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PVS-Studio, a solution for developers of modern resource-intensive applications OOO “Program Verification Systems” (Co Ltd)

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1 PVS-Studio, a solution for developers of modern resource-intensive applications OOO “Program Verification Systems” (Co Ltd)

2 PVS-Studio Overview PVS-Studio is a static analyzer that detects errors in source code of C, C++, C++11, C++/CX applications. There are sets of rules included into PVS- Studio: 1.General-purpose diagnosis 2.Detection of possible optimizations 3.Diagnosis of 64-bit errors (Viva64)

3 Examples of errors we detect

4 Priority of & and ! operations Return to Castle Wolfenstein – computer game, first person shooter, developed by id Software company. Game engine is available under GPL license. #define SVF_CASTAI 0x00000010 if ( !ent->r.svFlags & SVF_CASTAI ) if ( ! (ent->r.svFlags & SVF_CASTAI) )

5 Usage of && instead of & #define REO_INPLACEACTIVE (0x02000000L) #define REO_OPEN (0x04000000L) if (reObj.dwFlags && REO_INPLACEACTIVE) m_pRichEditOle->InPlaceDeactivate(); if(reObj.dwFlags && REO_OPEN) hr = reObj.poleobj->Close(OLECLOSE_NOSAVE); Stickies – yellow sticky notes, just only on your monitor.

6 Undefined behavior while (*(n = ++s + strspn(s, EZXML_WS)) && *n != '>') { Miranda IM (Miranda Instant Messenger) – instant messaging software for Microsoft Windows.

7 Usage of `delete` for an array auto_ptr child_array(new VARIANT[child_count]); ~auto_ptr() { delete _Myptr; } Chromium – open source web browser developed by Google. The development of Google Chrome browser is based upon Chromium. You should not use auto_ptr with arrays. Only one element is destroyed inside auto_ptr destructor: For example you can use boost::scoped_array as an alternative.

8 Condition is always true WinDjView is fast and small app for viewing files of DjVu format. inline bool IsValidChar(int c) { return c == 0x9 || 0xA || c == 0xD || c >= 0x20 && c <= 0xD7FF || c >= 0xE000 && c = 0x10000 && c <= 0x10FFFF; }

9 Code formatting differs from it’s own logic if(pushval != 0) if(pushval) v->GetUp(-1) = t; else v->Pop(1); Squirrel – interpreted programming language, which is developed to be used as a scripting language in real time applications such as computer games. v->Pop(1); - will never be reached

10 Incidental local variable declaration FCE Ultra – open source Nintendo Entertainment System console emulator int iNesSaveAs(char* name) {... fp = fopen(name,"wb"); int x = 0; if (!fp) int x = 1;... }

11 Using char as unsigned char // check each line for illegal utf8 sequences. // If one is found, we treat the file as ASCII, // otherwise we assume an UTF8 file. char * utf8CheckBuf = lineptr; while ((bUTF8)&&(*utf8CheckBuf)) { if ((*utf8CheckBuf == 0xC0)|| (*utf8CheckBuf == 0xC1)|| (*utf8CheckBuf >= 0xF5)) { bUTF8 = false; break; } TortoiseSVN — client of Subversion revision control system, implemented as Windows shell extension.

12 Incidental use of octal values oCell._luminance = uint16(0.2220f*iPixel._red + 0.7067f*iPixel._blue + 0.0713f*iPixel._green);.... oCell._luminance = 2220*iPixel._red + 7067*iPixel._blue + 0713*iPixel._green; eLynx Image Processing SDK and Lab

13 One variable is used for two loops static int i,j,k,l,m;... for(j=0; j { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "One variable is used for two loops static int i,j,k,l,m;...", "description": "for(j=0; j

14 Array overrun #define SBMAX_l 22 int l[1+SBMAX_l]; for (r0 = 0; r0 < 16; r0++) {... for (r1 = 0; r1 < 8; r1++) { int a2 = gfc->scalefac_band.l[r0 + r1 + 2]; LAME – free app for MP3 audio encoding.

