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1 4/12/2015 The American Immunization Registry Association Amy Metroka Past AIRA President New York City CIR (Citywide Immunization Registry)

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1 1 4/12/2015 The American Immunization Registry Association Amy Metroka Past AIRA President New York City CIR (Citywide Immunization Registry)

2 2 4/12/2015 AIRA – Supporting the IIS Community  Regional Forums  SnapShots Newsletter  Webinars  Pre-conference workshops at the 2010 NIC  Ad hoc meetings at the NIC  PROW Center of Excellence Award  MIROW best practice guidelines  Data Exchange Standards  IIS Performance Improvement initiative  Partnerships

3 3 4/12/2015 Regional Forums Northeast – September 2008 Midwest – January 2009 Southeast – November 2009 Plains/West – June 2010 Planning – involves all states in region; consensus on topics and focus areas; presentations by state IIS attendees Feedback from attendees: very positive; very much appreciated the opportunity to network with their regional colleagues since lack of national IIS conference; found the presentations very valuable

4 4 4/12/2015 Regional Forums NORTHEAST (September 24, 2008, New York City) NYC, NYS, RI, PA, NJ, CT, ME, PA, Phila. Focus: Interstate data sharing (data exchange, data quality, data elements, MOU) Outcome: Inter-Organizational Agreement (IOA) completed in partnership with the HISPC IOA Collaborative

5 5 4/12/2015 Regional Forums MIDWEST (January 30, 2009, Chicago) Chicago, IL, IN, WI, MN, MI Focus on integration with other health systems, IIS data exchange with schools, data quality, and HL7 implementation Outcome: Consensus on need for development of a common denominator for IISAR reporting; issue forwarded to CDC.

6 6 4/12/2015 Regional Forums SOUTHEAST (November 4, 2009, New Orleans) LA, NC, MS, FL, TN, SC Focus on provider recruitment and retention, data quality best practices, IIS interoperability Outcome: Consensus on need for identifying a standardized approach to IISAR queries; issue brought to CDC

7 7 4/12/2015 Regional Forums PLAINS/WEST (June 2010, TBD) KS, ND, SD, NE, OK, CO, WY, MT, IA, MO Planning to begin early February

8 8 4/12/2015 SnapShots Newsletter  3 electronic and 1 special printed issue for distribution at NIC  2009 special issue focused on data quality  2010 special issue will focus on best practices and lessons learned from IIS involvement in H1N1 activities  All SnapShots issues, along with other AIRA publications, are available on the AIRA website:

9 9 4/12/2015 Activities at 2010 NIC  Pre-conference workshops, Sunday, April 18: Workshop #1 – HL7 V2.5 Implementation Guide (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM) Workshop #2 – Provider Recruitment and Online Training Strategies (2:00 to 5:00 PM)  Lunchtime ad hoc meetings (12:00 to 2:00 PM): Monday, April 20 – MIROW Best Practice Guidelines, the latest chapters and mini-guides Tuesday, April 21 – IIS Performance Improvement Initiative, preliminary results from test sites  Presentation of Center of Excellence Awards Monday, April 19 at the NIC Opening Plenary  Volunteer Recognition Awards Reception Tuesday, April 20, 6:00 to 8:00 PM

10 10 4/12/2015 Webinars Wednesday, February 24, 2:00 PM ET – MIROW Data Quality Assessment, Incoming Data Wednesday, March 24, 2:00 PM ET – IIS Research and Publishing Wednesday, June 23, 2:00 PM ET – HL7 V2.5 Implementation Guide for IIS Email announcements forthcoming. Visit the AIRA web site for updated information.

11 11 4/12/2015 Center of Excellence Award  Given annually since 2004.  Awarded to an IIS that has shown innovation and effectiveness in using IIS data in support of their immunization program.  2009 Award focus – Effective use of IIS in support of H1N1 influenza activities. Categories: provider enrollment, data reporting, vaccine management.  Award will be presented at NIC Opening Plenary.  Call for nominations will be out first week in February.

12 12 4/12/2015 MIROW Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup – Identifies IIS operational issues that would benefit from consensus-based best practice guidelines. Current MIROW chapters 1. MOGE and Other Patient Designations 2. Vaccine Level Deduplication in IIS 3. Data Quality Assurance in IIS: Incoming Data 4. Reminder Recall in IIS New topic – IIS and VFC Status – Facilitated SME session in June. All completed MIROW docs and mini-guides on AIRA web site.

13 13 4/12/2015 IIS Performance Improvement  Development of assessment tool for IIS to assess performance related to six program components: Vaccine management/accountability Participation Surveillance Assessment Preparedness Consumer education  Test site project launch (9 IIS) – February  Preliminary results of test sites -- ad hoc mtg at NIC in April  Final feedback from test sites – July  Assessment tool completed and released for use – September

14 14 4/12/2015  HL7 V2.5 Implementation Guide for IIS Went through HL7 balloting process Approved with some general comments Guide will be updated to reflect comments Posted on AIRA web site Pre-conference workshop, April 18 at NIC Webinar, June 23  Involved in National data standards initiatives – Provides comments and feedback in response to open comment periods on documents published by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC). Visit HIT web page on AIRA web site. Data Exchange Standards

15 15 4/12/2015 Partnerships CDC/NCIRD/IISSB AIM Every Child by Two (ECBT) Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII) Indian Health Services (IHS) American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Public Health Data Standards Consortium (PHDSC) HL7 Organization American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration (HISPC)

16 16 4/12/2015 The American Immunization Registry Association ANNE CORDON President 619-692-8403 CYNTHIA SUTLIFF Executive Director 212-676-2325

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