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DO NOT CLICK. There is no need to click in this show just sit back and watch.

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2 DO NOT CLICK. There is no need to click in this show just sit back and watch.

3 KAL37 Vs Jala Command By John (Napster)

4 A long time…ahead…in a galaxy…accessible from the internet address was a spaceship captain by the player name of KAL37. She was the most nice, kind yet feared (by Napster) captain you could have asked for. One day she was flying back to The VAT after a heavy day training in Megrez………

5 KAL Wow this new brood rank 3 is amazing. Lets go for a little fly before I head back. Hehe that was great but it’s good to be heading back to Tau Cygni.

6 KAL37 - {Councillors of Brood} - Hyperspace/kj (ship) Entry route plotted for Tau Cygni, translight speed. KAL37 - {Councillors of Brood} – Tau Cygno/kj (ship) Entering the gravity well of Tau Cygni.

7 *sigh* why must I almost spawn so far away from The Vat Oh well at least I can fly toward The VAT really really fast =D KAL37 - {Councillors of Brood} – Tau Cygno/kj (ship) Course laid in for The Vat, maximum speed.


9 Napster: Great new council room Walt. I’ve got to say I love the red window drapes lol, goes with janices hair ;) Walt: Yeah I thought you would like that Napster lol Napster: So as far as the attack on bootes goes what…OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Walt: what Napster WHAT! Napster: Incoming KAL37!!!! She has her engines on high and is coming into park. With the angle she is coming in from the only way to get in is it parallel park. WE ARE ALL DOOMED!!! Walt: OH DEAR GOD!! Napster quick hit red alert and give me the intercom!

10 Walt: ATTENTION ALL BROOD, ATTENTION ALL BROOD! KAL37 is incoming at 110 speed with a 94° angle… Brood Member: So what? Walt: She has to parallel park… Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Brood Member: Oh riiiiiight…… Walt: Evacuate all ships NOW if you value them!!!


12 Napster new ship which he built I can’t just sit here and let poor KAL and the Star Base get hurt, I have to do something…but what, what?!

13 Jala Command…. THAT’S IT!!! Right no one is around. Just a quick push of a button and… Tee Hee Mine Now!

14 I just hope I’m not too late

15 KAL37: Yay almost home. Hmmm looks like I’m going to have to parallel park KAL37: God dammit my engine has cut out. Better go down to the engine room Napster: I hope I’m not too late. Napster: Oh thank god I made it! Now to just move Jala Command into position. KAL37 – Ship: Engines active, intercept course plotted with star base, beginning to move in T-minus 15 seconds. Oh god iv’e got to save KAL37 Walt: Phew I’m safe, wait a minute…IM BACK AT THE VAT AHHHHHHH

16 KAL37Energize Napster - {Councillors of Brood} – Tau Cygni/Saviour (ship) *Beams KAL37 in from the kj*

17 Ship: course plotted For The VAT, auto- Pilot enabled, object Collision avoidance dissabled Napster: Lets get out of here NOW


19 Napster: wow KAL your parallel parking took out Jala Command! KAL37: Are you saying I’m bad at parking? Napster: I think that speak for itself… OW! You slapped me =O KAL37: I can park perfectly here move over and ill parallel park in The VAT… Walt: Phew safe at last! Walt: NOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO

20 To be continued…

21 Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making it Made by John (Napster) Inspired by KAL37 (Karen), Walt (Walter) and Darius678 (Denis) Special thanks to the ISW team for letting me use the images in this show.

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