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2  Sabina Botez  Age 23, Romania  Master’s student  Employed looking for a new job  Bogdan Roman  Age 24, Romania  Master’s student  Unemployed looking for a job Who are we?

3 Youth unemployment. How did it happen?  “ I have no experience”  There are a lot of students that graduate bachelor/ masters studies and have no experience whatsoever ( no volunteering either)  “ I want a job that will bring a lot of money”  There are a lot of young students that want easy money, they want to work as little as possible  “I don’t know how “to sell myself” at an interview”  They lack soft skills, presentation skills, they can’t convince the interviewer that they are the best for that job

4 Youth unemployment. How that happened?  “I don’t know what I’m good at”  A lot of graduates have this statement when they are asked what do you want to do from now on? Why?  They didn’t chose the right University in the first place  the courses at the Universities didn’t helped them to discover and improve their abilities and skills  The organizations that offer different opportunities don’t cover the entire range of youth unemployed  They don’t have a model, a person that can advise them in the key stages of the process of getting a job

5 Solution. “ I’m young and employed ” Community  Creating an European Community that will help youth that aren’t employed, that will guide them in the whole process How it works? 1. Creating the website for the community and the Facebook Page 2. Creating a community that will gather enthusiastic and determined people from different countries that are interested in increasing the youth employment rate (Skopje, Macedonia, June 2014) 3. Pr omoting the community 4. Getting a lot of emails from young people that were helped by this community

6 “ I’m young and employed ” Community  Our main objective is that young students/ unemployed should figure out what they are good at, in what domain they can excel and where they have to make improvements so that they begin their right career path.  Personality tests, aptitude tests, soft skills tests that will show the potential of the candidate and the areas that they have to improve and most importantly how they can improve it  This community will generate ideas that will help and motivate young unemployed people  This community will share stories, advice, will guide the young unemployed  Also we want to create a mobile app for this community where people can interact easily and can gather useful, relevant information.

7 “ I’m young and employed ” Website and Facebook Page  Testimonials from people that had a rough time getting their first job or just getting employed, describing what were the steps that they followed and got them the job  Advice from the HR from the companies  Exact job descriptions for a type of job in a wide rage of domains  This website will be updated in real time by who has relevant experience, advice, content ( an wikipedia for the young unemployed )  Study cases from different companies that will show in what department that person is suitable  New directions of development of the economy of that country, what kind of employees does the country need  Relevant resources, organized for young unemployed that are in different stages of the employment process

8 How the young unemployed will be reached?  Posters in all the Universities  Posters at the subway  Posters in the areas that student used to pass  Facebook ads - they are very cheap and the news will travel fast in the social media network  contacting bloggers and exposing to them this idea

9 Thank y ou!

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