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I’m lost….. My project is about to begin and I don’t understand what to do…..

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1 I’m lost….. My project is about to begin and I don’t understand what to do…..

2 Steps to developing a very good research project… Select a topic. If your teacher has given you a set of guidelines, read these first. Create a timeline for completing your project. Use a real calendar! Your agenda is a good choice. Gather your supplies in one area, neatly assembled, label them as yours if necessary. Organize your space. Hard to work in clutter! Be sure you have good lighting and a comfortable chair.

3 Topics to consider: A biography An event in history An important invention or discovery Your favorite place Family history A bit of local news Something that interests you!

4 Biographies involve: Learning about someone’s life Learning about someone’s accomplishments Highlighting important events or achievements

5 An event in history could include: Investigating what happened Learning about the people involved in the event Finding the lasting effects of this event on the people then and now.

6 Is there an invention or discovery that interests you? Telephone Microwave Thermometer Computer I-Pod DVD Bicycle Hubble Telescope Paper Clip Chocolate Ice Cream Sneakers

7 Your Favorite Place North Carolina Saturn Yosemite National Park NC Zoo the Beach a particular Mall!

8 Family History could include: The story of how your family came to America The story of special people in your family and why they are special An interesting history of where your family has lived Information about the business your family runs

9 Is there some local news that interested you? Local heroes Special people in the community A place in your community that is fun to visit How does your Fire Department work? What kind of government does your community have?

10 Something that interests you!

11 Once you have your topic, your supplies, your workspace…. Plan your research. What will you use and where will you look? Dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, books, artifacts, interviews, Internet Research takes time and patience…begin slowly, keep your materials together, stay on task

12 How to work: Cornell Notes are great for gathering materials and being organized Note cards work better for some students. Number them or divide them into categories. Outlines provide structure for your project. Make an outline and stick to it.

13 Your project must include: Title page Table of contents Research Glossary or Index (if necessary) Bibliography Type/word process your report Be sure your title page matches the form given to you by your teacher Clean, neat, tidy raises the quality

14 Choices you have: You can write a paper, create a PowerPoint presentation, make a poster…this goes with the paper you wrote. Every presentation involves you, your work, and, of course, your bibliography! Don’t forget, you must have a bibliography for all of your research.

15 Be sure to: Check all spelling. Do not rely on Spell-check. Have a dictionary ready to use. Check for good grammar. No sentence fragments, no hanging commas, indent paragraphs correctly, use proper punctuation.:;”{{}} !

16 How to get yourself ready… Practice your will not read from a piece of paper. Be sure of the pronunciation of names and places. Make sure your facts are accurate. Be prepared to answer questions from audience. Dress appropriately. Speak clearly. SMILE!

17 What’s left? As more questions arise, ask your teacher or Mrs. Sasser…we’ll help. If you get stuck, ask for help. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your project done. Have confidence in yourself. You can do this and do it well!

18 Thank you for your kind attention! Mrs. Sasser 2010

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