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“Dr.I. Mesota” National College Brasov – Romania The key group for E-legends – Comenius Project.

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1 “Dr.I. Mesota” National College Brasov – Romania The key group for E-legends – Comenius Project

2 Ciorăştean AncaCiubotariu ElizaDorogan Anca Dragomir Anne-MariaEnescu AlexandraLeescu Maria Raluca Lonean Radu Muntean Andreea Negrea Monica Rădescu AlexandraTănasă LoredanaVoicu Mihaela Chelbea Stanca Ciucă Georgiana Gheorghe Vlad Murărescu Mădălina Predescu Ioana Tătăranu CorinaVereş Laura End Iamandi Oana

3 Back Hello! My name is Chelbea Stanca. I am an ambitious and jolly person. My favorite song is “Don`t worry, be happy”. I love dancing and studying foreign languages such as English, French, German,Spanish,Japanese and Italian. I enjoy practicing karate and playing basketball. My friends say I`m talkative and I don`t blame them.

4 An Aries. The reason for which I decided to join the Dracula project is that I believe the only way for any of us to achieve immortality is through history, the saga of our great deeds and discoveries. That’s why we must preserve the truth above all and not let fairy Imagination have her way.

5 Hi, everyone! I’m Eliza, a tormented soul, coming from the depth of the underground on a wave of hot melted lava. My sole purpose is to shatter your zest for life through bizarre death poems. By the way…I also like geography!

6 My name is Georgiana and as many other people I believe in life, in a deeper meaning. Being born on Valentine’s Day I believe in love and beauty. I have the certainty we are surrounded by the comfort and protection of the highest powers. As a participant in this project, I feel that it is a great opportunity for me to deal with such an important attempt because through it I can improve my English and learn more about my country’s most famous legend.

7 Hello… I am Anca, but my friends call me Chubby because I am as funny as the name itself. Some consider me a TV addict, but I see myself only as a movie watcher. Well, there are a lot of things that I can say about me, but the most important one is that I make people feel good.

8 Hi! I’m Anne and I’ve always been fascinated about Egypt! I’m crazy in love with this country, that’s why I have a lot of things from Egypt, like money, pictures, postcards. Another country which has a place in my heart is France with its wonderful past. In fact I love history and foreign languages, that is what motivated me to get involved in this project. Despite my obsession with history I’m just an ordinary student who wants to learn new things every day and make new friends.

9 ATTENTION PEOPLE!!! I’m the biggest “earthquake” ever and I’m ready to make some changes. My name is Alexandra and I hope that I’ll be able to “contaminate” you with my love, happiness and optimism. Like everyone in this Universe, I have an aim, something to fight for. Since I was a kid I’ve been dreaming of visiting Spain and especially the cathedral “La Sagrada Familia”. I’m crazy about Spain’s culture, traditions, language…everything that can be related to the “country of my dreams” and I’m confident I will get there one day.

10 My name is Vlad, I’m 17 years old and I’ve joined this project because the legend of Dracula is one of my favorite legends and also history is one of my strong points.

11 Thy will should be thy heart for no other can surpass thee. Fight for thy aim and set thy spirit loose so that good can conquer all. Allow strength and determination to take hold for they can aid thee in thy path towards supreme fulfillment. My name is OANA.

12 My friends say I’m a little angel, but I like to think I am just jolly. I like to bring happiness to people’s faces, since I’m a happy person myself. I like singing and dancing and I believe in endless love. I believe in this because even though I am only 17 years old I’ve found out that love is the only thing that can cure sad and bitter souls. I’ve decided to work on this project because I thought it was time for the “angel” to learn from the “devil” and because the myth of Dracula has always fascinated me.

13 Hi! I’m Radu and I am one of the few boys that participates in this European project, on behalf of the Romanian team. Besides studying languages (I am an “Englishholic”). I also like working with computers. Because I live in a mountainous town, I enjoy skiing and hiking a lot. In my vision, life is something that you never get bored of.

14 I’m Andreea and my guiding principle in life is: giving is receiving. So, I will devote my time, energy and skill to this project knowing I will get back ten times more: knowledge, friendship and joy.

15 Hi! My name is Mădălina. My friends tell me I live beyond the clouds. Maybe it is true, but I assure you that the world seen from up here is much more beautiful. This must be because the clouds filter all the bad things people can do. I have joined this project because Romania has many legends to share with the world and … let’s say I want to be one of the voices who’ll tell them.

16 Maybe U wonder who I am? Well…I don’t really remember,but after my certificate my name is Monica and I am 16 and a half years old. What do I like to do? That’s a simple question : everybody knows I love to spend my free time with my friends and to have fun with them! The essential words that describe me could be : sociable and hearty, trustworthy and honest, very ambitious and self- willed… I like to do something new every day so my life is not wearisome! Maybe that is why I chose to participate in this project about Dracula! That’s me and something that characterizes me!

17 HELLO! My name is Ioana and I love listening to the Doors because I love Jim’s lyrics. I also like reading and I love to travel so I hope one day I’ll go to Finland and Paris… P.S.: It cannot rain all the time!

18 Haloo!!! I’m Alle. I have a lot of energy and I love doing all the crazy things that cross my mind. That’s why I started learning Japanese and reading everything connected to their way of life. I love music, sports and travelling, but I also like to write. I’m not a poet,I just write articles for a teenager newspaper. I like to think I’m a happy and optimistic girl that loves spending time with her friends and having fun.

19 I’m a Latino spirit full of dreams, happiness and hopes. Having friends who work in a team and sharing culture and traditions with people of different nationalities have always been my main interest. I strongly believe that the future has a long term plan in store for me, which will doubtlessly make my dreams come true; my dreams of breaking the frontiers among Europe’s countries.

20 Goethe said a long time ago: “For every achievement the first step is courage”. If there is a word that characterizes me 100% that is determination. No matter what obstacles come my way, courage never leaves. It really was courage to tackle and study a painful and challenging theme: Hitler and the Nazi regime. Oh…that reminds me. My name is Corina and I’ve joined this project because I decided it was time to take my life to an upper level.

21 Hi! My name is Mihaela and I am a quite ordinary 17 year- old girl. I love children, nature and beautiful things. I also like reading, dancing and listening to music. I joined this group because I’m fond of foreign languages such as English, French and Spanish and history. I like meeting new people and establishing new contacts all the time, too.

22 Hey there! I’m Laura,and to give a sketch of my personality, I would say that I’m a dynamic person who enjoys travelling and experiencing new challenges. I am a winter sports fan which is a good enough reason to say that I like to take risks. For me, the mountain is the best way of exploring myself and my limits.

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