15 Priority of * and ++ operations STDMETHODIMP CCustomAutoComplete::Next(..., ULONG *pceltFetched) {... if (pceltFetched != NULL) *pceltFetched++;... } (*pceltFetched)++; eMule is a client for ED2K file sharing network.

16 Comparison mistake BUFFERTYPE m_nBufferType[2];... // Handle unnamed buffers if ((m_nBufferType[nBuffer] == BUFFER_UNNAMED) || (m_nBufferType[nBuffer] == BUFFER_UNNAMED)) nSaveErrorCode = SAVE_NO_FILENAME; WinMerge — free open source software intended for the comparison and synchronization of files and directories. By reviewing the code close by, this should contain: (m_nBufferType[0] == BUFFER_UNNAMED) || (m_nBufferType[1] == BUFFER_UNNAMED)

17 Forgotten array index IPP Samples are samples demonstrating how to work with Intel Performance Primitives Library 7.0. void lNormalizeVector_32f_P3IM(..., Ipp32s* mask,...) { Ipp32s i; Ipp32f norm; for(i=0; i { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "Forgotten array index IPP Samples are samples demonstrating how to work with Intel Performance Primitives Library 7.0.", "description": "void lNormalizeVector_32f_P3IM(..., Ipp32s* mask,...) { Ipp32s i; Ipp32f norm; for(i=0; i

18 Identical source code branches Notepad++ - free text editor for Windows supporting syntax highlight for a variety of programming languages. if (!_isVertical) Flags |= DT_VCENTER; else Flags |= DT_BOTTOM; if (!_isVertical) Flags |= DT_BOTTOM; else Flags |= DT_BOTTOM;

19 Calling incorrect function with similar name /** Deletes all previous field specifiers. * This should be used when dealing * with clients that send multiple NEP_PACKET_SPEC * messages, so only the last PacketSpec is taken * into account. */ int NEPContext::resetClientFieldSpecs(){ this->fspecs.empty(); return OP_SUCCESS; } /* End of resetClientFieldSpecs() */ What a beautiful comment. But it is sad that here we’re doing not what was intended. Nmap Security Scanner – free utility intended for diverse customizable scanning of IP-networks with any number of objects and for identification of the statuses of the objects belonging to the network which is being scanned.

20 Dangerous ?: operator Newton Game Dynamics – a well known physics engine which allows for reliable and fast simulation of environmental object’s physical behavior. den = dgFloat32 (1.0e-24f) * (den > dgFloat32(0.0f)) ? dgFloat32(1.0f) : dgFloat32(-1.0f); The priority of ?: is lower than that of multiplication operator *.

21 And so on, and so on… FCE Ultra if((t=(char *)realloc( next->name, strlen(name+1)))) if((t=(char *)realloc( next->name, strlen(name)+1))) minX=max(0,minX+mcLeftStart-2); minY=max(0,minY+mcTopStart-2); maxX=min((int)width,maxX+mcRightEnd-1); maxY=min((int)height,maxX+mcBottomEnd-1); minX=max(0,minX+mcLeftStart-2); minY=max(0,minY+mcTopStart-2); maxX=min((int)width,maxX+mcRightEnd-1); maxY=min((int)height,maxY+mcBottomEnd-1);

22 Low level memory management operations ID_INLINE mat3_t::mat3_t( float src[3][3] ) { memcpy( mat, src, sizeof( src ) ); } Return to Castle Wolfenstein itemInfo_t *itemInfo; memset( itemInfo, 0, sizeof( &itemInfo ) ); memset( itemInfo, 0, sizeof( *itemInfo ) ); ID_INLINE mat3_t::mat3_t( float (&src)[3][3] ) { memcpy( mat, src, sizeof( src ) ); }

