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Rang 3/Rang 4.

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1 Rang 3/Rang 4

2 We have been learning about the importance of water in our class
We have been learning about the importance of water in our class. Our reader had a chapter on water where we read about the water cycle.

3 We wrote creative stories following the life of a drop of water.
I’m just a little drop of water with a really big job. There is a big long routine that always seems to happen. We go up really, really high although no one seems to see me. I always wonder why they can’t? It feels like I’m on an aeroplane. We all move over to a big white fluffy thing (that’s where I meet my friends.) “Woohoo” that’s me falling from the sky. It’s really, really, really fun. We end up on a big hill and fall from it is like a giant slide. Though sometimes I land somewhere else like in a jar or in a bath maybe even a sewer. But no matter where I land, the routine always seems to happen and never changes. I’m just a little drop of water with a really big job. By: Aoife Queally

4 When the sun shines on me in the ocean and the sea When the vapour grows, the clod gets heavy When I’m in the clouds with friends in a crowd Eventually the wind blows, then we fall down in a flow We go through the lakes, slipping like snakes Down to the ground we go, putting on a big show. Now I landed in a gutter, down we go in a huge flutter Right now, we’re flowing from the shower, washing somebody’s hair We’re gone down the drain into thin air But yay! Happy days again, back to normal with my best friends By Adam Moynihan Hi my name is Cian the rain drop. I’m going into the clouds. Now the sun made me fall. I fell in the sewers. I’m travelling to a river. This leads to the ocean. I turned to a piece of salty water now. The sun is shining here in the Atlantic ocean. I’m going up again . When I fell I froze and turned to snow. As I hit the ocean I met a pipe. You can drink me now. I can make you healthy and strong. By Cian Walsh

5 I am in the sea. I feel like I am going up to the cloud above
I am in the sea. I feel like I am going up to the cloud above. Oh wait, I am! I see loads of people on the beach playing and swimming. Hello again I am now inside a cloud it is very cold. I am made a few friends now. I am dropping as rain. Weehee! I am now in a sewer. I see light and am now out of the sewer. Hey, this looks familiar. This is the beach I started out at. Here we go again By Eve Heazle

6 We are the ‘Dripper Dropper Stoppers
We are the ‘Dripper Dropper Stoppers.’ This is very important as it means we are responsible for making sure there are no leaks or dripping taps in the school.

7 We regularly check the EIGHTEEN taps in the school, making sure everyone has followed the Green Code – Turn off the tap and Give yourself a Clap!

8 Using water to create a wet-on-wet technique we created beautiful flower prints.

9 We also created penguins floating on icebergs in the water

10 In Geography, we are learning about rocks and soil
In Geography, we are learning about rocks and soil. We are learning about the effects of weathering and are conducting an experiment at the moment where we are submerging a selection of rocks in water, freezing them, thawing them freezing them, thawing them, freezing them, thawing them (you get the picture)

11 Rocks are broken down in all sorts of ways - by wind, rain and rivers
Rocks are broken down in all sorts of ways - by wind, rain and rivers. But they are also broken apart by freezing and thawing. When water freezes, it expands. Water that has seeped into a rock will expand when frozen, causing cracks in the rock. After it freezes and thaws several times, bits of rock will begin to split off entirely.

12 Weathering is a long process so we will have to keep you updated on the results! Why not make a prediction and we will let you know what we discover. Do you think slate, granite or limestone will be effected the most??

13 In science, we made film canister rockets using water, alka seltzer tablets, baking powder and effervecsent tablets. Then we held an altitude contest to see which rockets few the highest.

14 We separate the rubbish in our classroom
We separate the rubbish in our classroom. We are this weeks ‘Litter Award Winners’

15 As well as saving and conserving water in the school, we re-read Guzzlers book on energy and looked at different ways of saving energy in the school and at home

16 Our class is very energy efficient and always turns off the lights when they are not being used

17 We re-used our water bottles as stamps to create Cherry blossoms

18 Thank you for watching 

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