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Personal Motivation Systems

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1 Personal Motivation Systems

2 Motivation The Danish knowledge society The educational challenge
The carrot and stick method Why ITU ?

3 The Performance Promotion System
Group 1: Good student Group 2: Average student Group 3: Below average student Group 4: Bad student

4 The Performance Promoting System
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Vending Machines Large variety of beverages Warm Coffee, Juice, and Soda Lukewarm black coffee. Personalized test questions Cold, day old black coffee. Copy Machines 5000 free copies, both in color and BW. Additional copies 10 øre. 2000 free copies, both color and BW. Additional copies 15 øre. 100 copies. BW only! Additional copies 50 øre. 10 copies BW only! Additional copies 2 kroner. Personalized test questions for additional copies. Admittance Rights All Areas including lounge area full access. All areas, time limited access to lounge area. Personalized test questions to access Scrollbar and excercise room. Only access to cantina and class rooms. Personalized test questions for access to additonal facilities. Program Access All programs available. Full Internet access Mine sweeper and other potentially disturbing elements removed Limited access to Internet resources. Only sites relevant for the courses at ITU are available. Program and Intetrnet resources as defined in user profiles . Personalized test questions for access to additional programs.

5 Comepentence Profile Students are evaluated continually by the teachers Personalized Aiding System

6 Future Development Steps
Chip readers in devices Elite lounge areas Step 2 Physical location moderations Face recognition Step 3 Electronical correction systems in studen chairs Endorfine capsules etc.

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