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Examples of cultural artifacts

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1 Examples of cultural artifacts
Being You at CLU Examples of cultural artifacts

2 A Cultural “Show & Tell” Dinner Event
What artifact will you bring to share? Being You at CLU A Cultural “Show & Tell” Dinner Event In the First Year Residence Halls 150 Free t-shirts & door prizes 3 dates ~ 3 residence halls (commuters welcome) September 2014

3 Who are you? None of us is just one thing. For example, I’m a female, I’m Christian, and I’m black. But some parts of me influence my daily life more than other parts. This is an artifact that best represents me. I’m a black female of African descent. *African doll.

4 I’m a female feminist who cares about the plight of women all over the world.
*Stained glass.

5 I’m a practicing Catholic and this is the first non-Catholic school I’ve attended.
*A rosary

6 I’m from Hawaii, born and raised, but I’m not a native Hawaiian, but I strongly identify with the culture. *A lei.

7 I’m a humanist who questions the existence of God
I’m a humanist who questions the existence of God. I’m not an atheist, though some humanist are. The humanist symbol on a necklace.

8 I’m a Native Canadian male but I live here now.
*Inuksuk – stone figures with deep historical roots for the Inuit people .

9 I’m a Mexican immigrant.
*Mexican flag pendant

10 I’m a patriotic American Muslim.
Islamic prayer beads

11 I’m Guatemalan! Not all Latino immigrants are from Mexico!
Guatemalan flag pendant

12 I’m a born-again Christian.
*Ichthys or Christian fish symbol

13 I’m an international student from South Africa.
*Necklace in the shape of Africa with a diamond in South Africa

14 I’m an Italian-American male from New Jersey.
*A Venetian mask

15 I’m a Native American. *A dream-catcher

16 I’m gay and becoming an activist for equal rights.
Rainbow flag

17 I’m a Jewish guy. Star of David

18 I’m a proud Jamaican-American, born in Jamaica and in love with my home country’s culture.
*keychain with the Jamaican flag

19 I’m studying here, but my home is in Saudi Arabia.
*Flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

20 I’m Spanish and got to visit family in Spain last summer.
A Spanish fan I’m Spanish and got to visit family in Spain last summer.

21 I’m a Chinese international student and a Buddhist.
Buddha prayer pendant

22 I’m Jewish with a really strong value of peace.
A ceramic plaque

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