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Public Relations & Social media Online Public Relations Ilkom, 2010 Judhie Setiawan, M.Si.

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1 Public Relations & Social media Online Public Relations Ilkom, 2010 Judhie Setiawan, M.Si

2 Today How online communications have changed Definitions of social media The importance of conversations Audience expectations Tools and opportunities

3 How online communications have changed Pergerakan informasi yang transparan dan real time adalah sesuatu yang tidak terelakkan. Pemahaman komunikasi sudah berkembang jauh. Komunikasi bukan hanya diterjemahkan dengan hubungan satu arah, melainkan komunikasi yang terintegrasi, menggabungkan segala komponen, mulai dari public affairs, PR sampai dengan advertising.

4 What happened? The old scheme Content producersDistribution Technologies Audiences Privileged group due to financial barriers (technology to produce TV or radio content) or due to bottleneck of limited available content distribution capabilities Bottleneck of limited available content distribution capabilities: TV or radio could air “only” 24h of content a day; a newspaper could only distribute x amount of pages a day. One way, one to all distribution technology Big, passive group of audiences that serve as recipients only

5 What happened? Content, Technology and Audiences merged Content producersDistribution Technologies Audiences Anyone can produce content with widespread technologies like home computers, mobile phones, digital cameras. There is no distribution bottleneck. Anyone can passively consume content or actively review, promote, judge and comment on content as well as produce own pieces.

6 Then Press releases (faxed) Newsletters (mailed) Magazines (print only) Mainstream media coverage Top down control One-way

7 Now… We still write press releases but… 24/7 news cycle Information society have broadband at home & mobile modem on their notebook Information society use wireless, mobile devices Blogs, Video blog Two-way communications No direct control Anytime, anywhere, anything, any device

8 What is social media? Driven by RSS Digital tools and services that allow content creation with little to no technical knowledge Consumer-created content Personal profiles Shared interests / online communities Repurposing of content

9 Karakter Social Media Karakter social media adalah mengedepankan interaksi, partisipasi, dan kolaborasi terbuka dimana setiap orang mempunyai kesempatan untuk menyuarakan ide, pendapat, dan pengalaman mereka melalui media online khusus (blog atau website) ataupun jaringan online sosial, seperti Facebook, My Space, Blogger, You Tube, dan sebagainya. Dengan karakter seperti itu, berarti social media memiliki peran seperti PR.

10 First off, what’s RSS? Web “feeds” used to publish content Content comes to users Must-have for any site with regular updates Built in to any blogging / social media software Google reader

11 - RSS

12 Social networks Facebook MySpace YouTube Flickr Twitter LinkedIn

13 “Join the conversation” Dozens / hundreds of conversations taking place every day online about your organization Who is talking? Who is listening? What are they saying? What are you saying in response?

14 Why join the conversation? To correct misconceptions To provide less formal interaction with your organization To strengthen connection to your organization To build community To empower your community to speak for you Improve search engine rankings The media listens, too

15 Brand Conversation @facebook

16 To succeed with any of these tools… Be a consumer Know your audience Know your goals Be relevant, honest and timely Understand and watch your stats Listen Content is still king

17 But before you start talking… Listen Read Ask Plan Implement Listen / Monitor Regroup Revise

18 Online Video Internet users have watched video online Most share what they watch with others

19 Capturing, uploading, and sharing video Camera Microphone Editing software File format (.flv) Permission YouTube - share, embed

20 Twitter Immediate, brief, global Social messaging Mobile Mini, constant blog Increasing news use

21 Facebook & Organizations 300 million people can’t be wrong (or can they?) Do you have an audience and content? Are you ready for interaction? Start small

22 Going mobile Mobilers have used mobile devices to access internet, take photos, text, etc. Content is being captured by mobile devices Align your content with these devices Understand you are not the main content provider for your content


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