV information or both Available to all participating providers Available to that individual provider during that visit. You will need to give permission next time you want them to have access Remove all your medical information from HealthInfoNet Fill out an opt-out form available from HealthInfoNet, your provider, or online at All information is deleted from your record and will not be available to your participating providers, even in an emergency

37 FAQ: Opt-In/Opt-Out Wouldn’t it be the responsibility of the primary care physician to get the consent on their end? 37

38 Patient Education Requirements Per Maine State law, participating organizations must: –Give opt-out form to all patients at point of “initial contact” following connection to HealthInfoNet –Send any signed opt-out forms to HealthInfoNet within 2 business days OR provide a way for patient to opt-out at no cost to the patient

39 Any More Questions? Un-Mute: *7 Mute: *6 39

40 What You Need to Do Next Complete Education Form and Submit to Gemma Schedule call with you, your EHR Vendor and HealthInfoNet (Calls need to completed by September 17 th to allow for Data Integration confirmation) –Calls will be coordinated through Katelyn Michaud, 40

41 Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Questions, Answers, Updates

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