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Integrating HealthLink with Practice Management Systems

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1 Integrating HealthLink with Practice Management Systems
Mark Melia, School of Computing, Dublin City University. Pramod Pathak, School of Informatics, National College of Ireland. Marie Lalor, Gemma Garvan, Orla Doogue, Aishling Raftery, National HealthLink Project. What I will be presenting today is an investigation into the integration of HealthLink with PMSs. This work was done a little over a year ago as part of my final year project in the NCI. The project was supervised by Dr. Pramod Pathak and was contributed by and directed by the HealthLink team which includes Marie Lalor, GG, OD.

2 Outline HealthLink Background Practice Management Systems
Current Integration Solution Proposed Integration Solution Conclusions/Findings HealthLink Future b

3 HealthLink HealthLink – Messaging project
Used by GP to get Lab Results via Web More Info - HealthLink Introduction National Electronic Messaging project, used to communicate clinical data between hospital departments and a patients GP

4 What Hospitals Use HealthLink?
Currently Participating: Mater Misericordiae Hospital Beaumont Hospital St. James Hospital Limerick Regional Hospital St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nenagh Ennis General Hospital St. Vincent’s Hospital Merlin Park Hospital, Galway St. Michael’s Hospital. Mullingar General Hospital Tullamore Hospital Portloaise Hospital Connolly Hospital Mayo General Hospital Naas Hospital Signed up: AMNCH Uni. College Hospital, Galway Roscommon County Hospital Loughlinstown Hospital Temple St. Childrens’ Hospital

5 Practice Management System
Used by GPs to manage Practice Used for: General Admin Finance Patient Records

6 Current Integration Solution
GP Computer System PMS Internet Browser HL7 File How Health link works HealthLink Server HealthLink Server

7 Proposed Integration Solution
Deliver messages directly to GP PMS Clinical data direct on PMS Something like MS Outlook Proposed Solution - Web Services Benefits: Reduced GP workload

8 Prototype System Objective - Proof of Concept HL7 – Key enabler
Web Services The Prototype Environment SQL Server 2000 (simulate HealthLink Database) Java Server (simulate HealthLink behaviour) C# Client – using .NET Technology

9 Proposed Solution Architecture
GP Computer System PMS Internet Browser HL7 File HealthLink Server

10 Proposed Solution Architecture
GP Computer System PMS Service Interface HealthLink Server

11 A Closer Look Digital PMS Cert. <SOAP:ENV> <HL7> …
HTTPS User Authentication XML Service Interface Apache Axis HealthLink Server Digital Cert.

12 Result of Project Proved that adoption of PMS could be updated direct from HealthLink with little work. PMS Vendor Call Service Get HL7 from SOAP – integrate as normal Path to adoption Add Service Interface Integrate security features Get PMS Vendors on board

13 What about Implementation?
.NET server GoLive – End of March But what about the browser? This will remain.

14 Thank you Questions? Contact:

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