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The process of persuasion what to do and what not to do.

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1 The process of persuasion what to do and what not to do.
MASTERING THE ART OF PERSUASION The process of persuasion what to do and what not to do.

2 WHAT YOU CAN DO There are specific things you can do that will set you on the path of effective leadership and mastery of the art of persuasion. Connect emotionally Persuasive conversations Find the common ground Establish your credibility Develop your communication skills Become an effective team builder

3 CONNECT EMOTIONALLY Good persuaders have an accurate sense of their audience's emotional state. Adjust the tone and approach of their argument accordingly.

Leadership itself is a series of conversations with colleagues, employees, stockholders, and the media, anyone who could influence the success or failure of a business. Leaders should make sure that every conversation they have results in three outcomes: advancement of an agenda shared learning a stronger relationship

5 FIND THE COMMON GROUND Frame your position so it appeals strongly to the people you want to persuade. You can do this by knowing what they are thinking and what their concerns are

Use vivid language and compelling evidence to reinforce your position. Research shows that listener absorb information in proportion to its vividness. Learn to give better presentations by taking acting lessons and presentation workshops. Think of every conversation as a dramatic presentation. You don't excite people by giving them factual answers.

The cornerstones of credibility are expertise and relationships built on trust.

Every time you're in a group setting, part of your job is to make sure people are inspired, involved, committed to something important.

9 Using the persuasion techniques!
Debate ! what Using the persuasion techniques!

10 Individual Assignment
Research from internet : types of

By understanding the seven triggers leaders can align their efforts at persuasion with the way the mind works Contrast Reciprocation Commitment and consistency Authority Scarcity Conformity Liking

12 Contrast Judgement is always relative, use contrast to make your argument appealing Establish a benchmark, one that lets your proposal show up in favorable light “Recent survey shows that …”

13 Reciprocation Most people feel that if they have been given something, they should give something in return So, wise leaders are first givers, than takers Always be ready with first concession in a negotiation Cooperate in little things, so that you can win the big reciprocity “Oh, Ibu suka belanja ke Harrod’s. Pakai member card saya aja, dapat diskon.. Kapan-kapan mau ke sana ... … Sesuai quotation, saya mau ambil bulk. Kalau 15% off price, bisa kan Bu?”

14 Commitment and consistency
Get small initial commitment, and you will bind your team in a web of commitment that will ultimately extend to the larger issue. People like to believe that they are behaving consistently, so establish a consistent pattern of commitment is essential. Smart facilitators know this and get negotiating parties to agree on the ground rules first “Selama pembicaraan ini, kita sepakati bahwa USD 1 sama dengan IDR 9600, okay? Tentu saja kalau nanti ada perubahan kita bisa amandir naskah agreement…”

15 Authority Leaders are naturally given the authority that comes with the position. It is yours to keep or loose. Dress and act the part “.. By the authority of which the city of Smallville given to me, I pronounce you husband and wife..”

16 Scarcity We naturally want thing that we percieve to be scarce and priceless Cultivate this sense of scarcity in your employee by creating vision of the company as unique, something rare, and difficult to achieve “Karena record Bapak selama 12 bulan terakhir baik sekali, kami menawarkan Loan-on-phone Rp. 25 juta Kesempatan terbatas ini hanya kami berikan kepada 100 customer terbaik…”

17 Conformity People like to conform with the mainstream Application:
Ads Model, Politic, Celebrity Lady Di, Demi Moore

18 Liking : “The Outsiders”
We naturally want to associate with people that we like Stress the similarities you have with your team and look for ways to build bridges to them through social occasion that play up those similarities Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe

19 What not to do Avoid the hard sell Compromise
Don't confuse argument with persuasion Persuasion is not a one-shot effort

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