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2 Background 2  In our 12 th Year in business (founded in 1998).  Self funded and profitable.  Focussed on Irish & UK Healthcare Market  Leading provider of Integration Services to Irish Public and Private Hospitals.  Over 35 individual solutions, “live” in 55+ Irish hospitals including all major HSE Hospitals and DATH’s.  Management Team have on average 25+ years local and international experience in Healthcare.

3 What we do We Deliver Cost-effective Health Information Systems for:  Pathology Communications  Clinical Systems  Allied Health Information System  Hospital Administration Systems Implementation Services Support & maintenance Application software development Design new or enhance existing infrastructure Professional Project Management for fast & proven result 3 3

4 Our Clients 4 Tallaght Hospital National Virus Reference Laboratory Cork & Tralee South Infirmary/ Victoria Coombe Women’s Hospital

5 Fully Integrated Suite 5 We supply fully functional solutions for: Patient Administration Allied Health Professionals Clinical Information Management Integration & Messaging

6 Pathology Communication 6 1.Lab Results Reporting (.NET) 2.Lab to Lab Communication (LIS to LIS) 3.Lab Order Communications 4.Result integration (HL7) 5.Sample Archiving (GMP Validated) 6.Sample Tracking (GMP Validated) 7.OpenLIS (Data store for Legacy lab systems) 8.LIS View (Enquiry & Reports from OpenLIS) 9.HL7 link to HealthLinks for GP’s

7 Open Architecture 7 Integrated Scheduling Patient appointments Equipment DNA management Outcome & Care Planning Management Reports HSE and HIPE Reports Statistics reports Ad Hoc/Standard reports Survival Analysis Excel import and export Patient letters & Summaries PAS (McKesson, Isoft Clinicom & IPM) LAB (ISOFT, Clinisys, MasterLAB, Sunquest, Netaquire, Beaumont) H2HCare, EDM, HealthOne, Helix Practice Manager, Socrates RIS/PACS (GE, Siemens & IMS) Pharmacy (Ascribe) A&E (IMS Maxims & Ascribe) Billing (DMF) InterSystems Ensemble Integrated Imaging Diagnostic Imaging Document Imaging

8 Why Discharge Summaries? 8 Quality and Timely communication on discharge means:  Continuity of care improvements  Ensures better health outcomes  Joined up Healthcare delivery  Reduces re-admission rates  Optimal use of scarce hospital resources  Better use of community resources And it’s only possible if:  Accurate and complete information is gathered  Accessible to all of the relevant hospital medical staff  Delivered to Physicians' in a timely and efficient manner.

9 It needs to be electronic ? The Original is handwritten and often illegible Errors and omissions Can take days or even weeks before it’s ready to be sent Not delivered or too late getting to the Physicians to be of any use Incomplete or incorrect coding i.e. inaccurate costing Labour intensive i.e. speeding up requires more secretaries Can only be viewed by one person at a time, Patient’s chart can be difficult to find or unavailable Not available to other Hospital departments if patient re-admitted 9

10 A Fresh Approach Accurate- Clinical notes gathered at point of care Complete - All Diagnoses, Treatments, Meds + Codes On Time - Delivered electronically to Physicians in the Community 10

11 Workflow Schema 11

12 Web eDS – Technical Architecture 12 Microsoft IIS for Web Access Microsoft IIS for Web Access PAS System Web EDS Patient Episodes Discharge Summaies Web EDS Patient Episodes Discharge Summaies GP Extract GP Practice Management System GP Messaging Select Patient by Consultant/Ward List or Create New Episodes Record Diagnoses & Treatments (with ICD10 codes) Save, Print or Approve New Summary HL7.2 Email Hospital Formulary/ Drug List Hospital Formulary/ Drug List DMF Integration Engine Import and Verification

13 Benefits of Electronic Discharge Summaries 13 Accurate Electronic data input and drop down menus guarantee legibility Hot Lists by Specialty improves input time and accuracy Pharmacist can approve and dispense Take out medications Consultants can approve or edit discharge letters post discharge Complete Mandatory Fields ensure completeness Accessibility to multiple staff spreads the workload Includes all ICD10 (or ICD9) codes for diagnoses, procedures etc. Pharmacy can review, update and correct meds from Hospital Drug List Handover between medical staff at shift change safer. On Time Completed over the duration of stay so ready to go at discharge. Can be delivered instantaneously to the patients Physician. Correct Coding means costing available to Accounts Trust-wide access to historical records for re-admitted patients

14 Contact Us If you are interested in finding out more about DMF Systems or would like to book an online or in person demonstration please contact us using any of these: email: Call us now on: 0161 4084412 And start building a closer relationship with your clinicians from today with Web eDS.


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