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At Józef Piłsudski Primary School no. 94 in Warsaw eTwinning TEAM.

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1 at Józef Piłsudski Primary School no. 94 in Warsaw eTwinning TEAM

2 Ula Rossowska I’m Ula. I’m ten. I’m from Warsaw in Poland. I love animals. I have a ferret. Her name is Fredzia. She is 1 year old. I have an older sister. She’s 13 years old. Her name is Magda. My mum’s name is Agata and my dad’s name is Mariusz. They are 40 years old. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite food is pizza.

3 Oliwia Hawryluk Hi! My name is Olivia. I’m twelve years old. I’m in class 6c. I live in Warsaw. I like my school because in my class there are crazy boys. I like shopping and rollerskating with my friends: Agnes and Karoline. These girls are my best friends. I and Karoline love animals and we feed stray cats in our estate. I’ve got a gecko. His name is Gucio. He’s very cute. My favourite colour is purple but I haven’t got many purple things. I’m glad that I can work with children from the UK.

4 Przemek Kucharzewski Hello! My name is Przemek. I ’ m ten years old. I ’ m in class 4d.I live in Warsaw. I like pizza and milk. I like sport : riding a bike, badminton, running, swimming and playing football. I live with my mum, dad and brother. My mum ’ s name is Agnieszka.My dad ’ s name is Tomek. My brother ’ s name is Kuba.

5 Michalina Broda Hello! My name is Michalina. I’m 10 years old and I’m in class 4d. I’m from Warsaw, in Poland. I have a brother. His name is Filip. My mother’s name is Katarzyna and she’s 38. My father’s name is Krzysztof and he’s 46. My best friend’s name is Janka. She is from Cracow in Oland. I met her when I was 7. I live in a block of flats on the third floor. I have a fish. Her name is Migotka. She’s 3 years old. I want to have a dog or a cat. My favourite food is pizza. My favourite dessert is icecream. My favourite sport is volleyball. I like riding a bike and playing volleyball. I love animals and pets. My favourite animal is a cat.

6 Karol Trojanowski Hello! My name is Karol and I’m eleven. I live in Warsaw, in Poland, at 11 Płomyka Street. I go to primary school number 94. I’m in class 5a. I have a brother, Michał. My parents are called Joanna and Marek. My mum is a teacher and she teaches English. Dad works at the Technicolor. I like music, playing the keyboard and the guitar, playing football, basketball, table tennis, drawing and reading. I listen to music band such as: PinkFloyd and Bon Jovi. I can play their music on the keyboard and the guitar. I’m interested in music, architecture, movies and games. T HIS I S ME ON MY TENTH BIRTHDAYS. T HIS I S MY BROTHER, MICHAŁ.

7 Agnieszka Ozimek Hello! My name is Agnes. I’m twelve yers old. I’m in class 6c. I live in Kanie near Warsaw but I go to school in Warsaw.I like my school because there are funny boys in my class. They have crazy ideas. I have younger brother and a dog. My brother’s name is Kuba. He is 6 years old. He’s in class 1d. My dog’s name is Pati. She bites everything. My hobby is rollerskating and listening to music. I rollerskate with my friends: Oliwia and Karoline. My favourite colours are blue and purple. I like shopping. I feel lucky that I can work with children from the UK.

8 Mikołaj Hołtyn My name is Miko ł aj. I’m ten years old and I’m in class 4d. I was born in France. I lived there for eight years. Now I live in Warsaw. I live on the sixth floor. I like sport. My favo u rite sport is basketball. My favo u rite colour is green. My favorite food i s steak. I have a lot of friends. My dad’s name is Stanis ł aw. My mum’s name is Hanna. I haven’t got any pets. My favo u rite channel is Cartoon Network.

9 Julia Kwiatkowska Hello! My name is Julia. I am 12 years old and I am in class 6c. I go to music school and learn to play the violin. I live in Warsaw. I like cats. I have two cats: Bubbles and Ribbon. I love dancing.

