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1 Overview of CRISP Connectivity Process June 1 st, 2011.

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1 1 Overview of CRISP Connectivity Process June 1 st, 2011

2 What is CRISP?  CRISP (Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients) is Maryland’s statewide health information exchange (HIE) and Regional Extension Center (REC) –Health Information Exchange, or HIE, allows clinical information to move electronically among disparate health information systems. The goal of HIE is to deliver the right health information to the right place at the right time—providing safer, more timely, efficient, effective, equitable, patient-centered care. –Regional Extension Center (REC) is a program created by the ONC that is funded through the stimulus bill. RECs will offer technical, implementation, and educational assistance to facilitate providers’ adoption and meaningful use of electronic medical records (EMRs). 2

3 CRISP and HSCRC Use Case  HSCRC will leverage the CRISP infrastructure to support inter- and intra-hospital admission and discharge data reporting  CRISP will collect, match, and report on admission, discharge, and other “ADT” messages to meet the HSCRC requirement 3

4 CRISP and HSCRC Use Case (cont.)  Hospitals will submit certain demographic data elements (see slide 5) to CRISP via an HL7 outbound feed of their ADT (admit, discharge, transfer) data  CRISP will route this data through the Initiate MPI for matching purposes and will provide reports to HSCRC of relevant admission / discharge related data.  Current reporting to HSCRC will continue to be required in addition to the information provided to CRISP 4

5 Proposed Required Data Elements for HSCRC Reporting 5 Field Name HSCRC Requirement Name, FirstYes Name, Middle InitialYes* Name, LastYes AddressYes Address, CityYes Address, StateYes Address, Zip codeYes Date of BirthYes GenderYes Social Security NumberYes* Visit/Encounter ID (VID)Yes** Medical Record Number (MRN)Yes Enterprise / System Level Patient IDYes*** Admission TimestampYes Discharge TimestampYes Yes*- Field required only if information is provided by patient Yes** -This data field should be a unique number to identify a specific visit Yes** *- If Hospital has an Enterprise ID in addition to the Medical Record Number

6 Example Timeline for Hospital Connectivity 6

7 Pre-Connectivity Work 1.Initial hospital meeting 2.Executive orientation meeting 3.Technical team kickoff meeting 4.Distribution/completion of pre-connectivity documentation: –BAA –Participation Agreement –Policies and Procedures –Technical readiness assessment –VPN form –HL7 specifications –Privacy and security overview –Data validation guide 7

8 Steps for Technical Connectivity 1.Establish VPN connection with disaster failover 2.Identify data feed(s) and assign port number(s) 3.Define any unique hospital requirements 4.Hospital sends sample data (~100 messages) to CRISP 5.CRISP completes mapping of hospital data to CRISP HL7 specifications 8

9 Steps for Technical Connectivity 6.CRISP displays hospital data in web-based browser for quality assurance validation 7.Hospital performs unit testing to complete quality assurance validation, including communicating any necessary changes to mapping to CRISP 8.Complete and upload any necessary lookup tables 9

10 Go Live 1.Go/no go meeting to obtain data validation approval 2.Establish any necessary ongoing maintenance contacts/procedures 3.Execute Participation Agreement (ADT-only agreement if applicable) 4.Go live 5.Establish production piloting environment where hospital can check live data for accuracy 10

11 Proposed Timeline for Implementation  Proposed deadline for connectivity: December 2011 (per proposed regulations)  For hospitals who are already working with CRISP:  CRISP will be working with each hospital to ensure the required data elements for HSCRC are being captured and that a go live is scheduled prior to the determined deadline  For hospitals who are not already working with CRISP:  CRISP will work with each hospital to set up an initial meeting, complete a readiness assessment, and begin initial work 11

12 Questions 12

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