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Hi, This is NİL DUBAN.. I’m coming from Afyon-TURKEY.

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1 Hi, This is NİL DUBAN.

2 I’m coming from Afyon-TURKEY.

3 I’m an Assist. Prof. Dr. (PhD) at Afyon Kocatepe University, Education Faculty. I’m the head of Primary Teacher Education Program. I’m studying on primary science education.

4 At Afyon Kocatepe University, there are 8 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 schools, 1 State Conservatoire, 12 vocational schools and 12 application and research centers at present. The number of academic staff is 1011, including 35 professors, 66 associate professors, 285 assistant professors, 211 lecturers, 44 instructors, 338 research assistants, 31 specialists and 1 educational planner. The number of administrative staff is 556.

5 I’ve some articles at national and international academic journals about science education and teacher training. I’m teaching the importance of creativity at my “Science and technology teaching at Primary Education” and “science teaching for pre-school education”courses.

6 I want to see different products of creativity in Lithuania and learn about the education and teacher training system of the participants’ countries. When I return to my country I want to share my experience with my colleagues and my students (teacher candidates).

7 Nice to meet you…

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