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Collège Jean Rostand - Draguignan

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1 Collège Jean Rostand - Draguignan
Projet etwinning MATHS RIDDLES September 2011 – February 2012 Pupils’presentations Teachers: Carole TERPEREAU (Maths) & Sophie GAIFFE (English)

2 Collège Jean Rostand – DRAGUIGNAN (France)
Enzo P. Sarah Florian Marie Thomas Enzo R. Clément Zacchary Amaël Coralie Candice Charlotte Estelle Hugo Louise Nadia Valentin Elena Smaranda Jade Collège Jean Rostand – DRAGUIGNAN (France) Classes de 5e2 & 5e3 – Option Maths/Anglais

3 Hello!! My name is Zacchary…
I am a boy. I’m eleven years old. I live in Draguignan. I was born in st Dié des Vosges, on November 10th I have one brother and one sister, their names are Chem and Aymara. I have no pets. I love drawing and theater. I like pizza and potatoes but I don’t like spinach and carrots.

4 Hello, My name is Clément and I am 11 years old I live in Flayosc My best friend is Loïc and he is 12 years old I was born on August 28/2000 I have got a sister. Her name is léa, she is 8 years old and she loves horse riding I love table tennis but I hate ice-hockey I love pasta and pizzas, but I hate spinach Ihave got a dog and a cat My dog’s name is Fiona and my cat’s name is Pepsi In 2004, I went to Washington,Las Vegas and San Francisco Clément M.

5 My name is Enzo, I’m twelve and a half, And I live in Draguignan. My sister is 6 and her name is Eva. My brother is 18 and his name is Thomas. I was born on march 27 /1999 in Beauvais, a town which is in the north of Paris. I’ve got a dog and many goldfish. I like breakdance but I don’t like rugby !!!

6 Thomas My name is Thomas . I’m twelve. I live in Flayosc
My young brother is 3 and his name is Lucas. My second brother is 16 and his name is Julien. I was a born on September in Montpellier. I have got a dog called Temoon I love pizzas. I like football but I don’t like loose.

7 Hello, My name’s Florian , I’m 12, I live in Draguignan and I’m French. My hobby is football. I’m kind but I am a bad loser. I was born, the thirtieth of july 1999. I have got a short brown hair, green eyes, a small nose and an oval face. I love pizzas but I don’t like French beans. I’ve got two brothers, Kylian and Lilian and I have got a cat, Simba . Thanks for reading my presentation.

8 Hi! I am Enzo.R, and I am French. I am twelve. I am fine. I was born in Fréjus in 1999. I live in Draguignan. I have got brown eyes. I have got 1 brother Lucas and he is nine. I have got short brown hair. I love football but I hate baseball. I love pizza but I don’t like vegetables.

9 Hello !!! My name is Marie.P :D
Hi, I’m twelve years old. I live in Draguignan. I’ve got two dogs. I’ve got one sister and one brother. I like chocolate. On Mondays, I practice horseriding and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I practice athletism. My sister’s name is Laura, she is fifteen years old. My brother’s name is Jordan, he is eighteen years old. The name of my first dog is Twister. The name of my second dog is Owbow.

10 Hello ! Hello, I’m Sarah, I’m twelve.
I’m French and I’m from Draguignan. I haven’t got any sisters and any brothers. I love Coke. I’m tall, I have got long brown hair and I have got blue eyes. I have got an old fish and a cat, her name is Vanille.

11 I have a brother, his name is Kévin .
Hello ! My name is Candice.T I live in Draguignan. I’m twelve. I was born in Montreuil. I have a brother, his name is Kévin . My favorite sport is dancing ( jazz ) My mother is a secretary. I love chocolate and pasta but I hate mushrooms.

12 HELLO ! My first name is Louise I’m 12 years old . I was born in France. My hobby is dancing . I have one dog . Her name is Urdie. I have one brother . He is 7 years old, his name is Julien and I have got one sister, she is 14 years old .Her name is Claire . During the holidays , I went to Corsica . My favorite subject is drawing .

13 I'm Estelle G. I'm eleven. I'm french.
Hello ! I'm Estelle G. I'm eleven. I'm french. I live Draguignan. I have got a long Straight brown hair and brown eyes. I have got a round face. I'm quite tall. I have got a dog. His name is Angel. Ihave got three half brothers and one half sister. Their names are Berni, Antonin, Jules and Océane.I play Handball. I have got a best friend. Her name is Carla. Good bye !

14 Hello I’m Amael. I live in Draguignan . I’m twelve. I was born in Digne-Les-Bains in nineteen ninety-nine . I love horseriding . I’ve got one sister, her name is Lisa . I’ve got eleven horses, got ten ponies, three donkeys, one dog and three cats .

15 My presentation Hello my first name is Hugo. I’m eleven years old.
I was born on October 31ST, 1999. Sometimes I live in TRANS-EN-PROVENCE with my mother and sometimes I live OLIOULES with my father. I am an only child. I have got one cat (her name is Minette). I like pasta and potatoes but I don’t like fish and salad. I play theater.

16 Hi, I’m Charlotte I’m twelve years old and I live in Draguignan.
I’ve got three sisters : Amandine, Morgane and Marie, they are 26, 23 and 10 years old. I’ve two dogs . My favorite subject is English. My hobby is riding horses. I like listening to music and surfing the web.

17 Hello ! I’m Coralie and I’m twelve.
I live in Draguignan , I’m from France. I have got brown eyes, brown hair. I’m tall. I have got a brother, his name is Sébastien , he is fourteen. I like sports especially badminton , fruits especially bananas , and chocolate.

18 Hello! My name is Valentin. I’m 12 years old. I am French . I was born on 17 February in 1999. I live in DRAGUIGNAN. I’ve got 2 brothers Clement and Thomas and 1 sister, Océane. I’ve got a cat. I love rugby but I don’t like dance. I have got blues eyes and I am tall . I like spaghetti but I hate vegetable.

19 My name is Smaranda My name is Smaranda.V. I’m 13years old.
I live in Trans-en-Provence. I’m from im Romania. I practice babminton and I listen to the radio. I love chocolate but I don’t like pineapples. I’ve got one brother, Luca and a half sister Marie-Ange.

20 my name’s Nadia, I’m twelve years old.
I was born on July 9th 1999 in Toulon. I love my family. Reading is my favorite hobby. I don’t like playing football but I love boxing. I love maths and English. My best friend is Elena. My favorite color is pink. The panda is my favorite animal. I love chocolate. I have a dog whose name’s Soquette. bye

21 My name is Elena, I’m twelve years old and I live in Flayosc.
I have a sister named Luna and my parents are married. This year, I will take some drawing lessons out of school. My favorite subjects at school are English and drawing. I have got one cat and five goldfish. I love chocolate and pizza. Bye Elena

22 Hi Everybody! My name is Jade.
I am twelve years old, I was born on January in Aix-En-Provence, but I live in Draguignan. I travelled to Singapore, and Punta Cana. I have got 3 sisters and I’ve one cat, two hamsters, and a lot of a goldfish in my garden pond. My best Friends are Elisa, Melva, Manon and Caroline. My favorite color is green. I love my parents, my sisters and my friends ! I hate Twilight. I practice dance, I hate football and rugby .because I am a girl !

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