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Gravity- I’m Attracted to You

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1 Gravity- I’m Attracted to You
Earth Space

2 Gravity The force of attraction that exists between all matter in the universe. Key word is matter Matter is the stuff you are and everything else is made of It takes a lot of mass for the gravity to be noticeable. Like planetary mass

3 Law of Gravity The force of attraction between any two objects depends on their masses and the distances between them. The bigger the object, the more gravity it has The closer an object is to something the stronger the pull.

4 Mass Mass is how much matter is in something.
It is measured using grams and kilograms It is NOT the same as weight

5 Distance Gravity’s force depends on how close the object is to something. As an object gets further away, the force of gravity on that object decreases Inverse square law As the distance increases the gravity decreases exponentially Class demonstration

6 1 Gravitational force = Distance squared 1 G force = d2

7 Weight, Mass, and Gravity
Weight and Mass are not the same thing!!! The are related though Weight is your mass being pulled down by gravity Gravity on earth pulls us down at 9.8 m/s2

8 Weight, Mass, and Gravity
How much matter you are made of Does not change depending location It is the same if you are on earth or in space or on the moon Weight The relationship between mass and gravity Changes depending on location Is different on earth and the moon and space

9 In the absence of air resistance, all things will fall toward the earth at the same velocity
Weight = mass x free-fall acceleration w= m g

10 Find Your Mass We can find out how much mass we have by using the previous formula W = mg Weight is in Newtons, so convert your lbs to N. Multiply lbs times 4.448 Then divide by gravity

11 Gravity on Earth Gravity pulls us down toward the center of the earth.
At different parts of the earth there is more matter between the surface and the center. The Poles are flatter and the equator bulges The bulge means there is more gravity at the equator People weigh more at the equator than the poles.

12 Gravity & the Moon Newton observed the Moon’s motion and realized that its direction changes because of the gravitational attraction of Earth The Moon is constantly falling toward Earth If no gravity, the Moon would continue to move in a straight line and would not orbit Earth The same is true of the planets and their moons, stars, and all orbiting bodies throughout the universe.

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