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2 2 The story of PSG Started Build it out How it changed my life My personal philosophies What I have learned – it might inspire somebody PSG is my life

3 3 SMK – my early years From ranking 42 to 5 DCM – 1985 to >40 listings Gilt market 0 to nr 1 Listings – RMB, Richemont, Medi-Clinic, Naspers, M-Net, etc. 20 partners (myself CEO)

4 4 3/8/1995 – Changed my life I was fired Lost my company and my friends 48 years old and unemployed I lost my confidence Defining moment of my life

5 5 The days after 3/8 I was worried Kept the incident a secret Only told my wife, Dana Could not tell my children, mom and sisters the full story I was confused and could not think properly Then I realised that my future is in my hands and only in my hands I have to lift my head

6 6 For the unemployed: Get a office Get a soundboard(s) Know yourself (SWOT analysis) Formulate your dream, your vision and write it down - my dream in 1995 was my focus and still applicable Formulate your action plans – small steps Read – read – think and scheme

7 7 My dream in 1995 Listed company or big stake in it (control) Financial services sector focus Raise Capital for strong base Management style – decentralised and delegated Smart people Move to Stellenbosch Small head office, relaxed environment Think more and do less

8 8 Lessons learnt Make decisions and take risk Involve and inspire your family (PSG....) Colleagues - Team better than individual but someone responsible - Make them shareholders Be positive! (reactive vs proactive)

9 9 Lessons learnt Communication “Leaders are only as powerful as the ideas they can communicate. They inspire their followers to higher levels of achievement by showing them how their work contributes to worthwhile ends. It is an emotional appeal to one of the most fundamental of human needs – the need to be important, to make a difference, to feel useful and to be part of a successful and worthwhile enterprise” – Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus

10 10 PAG - 25/11/1995 Obtained control of PAG at 36cps Market Cap R7m 4/1997 sold for R107m LUCK Changed name to PSG

11 PSG today - Group structure 100% 32.5% 71.3% 42.4% 63.1% 11 49% 100%

12 PSG today R14bn market capitalization 39 companies 39,000 people Pay R4.5bn tax Loyal shareholders 20% Steinhoff 37% directors 18% friends & family

13 PSG Group

14 Total return index R100,000 investment in 1995 = R143m today (54% CAGR) Without dividends reinvested = R65m today (47% CAGR) Top 100 company (Sunday Times) PSG 2 e over 10 years 14

15 Difficult times? Look for opportunities: – 1994/1995 -> PSG – Small bank crisis -> Capitec – BEE -> Thembeka – Schools & education in SA -> Curro – Investors losing money with untrustworthy companies/individuals -> PSG Konsult

16 Capitec Banking the unbanked Change micro lending outlets to bank branches TBB banking license Develop system and employ smart people – a success story FROM LOAN SHARK TO HERO 16

17 Capitec (32.5%) -Focus! -Easy to understand -Affordable bank – a serious competitor -3.7m clients, 500 branches -One of 27 global “brands of tomorrow” [per CreditSuisse] Shareprice 2002: R 2 Shareprice 2012: R 220 Best JSE share performance over last 10 years 17

18 Curro (58%) 4 markets – Affordable private schools – Top-end private schools (eg.Woodhill) – Community schools (Old Mutual) – Curro Junior Academy 100% matric pass rate Maths & Science 18

19 Curro (58%) Education in SA – 4% private school kids in SA vs 13% globally – Public schools too full – Ex-model C schools good, but under pressure – No new schools built Curro – 2009 invest: 2,300 learners; 3 campuses – 2012 today: 12,500 learners; 22 campuses – 2020 target: 45,000 learners; 40 campuses – 2020 possible: 80 campuses! Huge opportunity! 19

20 PSG Konsult Largest financial intermediary in SA Network of 227 offices; 674 brokers/advisors 140,000 clients PSG Online rated top stock broker: Business Day Investors Monthly Stockbroker of the Year award - “Top retail stockbroker” PSG Asset Management great funds: – PSG Flexible Fund – PSG Equity Fund – PSG Balanced Fund – PSG Money Market 20

21 Buy shares on the JSE Create wealth for yourself! "Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.“ - Warren Buffett Speak to a PSG Konsult advisor…. 21

22 Thembeka (49%) 22 BEE investment company Intrinsic value grow from R0 to R2.1bn in last 6 years True ‘empowerment’ eg. URC holds 6% interest – Thousands of members – Paid R80 for interest – Current value ~R85m – Receive ~R3m dividends

