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“Open System Solutions…a Framework for Success” September 2007 Steve Lucas – Sales Manager, Vykon Security Scott Muench - Technical Sales Manager © 2007.

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1 “Open System Solutions…a Framework for Success” September 2007 Steve Lucas – Sales Manager, Vykon Security Scott Muench - Technical Sales Manager © 2007 Tridium, Inc.

2 2 Agenda Open Systems Overview The Technology - Niagara Framework Example Solution Integrator Toolkit Summary of Benefits Q & A

3 3 Fire Security Energy Lighting And More Maintenance Facility Management CFO HVAC MODBUS LEGACY XML SQL HTTP HTML WAP ODBC SNMP JDBCFTP SMTP From boiler room to board room – Brings value to the operation Open System Framework Systems Enterprise What Customers Want

4 4 Open System Framework

5 5 Open System Life Cycle Costs Do they cost more or less than closed systems? How much does it cost to acquire? (Initial Capital Investment) What’s it cost to keep? (Ongoing Maintenance) How does it help or hinder me in day to day activities? (Impact upon Operations) If I need to change, modify or enhance it, what does it cost and how quickly can it be done? (Reconfiguration/Enhancement Costs) Is it worth anything when I’m done with it? (Residual Value)

6 6 Key Elements of Openness Device connectivity How many products of importance to my application can a given technology or system communicate with? User Interface Connectivity Can a standard browser be used for Access? Can alarms, messages etc. be emailed, transferred to standard devices such as browsers, phones, servers, PDAs? Can I give anyone access without additional licenses fees? Access to products for initial purchase and expansions Where can I buy these products? Where can I get them installed or serviced? How many suppliers? Is it a competitive situation?

7 7 Key Elements of Openness Third party development of complimentary enterprise applications Can independent developers create new products and applications that work coherently with the system? Public interfaces (“APIs”) to allow 3rd party access to data Are there published interfaces that makes it easy to access system data? Support for accepted standard protocols Does the system in question support the “lion’s share” of relevant standard communication protocols? Compatibility with standard databases Can data from the system be easily shared with common database formats used throughout my enterprise?

8 8 The end use customer is where the buck stops with open systems. They choose the systems, they pay for them, they live with them. Open systems gives the end user the ultimate freedom of choice. Manufacturer of choice Protocol of choice - BACnet, LonTalk, Modbus, SNMP, OPC, and many proprietary devices or systems. Local contractor of choice Choice to select add-on applications and devices from third party suppliers Choice to extend the capabilities of the system through standard software interfaces The Customer Test


10 10 The Technology - Niagara Framework Unifies heterogeneous devices, protocols, data via a robust component model foundation Internet standards built in Scalable, embeddable solution – same software can be used in small low cost devices and at enterprise app level Real time – connects real time data from field devices to enterprise applications, provides local control execution Integrated tools support programming for non-programmers: domain experts build end-use applications with a graphical tool – no coding Connects disparate devices for coordinated peer-to-peer control in the field independent of any central server Open development platform (extensive open APIs) allows partners to independently develop differentiated products and apps

11 11 Niagara - A Framework of Services

12 12 Web-server with dynamic data/e-mail alarming, etc. Internet connectivity – TCP/IP, HTTP, SNMP Data logging, archiving Real-time control loops/ schedules/ alarming Java Component Object Model LON, OPC, MODBUS, BACnet, Legacy, etc. User interface/data Presentation Internet connectivity Information management Control functions Data normalization Device-level communications Comprehensive, flexible platform for developing Internet-enabled solutions Integrated, graphical dev toolset

13 13 Open System Solution - Example

14 14 Integration – Tenant A

15 15 Integration – Tenant C

16 16 Integration - Occupancy

17 17 Multiple Occupants

18 18 Return to Unoccupied

19 19 Application Development Tool

20 20 Control Functions Supervisory Control Global algorithms Schedules Data Integration Access System Logic Business Rule Processing

21 21 Integrated Presentation Tools

22 22 Driver Framework

23 23 Benefits of Open Systems Solution Open Architecture Maximum freedom of choice for end users Competitive marketplace Ease of systems integration / interoperability Reduced installation / upgrade costs Niagara Framework Solutions focused, open framework architecture Capability to support many different communication protocols – legacy and open standards Integrated application development tools to customize solutions Scalable, embedded solution with built in internet standards

24 24 Q & A We would like your feedback on today’s TridiumTALK If you have any further questions, comments or topic suggestions, please email them to Exhibiting at ASIS – Booth # 107 – stop by and see us! Steve LucasScott MuenchRick Weisensale

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