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Semantic Assistants Wiki (SAW) In the Context of the ETC Project.

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1 Semantic Assistants Wiki (SAW) In the Context of the ETC Project

2 SAW Intro Wiki – Users collaboratively develop and organize content – Information Analysis is up to the user Goal: – “Self-aware wiki that can develop and organize its content” – Support users in information analysis Requires NLP to handle majority of content Semantic Assistants Wiki: Integration of NLP with Wikis

3 SAW in Action WikiWiki-NLP IntegrationSemantic AssistantsGATE NLP Pipeline: Names Entity Recognition “…Mary won…” … Mary won the first prize... … [[hasType::Person|Mary]] won… XML

4 Example: Biomedical Literature Curation GenWiki: Filled with full text research papers Entity Recognition: Enzymes, Organisms Additional semantic information – Systematic name – Link to enzyme database entry Wiki is enriched with additional data e.g. using Semantic MediaWiki markup [[hasType::Enzyme] Time required to curate research papers reduced


6 Example: Wiktionary Automatically populate the wiki using computational linguistics Cross-link between different language entries Manual work can be reduced

7 SAW for ETC Charaparser WikiWiki-NLP IntegrationSemantic Assistants “…abaxial faces, without…” GATE NLP Pipeline: Charaparser “…abaxial faces, without…” … abaxial faces, without septate trichomes...

8 SAW for ETC Charaparser Faces * [[hasConstraint::Abaxial]] * [[without::Trichome]] Trichome * [[hasArchitecture::septate]] WikiWiki-NLP IntegrationSemantic Assistants Charaparser NLP Pipeline XML

9 SAW for ETC Charaparser – GATE compliant NLP pipeline – Charaparser output to wiki markup translation module – Wiki as ‘User Interface’ of Charaparser Logic Reasoning, Information Theory, Ontology building can – Read and query charaparser results from wiki (RDF triplets) – Be possibly integrated in wiki

10 Open Questions Charaparser as GATE compliant pipeline; Effort? Alternatives to Semantic Assistant Wiki? Apache Stanbol? Representation of Structure, Character, Relation in Wiki (e.g. duplicate structure names)

11 References Bahar Sateli and René Witte. Natural Language Processing for MediaWiki: The Semantic Assistants Approach. WikiSym 2012. Bahar Sateli, Marie-Jean Meurs, Greg Butler, Justin Powlowski, Adrian Tsang, René Witte. IntelliGenWiki: An Intelligent Semantic Wiki for Life Sciences. NETTAB 2012. René Witte and Thomas Gitzinger. Connecting Wikis and Natural Language Processing Systems. WikiSym 2007.

12 Architecture

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