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“I’m Here for You!” Customer Satisfaction Campaign Vesta: The Industry Leader in Customer Satisfaction.

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1 “I’m Here for You!” Customer Satisfaction Campaign Vesta: The Industry Leader in Customer Satisfaction

2 Why are we here today? Customer Service Enhancement Is Our Number One
Vesta’s Board of Directors and leadership team have declared Customer Service Enhancement Is Our Number One Goal for 2014! Other goals include Profitability, Technology, Strengthening & Developing Management Team, and Business Development

3 Do we need to be the best? Absolutely!
The world has changed. Today, customers are able to find our competitors easily and make their own choices. We live or die by the customer’s sword. Every way we interact with the customer makes a difference to our Bottom Line.

4 What does this button mean to me?
Tells the Customers They ‘Rule’ Reminds Me to Focus on Them

5 Put This In Your Wallet! The Vesta Vow Gracious Greetings
Enjoyable Experiences Fond Farewells The Vesta Vision Long-Term Relationships Exceptional Solutions Enhanced Quality of Life

6 So What Do You Do For a Living? Association Management & More
“I’m with a leading Property Services firm serving clients from Florida to North Carolina.” Association Management Facility/Amenity Management Finance and Accounting Commercial Property Management Technology Services Project Management Special Events & Programs Club & Golf Management Restaurant and Lounge Operation Government Service Contracts & More

7 Vesta leverages technology to enhance Customer Satisfaction.
High Tech, High Touch Vesta leverages technology to enhance Customer Satisfaction. “Access your community association documents, meeting minutes, standards, newsletters and more, all with a touch of a button, quickly and simply. Pay your assessment dues and check your account – all via our user-friendly Vesta Vantage app. Vesta will alert you on items that will affect your community and property.  By sending out alert notifications on your phone, Vesta will keep you updated 24/7.  You can be assured that we are here for you.” The Eagle Eye inspection app, designed for the iPad, is a powerful tool for anyone responsible for the management of facilities and amenities. It’s a paperless inspection checklist, customized for particular needs, that delivers reports in digital document form via to whomever you choose.

8 Who is a ‘Customer?’ ‘Everyone is a Customer, or Should Be’
Residents and Guests The Telephone Caller Vendors (we are their customers too) Restaurant & Bar Patrons Special Event Audiences Developers of Planned Communities (Even the Invisible Online Customer) Your Fellow Vesta Team Members Who else is a customer?

9 What is Customer Satisfaction?
“A business needs more than excellent products, good technical service, efficient procedures, and more competitive prices to win customers. “It also needs to truly connect with its customers through authentic, human-to-human interactions that satisfy not only their practical needs, but their emotional wants.” – Lee Cockerell, in ‘The Customer Rules’

10 How Can You Enhance Customer Satisfaction?
Look sharp, stay on your toes Make eye contact, smile, be genuine Telephone and etiquette If you pass the buck, we’re out of luck Service NOW, or explain WHEN Tell the customer, ‘I’m Here for You’ after you understand their problem, or say it at the end of your call/visit/ . “Mr. Smith, I’m sorry, and I’m here for you to work this out.” “Mrs. Doe, thank you for calling. Remember I’m here for you. Call any time.”

11 feedback would include:
Poor customer service feedback would include: Incompetence : Nobody seemed to have a clue what they were doing Neglected: I was kept waiting and they ignored me Guilty: They treated me as though it was my fault Failure to follow-up: They never got back to me or I had to chase them. The Blame Game: blamed it on the system, the managers, the computers, their suppliers etc. Couldn’t be bothered: They were busy and I was an interruption and a distraction from their other work.

12 Every Complaint is a Gift
They highlight our mistakes, and trends in our customers’ wants and needs. This gives us a chance to do better! Customers don’t just complain for the sake of it! How we manage the complaint is crucial to our reputation and likely determines whether they will do business with us again. How would you feel when you make a valid complaint, and the organization/company dismissed, ignored or blamed it on you?

13 Abusive Customers Ever been abused by a customer? Of course you have. Please remember, the issue may be quite legitimate. However, … We never know what is going on in that person’s world; don’t take it personally. We are in control over how we react and respond. Don’t respond in anger or irritation. Never say, “No!” unless it’s, “No problem!” Limit abuse by saying, “Unless we can have a respectful talk, I’ll need to end this conversation and try again another time.”

14 The Vesta Vow calls for:
Gracious Greetings Enjoyable Experiences Fond Farewells. Take a moment to think of an example where you exceeded expectations, or made the client’s experience memorable, or offered a random act of kindness.

15 The Last Word You are part of a sophisticated team.
Vesta Is the Industry Leader in Customer Satisfaction Being the Very Best is a state of mind, and a permanent ethic No matter how well I know my job, I can always do better Remember how excited you were on your first day with Vesta? Recover that excitement, and show it to our customers. See you in February for Session Two!


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