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This is for centering. You should be able to see all 3 lines completely. This is for centering. You should be able to see all 3 lines completely. This.

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1 This is for centering. You should be able to see all 3 lines completely. This is for centering. You should be able to see all 3 lines completely. This is for centering. You should be able to see all 3 lines completely.


3 Sponsor The official sponsor of [your opera]

4 Please unwrap candies and turn off cell phones at this time. Photography or recording of any kind is strictly prohibited. Supertitles provided by Chadwick Creative Arts


6 - Who’s knocking at my door? - Why is this door locked?

7 My husband! Gods, I’m dead! And you here without a coat, in this state!

8 - And he just got the note… his jealousy! - Why this delay?!

9 - I’m alone… yes, alone. - Who are you talking to?

10 - To you… of course… to you. - After what happened, his fury, I have no other choice!

11 May heaven protect me!

12 - This is new! You’ve never locked yourself up in your room! - True, but I… I was trying on…

13 - Trying on… - Certain things… Susanna was with me, but went into her room.

14 - In any case, you seem upset. Look at this note. - (Gods! The note Figaro wrote!)

15 - What was that noise? Something fell in your closet. - I didn’t hear anything.

16 - You must be quite preoccupied with something. - Like what? - There’s someone in there!

17 - Who do you think it is? - I’m asking you. I just now came in.

18 - Ah, yes… Susanna, of course… - Who you just said went into her room.

19 - To her room, or here, I didn’t notice… - Susanna! And why are you so upset?

20 - On account of my maid? - I know not, but you’re upset nevertheless.

21 - This maid of mine disturbs you much more than me! - True… and you’ll see why right now.

22 Susanna, I want you to come out of there.

23 - Stop… listen… she can’t come out. - What is this fighting? Where did the page go?

24 - Who dares forbid her to come out? - It’s forbidden by… decency. She’s trying on her wedding dress.

25 – (The matter is clear, it must be her lover!) - (The matter is desperate… who knows what will be!) - (I’m beginning to catch on, let’s see how it goes.)

26 - Susanna, I want you to come out! - Stop… listen… she can’t come out.

27 - Susanna, if you’re in there, at least say something! - No, don’t! I’m ordering you to keep silent!

28 - Wife, be careful! We must avoid a scandal, a mess… - Heavens! A disaster, a scandal, surely will happen!


30 - You won’t open it, then? - Why must I open my rooms?

31 - Fine, don’t bother. We’ll open it without keys. People!! - Would you compromise a lady’s honor?

32 Okay, I’m wrong. I can, without noise or scandal among our servants, go get whatever I need. Wait here.

33 - But, so that my doubt is dispelled, I’ll lock the doors first. - (What impulsiveness!)

34 And you shall oblige me by coming with me. My lady, my arm. Let’s go. Susanna will stay here until we return.


36 Quick, open up! It’s Susanna! Come out now, get out of here!

37 - Woe is me, what a horrible disaster! - Through here!

38 The doors are locked! What will happen now!

39 - We must not lose our wits. - He’ll kill you if he finds you!

40 - Let’s look outside… it looks out onto the garden! - Stop, Cherubino! Stop, for pity’s sake!

41 - He’ll kill me if he finds me here! - It’s too high! Stop! - Let me go!

42 I’d fly into the fire before causing her harm. Embrace her for me… good-bye!

43 He’s going to die… Stop, for pity’s sake!

44 Watch that little devil go! He’s already a mile away!

45 But let’s not waste time. Bring on the bully. I’ll await him in here!

46 Everything is as I left it. Do you want to open the door, or shall I?

47 Alas, stop, listen a moment. Do you think I’m capable of failing in my duty?

48 - Your words, not mine. I want to see who is locked in that closet! - Yes, you will see him… but listen calmly…

49 - So it’s not Susanna!? - No, but it’s no one you need to suspect…

50 We were preparing an innocent diversion for this evening. I swear to you, that my honor, your decency…

51 - Who is it then? Speak up! I’ll kill him! - Listen… oh, I haven’t the courage…

52 - Tell me! - It’s a mere boy…

53 - A boy? - Yes… Cherubino.

54 (It seems I’m destined to find this page everywhere I go!) What?! He hasn’t left yet? Scoundrels!

55 This explains my doubts, that’s the confusion, that’s the plot the note warned me about!

56 - Come out, you lowlife! Now, you scoundrel! - My lord, your fury for him makes my heart tremble!

57 - You still dare to interfere? - No, listen… - Go ahead, then. Speak!

58 I swear that every suspicion, and the state you’ll find him in, his collar untied, half-naked…

59 - His collar untied! Half-naked!? Go on…! - To dress him up in women’s clothes…

60 - I understand, worthless wife. I will have my revenge! - Your excessive rage is insulting and offensive to me.

61 - Give me the key! - He’s innocent, you know it. - I know nothing!

62 Get out of my sight, wicked, faithless one! You’re trying to disgrace me!

63 - I’m going… yes… but… - I’m not listening.

64 - I’m not guilty! - I can see it in your face!

65 - I’ll kill him and he’ll no longer be the evil cause of my suffering! - Ah, his blind jealousy will make him do something rash!

66 - I see, you worthless wife. I’ll kill him and end my suffering! - Your excessive rage wrongs me! He might do something rash!


68 My lord. Why the surprise? Take your weapon and kill the page, the lowlife that stands before you.

69 - (What do I see! My head is spinning!) - (What could have happened? Susanna in there?) - (They’re both completely confused!)

70 - Are you alone? - Look for yourself. He must be hidden in there.

71 - Susanna, I’m dying; I can’t breathe! - It’s okay. He’s safe and sound!

72 What a mistake I’ve made!

73 I can hardly believe it. If I’ve wrongly offended you, I beg your forgiveness. But it was a cruel joke to play on me!

74 Your foolish behavior deserves no pity from us!

75 - I love you. - Don’t say that! - I swear it! - Liar!

76 - I’m the wicked, faithless one who is always deceiving you! - Susanna, help me calm her anger!

77 This is your punishment for being so suspicious!

78 - So this is the reward I should expect for my loving faithfulness? - Susanna, help me calm her anger!

79 This is your punishment for being so suspicious!

80 - My lady! - Rosina… - Cruel man! I’m no longer that Rosina!

81 Now I’m the wretched object of your neglect, whom you take pleasure in making suffer!

82 - Confused, repentant, this punishment is too much! - Cruel man! My heart cannot suffer being wronged so! - Perhaps he is being punished too harshly.

83 - But the page locked up? - It was only to test you.

84 - Your fears, your trembling? - Only to tease you.

85 - That cruel note? - The note is from Figaro, through Basilio…

86 - Those traitors! I’ll tear them apart! - He who will not forgive others doesn’t deserve forgiveness.

87 Well then, if you will, let’s all make peace. Rosina, don’t be so harsh with me.

88 Susanna, how soft-hearted I am. Who will ever take a woman’s fury seriously?

89 My lady, with men, no matter which way you turn, you’ll see it always ends up like this.

90 - Look at me! - Ingrate!

91 Look at me, I was wrong, and I’m so sorry!

92 From now on we’ll try to know each other better…




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