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05/03/061 Web Development with HL7 Veterinary Telemonitoring Roland T. Craddolph.

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1 05/03/061 Web Development with HL7 Veterinary Telemonitoring Roland T. Craddolph

2 05/03/062 Summary BMOO Project Overview Web Architecture –General Setup –Our Setup App & Database Implementation HL7 –What is it? –How we plan to use it Conclusion Links & Resources Questions

3 05/03/063 Main Project The goal of this project is to develop a mobile medical monitoring device that will continuously assess cattle state of health in concentrated and distributed herds. This device will help improve the ability of the animal sciences industry to react to and predict disease onset and its epidemiological spread, whether from natural or terrorist events. FOR MORE INFO...

4 05/03/064 Project Overview

5 05/03/065 Web Architecture Setup – 3 Tier

6 05/03/066 Our Architecture Setup 1 st Tier –Personal Computer/PDA with BMOO Viewer 2 nd Tier –Apache Web Server –HL7 Server 3 rd Tier –MySQL Database –HL7 Database

7 05/03/067 App & Database Implementation Application Implementation –Java Web Start –Java 1.5 –JfreeChart –XML Database/Server Implementation –MySQL Server (4.1.18) –Apache Webserver (2.2) –Chameleon HL7 Server

8 05/03/068 BMOO Viewer Screenshot

9 05/03/069 BMOO Database

10 05/03/0610 HL7 - What is it? MSH|^~\&|EPIC|EPICADT|SMS|SMSADT|199912271408|CHARRIS|ADT^ A04|1817457| EVN|A04|199912271408|||CHARRIS PID||0493575^^^2^ID 1|454721||DOE^JOHN^^^^|DOE^JOHN^^^^|19480203|M| NK1||CONROY^MARI^^^^|SPO||(216)731-4359||EC||||||||||||||||||||||||||| PV1||O|168 ~219~C~PMA^^^^^^^^^||||277^ALLEN FADZL^BONNIE^^^^||||||||||

11 05/03/0611 HL7 – Our use for it When an interaction happens with a cow, this interaction is captured as an event.. All data gathered at this event is a message. From there the event and message are put into XML which is stored on the HL7 Server and MySQL datbase

12 05/03/0612 Future Goals To use data from device and not random generated data Complete Unit Testing with real data Complete one modular Expert System for application

13 05/03/0613 Summary BMOO Web Architecture Project Implementation HL7 Future Goals

14 05/03/0614 Links & Resources

15 05/03/0615 Questions?

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