23 Low level memory management operations CxImage – open image processing library. memset(tcmpt->stepsizes, 0, sizeof(tcmpt->numstepsizes * sizeof(uint_fast16_t))); memset(tcmpt->stepsizes, 0, tcmpt->numstepsizes * sizeof(uint_fast16_t));

24 Low level memory management operations dgInt32 faceOffsetHitogram[256]; dgSubMesh* mainSegmenst[256]; memset (faceOffsetHitogram, 0, sizeof (faceOffsetHitogram)); memset (mainSegmenst, 0, sizeof (faceOffsetHitogram)); This code was duplicated but was not entirely corrected. As a result the size of pointer will not be equal to the size of dgInt32 type on Win64 and we will flush only a fraction of mainSegmenst array. A beautiful example of 64-bit error:

25 Low level memory management operations #define CONT_MAP_MAX 50 int _iContMap[CONT_MAP_MAX];... memset(_iContMap, -1, CONT_MAP_MAX); memset(_iContMap, -1, CONT_MAP_MAX * sizeof(int));

26 Low level memory management operations Yes, at present this is not a mistake. But it is a landmine! Real w, x, y, z;... inline Quaternion(Real* valptr) { memcpy(&w, valptr, sizeof(Real)*4); } OGRE — open source Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine written in C++.

27 And a whole lot of other errors in well known projects WinMerge Chromium, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, etc Miranda IM Intel IPP Samples Fennec Media Project Ultimate Toolbox Loki eMule Plus, Pixie, VirtualDub, WinMerge, XUIFramework Chromium Qt Apache HTTP Server TortoiseSVN Here are the links to the articles containing descriptions of the errors:

28 Types of detectable errors copy-paste errors; Incorrect formatting strings (printf); buffer overflow; Incorrect utilization of STL, WinAPI;... errors concerning the migration of 32-bit applications to 64-bit systems (Viva64);

29 Integration Visual Studio 2005+; MinGW MSBuild Standalone, Compiler Monitoring

30 PVS-Studio Features Incremental Analysis – verification of newly compiled files; Verification of files which were recently modified several days ago; Verification of files by their filenames from within the text file list; continuous integration systems support; version control systems integration; ability to operate fro m command line interface; «False Alarms» marking; saving and loading of analysis results; utilizing all available cores and processors; interactive filters; Russian and English online documentation; Pdf documentation;

31 Integration with Visual Studio

32 Incremental Analysis – verification of newly compiled files you just work with Visual Studio as usual; compile by F7; the verification of newly compiled files will start in background automatically; At the end of verification the notification will appear, allowing you to inspect detected errors;

33 VCS and CI support (revision control, continuous integration) launching from command line: sending the results by mail: commands for launching from CruiseControl.Net, Hudson, Microsoft TFS are readily available "C:\Program Files (x86)\PVS-Studio\x64\PVS-Studio.exe" --sln-file "C:\Users\evg\Documents\ OmniSample\OmniSample (vs2008).sln" --plog-file "C:\Users\evg\Documents\result.plog" --vcinstalldir "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC" --platform "x64" --configuration "Release” cmd.exe /c type result-log.plog.only_new_messages.txt

34 Interactive filters filtering messages without restarting the analysis Filtering by errors’ code, by filenames (including masks), by messages’ text, by warning levels; displaying/hiding false alarms.

35 Integrated help reference (description of the errors)

36 PVS-Studio Advantages Easy-to-download! You may download the PVS- Studio distribution package without registering and filling in any Easy-to-try! The PVS-Studio program is implemented as a plug-in for Visual Studio. Easy-to-buy! Unlike other code analyzers, we have simple pricing and licensing policy.policy Easy-to-support! It is the analyzer's developers who directly communicate with users, which enables you to quickly get answers to even complicated questions related to programming.

37 Information about company OOO “Program Verification Systems” (Co Ltd) 300027, Russia, Tula, Metallurgov 70-1-88. Working time: 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT +3:00)

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