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(Review of) Social/Emotional Development Development of Self Social role-taking Moral development Social/emotional development and the Web.

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1 (Review of) Social/Emotional Development Development of Self Social role-taking Moral development Social/emotional development and the Web

2 Development of Self Self = what makes an individual unique o Self-concept, self-awareness, identity formation o Essential for socialization o Socialization = process by which child develops behaviours, beliefs, values of society

3 Who Am I? Concept about self parallels cognitive development I am …

4 Damon & Hart (1982, 1988) 4 Selves o Physical o Active o Social o Psychological Levels (stages) of self o 6-9: categorical o 10-12: comparative o 13-16: interpersonal o 17+: systematic beliefs and plans

5 LevelPhysicalActiveSocialPsych Categori cal I have blue eyes. I play baseball. I have a little sister named Samantha. I get funny ideas sometimes; they make me laugh. Compara tive I’m bigger than most kids. I’m good at math but not reading. I’m proud when my Dad watches me play goalie. I’m not as smart as some kids. Interpers onal I’m strong and others respect me for it. I play sports because kids like athletes. I’m a nice person, not selfish. I’m very smart; my friends only like smart kids. Ideologi cal I don’t have many things; it’s not fair to have a lot when others have nothing. I go to church because I want to be a faithful Christian. I’m a scout; we do good things. I believe in world peace; wars don’t solve anything.

6 Person Perception Characterization of another person o affects interactions with the other person o depends on developmental level

7 Person Perception 6 years 11 years Psychological constructs Behavioural comparisons Psychological comparisons Percent Use

8 Social Role Taking

9 Holly Dilemma Holly is an 8-year old girl who likes to climb trees. She is the best tree climber in the neighborhood. One day, while climbing down from a tall tree, she falls off the bottom branch but does not hurt herself. Her father sees her fall. He is upset and asks her to promise not to climb trees anymore. Holly promises. Later that day, Holly and her friends meet Sean. Sean’s kitten is caught up in a tree and cannot get down. Something has to be done right away or the kitten may fall. Holly is the only one who climbs trees well enough to reach the kitten and get it down, but she remembers her promise to her father. Will Holly’s father understand if she climbs the tree? Does Holly think she will be punished for climbing the tree?

10 Holly Dilemma Social-informational o “If he knew why she climbed the tree, he wouldn’t be angry but if he didn’t know why, he would be angry.” Self-reflective o “Holly knows her father will understand why she climbed the tree.” Mutual o “Holly will have to make sure her father understands why she climbed the tree.” Societal o “Holly was acting compassionately in saving the kitten. Her father appreciates this and won’t punish her.”

11 Charlie Dilemma Charlie likes to play Mortal Combat over the Internet. Mortal Combat is an extremely violent game. Charlie’s mother finds Charlie playing the game one day and tells Charlie that it an awful game. She goes on to explain how research has shown that playing violent games is related to violent behaviour. She asks Charlie to promise not to play Mortal Combat again. Charlie promises. Charlie has just moved to a new neighborhood and is getting to know the other kids. Charlie goes to a new friend’s house where all the boys are playing Mortal Combat. Charlie remembers his promise to his mother. Will Charlie’s mother understand if he plays the game with the other boys? Does Charlie think he will be punished for playing the game?

12 Charlie Dilemma Social-informational Self-reflective Mutual Societal

13 Moral Development Kohlberg extended Piagetian theory to understand moral development Three Levels o Preconventional Morality = authority figures Punishment and Obedience Instrumental Purpose o Conventional Morality = social norms Interpersonal Conformity Law and Order o Postconventional Morality = moral justice Social Contract Universal Ethics

14 Heinz Dilemma In Europe, a woman was near death from cancer. There was one drug the doctors thought might save her. A druggist in the same town had discovered it, but he was charging 10 times what the drug cost him to make. The sick woman’s husband, Heinz, went to everyone he knew to borrow money, but he could only get together half of what it cost. The druggist refused to sell it cheaper or let Heinz pay later. So Heinz got desperate and broke into the man’s store to steal the drug for his wife. Should Heinz have done that?

15 Heinz Dilemma Punishment and Obedience o “No! Might get caught.” or “Yes, drug was too expensive.” Instrumental Purpose o “ No, someone might break into his store some day.” or “Yes, he might need the same done for him some day.” Interpersonal Conformity o “Yes, even tho he may go to jail. A person will do anything for a loved one.” Law and Order o “No, it’s against the law.” Social Contract o “It depends.” Universal Ethics o “It’s his choice and must be respected. Maybe he should steal the drug, give it to his wife and then turn himself in.”

16 Henry Dilemma Using Napster or some other music capturing software is illegal. Henry has a new girlfriend and he wants to give her a really nice birthday present. His girlfriend really likes Creed so Henry goes to HMV to buy her a Creed CD. HMV has really increased its prices and Henry can’t afford the CD. He finds the latest album on a Napster-like site. Henry was desperate for his girlfriend’s affection so he downloaded the music and burned her a CD for her birthday. Should Henry have done that?

17 Henry Dilemma Punishment and Obedience Instrumental Purpose Interpersonal Conformity Law and Order Social Contract

18 Putting it all Together

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