10 Patrycja Łapińska Hello! My name is Patrycja. I'm from Poland. I am ten years old and I’m in class 4d. I have one sister. Her names is Agnieszka. My father's names is Tomek. My mother's names is Nina. My best friends are Paulina, Michalina and Ania. My favourite animal is my dog. Her names is Luna.

11 Paulina Do Hello! My name is Paulina. I’m 10 years old. I’m in class 4d. I live in Warsaw. I have two sisters. Their names are Klaudia and Diana. My mother’s name is Karolina and my father’s name is Marcin. My parents are from Wietnam but I was born in Poland. My favourite colours are blue and purple. My best friends are Wiktoria, Patrycja and Michalina. I like shopping and riding a bike.

12 Kuba Kucharczyk Hi! I am Jakub Kucharczyk. I am 11 years old. I have got two younger brothers. Szymon and Kacper. I live in Warsaw in the capital of Poland. I go to primary school. I like playing computer games and football. I am a scout.

13 Maciej Komorowski Hi! My name is Maciek. I’m thirteen. I live in Warsaw. It is a very cool city. There is the Royal Palace at Old Town. There are lots of skyscrapers, cinemas, theatres and shopping centres. The highest skyscraper is the Palace of Culture and Science. It is about 218 metres high. I like football and computer games. My favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. My mum’s name is Magda and my dad’s name is Zbyszek. I have got one sister. Her name is Ula and she’s ten. You can see me and Ula in the picture. I also have a crab and lots of fish. I’m in class 6c. My class is brilliant but the girls are silly. My favourite subjects are P.E, Biology and History. I don’t like Maths.

14 Jagoda Florkiewicz Hello! My name is Jagoda. I’m 10 years old. I’m in class 4b. I live in Warsaw. I have got a brother. His name is Mikołaj. I have got a hamster. I like playing volleyball and tennis.

15 Karol Szurkowski Hello, my name is Karol (Charles). I am twelve years old and I live in Warsaw in Poland. I like English and art. My hobby is painting miniatures from Games- Workshop. My Wood Elves look nice on my cupboard. I live with my parents, a brother and a sister. We have got a dog called Viva. My brother is fifteen, my sister is eighteen and my dog is 1 year old. I’m in class 6c. My class is a bit crazy and silly but brilliant. Lessons can't be boring with my class.

16 Wiktoria Gwara Hello! My name is Wiktoria. I’m 10 years old. I’m in class 4d. I live in Warsaw. I like pets and swimming. I’ve got a hamster. His name is Bąbel. My mother’s name is Iwona and she’s 42 years old. My father’s name is Janek and he is 46 years old. My grandmother’s name is Anna and she’s 77 years old. My favourite colour is purple. My favourite number is seven. My favourite day is Saturday.

17 Grzegorz Jakubiak Hello! My name is Grzegorz. I am ten years old and I’m in class 4d. I come from Poland. I live in Warsaw together with my parents and sister. My mother’s name is Arleta and she works as an accountant. My father’s name is Marek and he works as a financial adviser. My sister’s name is Alicja. She is six years old and this year she starts learning at the same school as I. My favourite subjects are history, maths, science and P.E. After school I have got also additional activities such as English and karate which I attend twice a week. I like animals and I have got a guinea pig and a goldfish at home. It will be a pleasure and new experience for me to work with you.

18 Zuzanna Bauer Hi, I'm Zuzia! I'm twelve years old, and I'm in class 6c I have two sisters: Nawojka and Misia. Nawojka is fifteen years old and Misia is eight. I have curly dark hair and brown eyes. I'm not tall. I live in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. My friends say that I'm colorful, because I haven't got any black clothes and I love colorful T-shirts. My hobby is horse riding, drawing and making jewellery from small beads. I'm funny and open and I can easily make friends. My favourite subject is... hm... English, but I'm not good at talking in English. My favourite music band is 'Black eyed peas', but I like Bryan Adams' songs from movie The Spirit, too. My best friends are Ania and Juka (not Julka!). I'm in the same class as Ania. I met Juka for the first time during my winter holidays. She lives on a different part of my town, far away from my house. I love writing e-mails in English and my older sister helps me with doing it.

19 Thank you

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