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Breakfast Launch Helen Davies WESTERN CAPE CLIMATE CHANGE RESPONSE STRATEGY (2014) 24 February 2014.

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1 Breakfast Launch Helen Davies WESTERN CAPE CLIMATE CHANGE RESPONSE STRATEGY (2014) 24 February 2014

2 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Overview of the Presentation Go to Insert > Header & Footer > Enter presentation name into footer field 2 2003 - 2008 direct damage costs associated with climate related extreme events in the WC = approx R 3.16 billion 2009/10 Eden District drought damage est. = R300 million 2011 Eden District floods est. = R350 million 2012 floods est. = R500 million Poor communities - most vulnerable

3 © Western Cape Government 2012 |Go to Insert > Header & Footer > Enter presentation name into footer field 3 Carbon pricing will impact WC dramatically. E.g. R100 / ton carbon tax introduced in Europe will add R0.22 to the cost of 1kg of fruit from Overberg. Same tax would add R0.09 to 1kg of fruit from Chile. (Green is Smart 2013)

4 © Western Cape Government 2012 | 4 Go to Insert > Header & Footer > Enter presentation name into footer field Addressing Climate Change Can Provide Opportunities

5 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Context: Climate Change Projections for the WC 5 Increased mean annual temperatures Higher minimum temperatures, fewer cold days and frost days Higher maximum temperatures, more hot days and more heat waves Increased mean sea level and associated storm surges General drying trend in western part of the country Intensification of rainfall events

6 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Key Changes to the 2008 Strategy Alignment with the National Climate Change Response Policy (NCCRP) Better balanced (adaptation & mitigation) and better integrated with other key strategies, policies etc. Alignment with the PSOs, adaptation and mitigation programmes and promoting transversal climate change responses Simplified to facilitate easier implementation 6

7 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Strategic Context & Alignment Go to Insert > Header & Footer > Enter presentation name into footer field 7 The Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy and Action Plan (2008) Provincial Spatial Development Framework Green is Smart - Western Cape Green Economy Strategy Framework Western Cape Draft Strategic Plan (2009 – 2014) Western Cape Sustainable Water Management Plan Western Cape Infrastructure Framework The National Climate Change Response Policy The National Development Plan The National Strategy for Sustainable Development and Action Plan (NSSD 1)(2011 – 2014) National Provincial Provincial Land Transport Framework OneCape

8 © Western Cape Government 2012 | 3 Components to the Strategy 8 Strategy document (current) Implementation Framework (under development in 2013/14) M&E Framework (2014/15)

9 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Two Key Objectives Reduce climate vulnerability / develop adaptive capacity of WC economy, society and ecosystems Significantly reduce GHG & build sustainable low carbon economy – addressing economic growth, job creation & improved socio economic conditions Reduce risks and capitalise on opportunities Adaptation Mitigation

10 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Overall Approach to Mitigation Focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport Defining baselines - WC Energy Consumption and CO 2 Emissions Database & energy base-lining for WCG Buildings Identifying Long-Term Mitigation Scenarios (LTMS) to direct action Sustainable Energy Plan Development, Integrated Energy Strategy & Sustainable Energy projects database Identifying economic/ financial instruments to support above Understanding socio-economic risks and opportunities around climate change mitigation 10

11 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Overall Approach to Adaptation Dealing with Complexity and Uncertainty Institutionalisation and mainstreaming of climate change response WCG: aligning sector specific strategies & plans (e.g. Green Economy, Infrastructure Framework, Health Plan) & develop sector plans where required (e.g. Agriculture) District & local municipalities – CCT, MSP, knowledge networks and partnerships, decision support and access to expertise, co-ordinate report to national departments Research Monitor changing conditions Innovate – technical and social responses Understanding emergent conditions created as a result of climate change Innovative ways of financing climate change adaptation at the local level Adaptation projects database to track progress and guide action 11

12 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Strategy Focus Areas Energy efficiency & demand side management Renewable energy Built environment o Critical infrastructure o Waste minimisation & management o Human settlements Sustainable transport Water security & efficiency => Scaling up of existing & development of new programmes => Aligned with national flagships & green economy strategy drivers & enablers Communication & awareness raising Finance Job creation Biodiversity & Ecosystem Goods & Services Coastal & Estuary Management Food security Healthy Communities

13 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Implementation Framework 13 ProgrammeFocus Area (s)Time-frameLead Organisation Support Organisations Outputs Municipal Climate Change Support Programme (MSP) Energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport, water security, the built environment, coastal, biodiversity, etc OngoingDEA&DPMunicipalities, ICLEI Africa, CSIR, SALGA, UCT, etc Local level climate adaptation and sustainable energy plans; partnerships; knowledge portal; technical;/expert support Food Energy Water Nexus Energy efficiency, renewable energy, water security, food security, biodiversity, etc Phase 1 : 2013/14 Phase 2 : 2014/15 ACDI (UCT)DEA&DP, DEDATResource nexus decision support model at sub- catchment scale Long-Term Mitigation Scenarios Energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc 2013/14DEA&DPDEDAT, ERC (UCT), Eskom, municipalities, etc Understanding the interventions required in the Western Cape to meet the National emissions trajectory Scenarios planning report Partnerships

14 © Western Cape Government 2012 | What will it cost? Stern Review – Economics of Climate Change (2006): No action: overall costs and risks of climate change = to losing at least 5% of global GDP each year, now and forever. Considering wider range of risks and impacts estimates of damage up to 20% of GDP or more.” Costs of action – reducing GHG emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change –around 1% of global GDP each year

15 © Western Cape Government 2012 | Key take home messages 15 Our poorer communities and economies are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change Climate change is not a separate priority or agenda, competing with other priorities within the province, but instead needs to be mainstreamed into all priority (and other) agendas of the WC Any delays in considering climate change in decision making increase the likelihood of locking us into costly and inappropriate planning and infrastructure development Irresponsible NOT to address climate change

16 Thank you

17 Tel:Fax: Contact Us Helen Davies Director: Climate Change and Biodiversity +27 (0)21 483 5126+27 (0)21 483 4440

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