23 Africa offers opportunities “Twenty-five years ago the world came together to try to feed Africa, in twenty-five years’ time Africa could feed the world” – Hilary Benn 23

24 Chayton Africa Commercial farming in Zambia Target 10,000 ha under irrigation Ex-Zimbabwe farmers – experienced ton per ha possible – ‘double cropping’ Africa/Zambia many opportunities – Poultry consumption 2.5kg per capita in Zambia vs. 31.8kg in SA – 40% of fresh water in Southern Africa – 8 bordering countries – all net importers of food – Great opportunities in agriculture 24

25 Chayton 25

26 Why Zambia? Strong democracy Favourable investment climate and government – open for business Agreement with government and good incentives Africa not for sissies! BUT Opportunity exists 26

27 CA Sales Established in 1988 Biggest FMCG distribution agency in Botswana Warehouses based in Gaborone and Francistown – 52,000 m 2 Owns 120 trucks 1,200 employees 27

28 CA Sales Gaborone Warehouse 28

29 My business philosophy Read / Think / Scheme Challenge sounding boards Warren Buffet (summarized & typed) My own writings and philosophies 29

30 Ultimate empowerment “Choose competent people, place them in key positions and trust their judgment implicitly” - Conrad Hilton Ultimate empowerment Owner-managed company Detest red tape and bureaucracy Passion for excellence Winners / confident Fun and enjoy life Purpose & Freedom 30

31 Character Character / Reputation Standing, status, character, honour. Brand Symbol, mark, logo, emblem, grade, label, make name. A brand can be bought. A reputation can only be earned. Over time a good reputation will build solid brands whilst a bad reputation will destroy good brands. 31 Character & Integrity – Ultimate goal

32 Bad reputations and characters Fidentia Lots of advertising / sponsorships – Cricket, Rugby, Choir, etc. Fooled several people - One of Big 4 banks thought they were “client of high standing” JCI / Brett Kebble JCI was listed on JSE in 1889 – Later split into Angloplats, Johnnic and JCI. Friends – Glen Agliotti, Jacki Selebi Brett Kebble Art Awards 32

33 Reputations, brands and integrity Anton Rupert – Believed in solid brands built through Reputation, Advertising, Time / Patience Raymond Ackerman / Pick ‘n Pay Christo Wiese / Shoprite & Pep RMBH – Character - Laurie Dippenaar, GT Ferreira, Paul Harris – Brands – Momentum, Outsurance, Discovery, FNB / Firstrand etc 33 It takes time to earn a reputation

34 Warren Buffett - quotes “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently” “You and I are the guardians of that reputation. And in the long run we will have whatever reputation we deserve.” ~ "There is plenty of money to be made in the centre of the court. There is no need to play around the edges.” ~ “It’s best not to do something that you know is wrong, because if you are caught, the price you pay may be more than you can afford.” 34

35 Reputation in Financial Services Reputation your Everything “My word is my bond” / “Dictum meum pactum” -Since 1801 motto of LSE, transactions made without exchange of documents or written pledges. A2 Banking Crisis (2001/2) Started by collapse of Saambou Bank Run on the banks – Regal, TBB, Unifer, RAD, BOE, New Republic Bank Current crisis Greed and risk 35

36 PSG Not a big advertiser – did not go out to establish a brand Established good corporate governance – this lead to a good reputation in turn leading to a credible brand People are our reputation through communication – Radio,TV, newspapers, magazines We advertise our products with our people 36 We have a brand and character

37 What I've learned Not to do business with people of questionable integrity. With a great reputation (Company and CEO) people/public will want to do business with you. If you have the reputation for integrity and fair dealing, people will approach you with deals/business. The shrewd / astute businessman asks: “Who is the face behind that brand?” Therefore protect and enhance your reputation if you want your business and its brands to grow. 37

38 38 “Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” Dale Carnegie

39 Contribution to South-Africa 39 South-Africa – Great, beautiful country – Opportunities Be positive! ’n Profitable company makes a contribution to society: – employs people – pays taxes – provides training – donations and other contributions

40 Making a contribution 40 PSG Group of companies – Donations > R34m – Bursaries > R13m – Salaries > R7.6bn – Taxes > R4.5bn Education – Curro – Impak – Siyavula – Bursaries Akkerdoppies

41 QUESTIONS? For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? – Matthew 16:26


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