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”OSCE: Helsinki + 40” Timo Kantola Stete Seminar 28.02.2013.

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1 ”OSCE: Helsinki + 40” Timo Kantola Stete Seminar 28.02.2013

2 Dublin Ministerial 12/2012 Decision to launch Helsinki+40 process 3 year process (OSCE Chairs Ukraine, Switzerland, Serbia) Open ended informal Working Group Result oriented process leading up to 2015

3 Helsinki + 40 process: why? Istanbul Summit 1999 > decline? Reflection since 2008 > results? Astana Summit 2010 > tasking nature  Worries about OSCE and its role  Lack of trust, lack of co-operation  Questions about need to update OSCE

4 Work to be done? Taskings of the Astana Summit Implementation of commitments, including human rights All 3 dimensions, TNT, cross dimensional issues (conflict cycle, gender), and organizational issues (budgets, weekly PC meetings, field missions, charter, etc.)

5 OSCE assets Co-operation among 57 participating states Common principles and commitments Practical tools Organization, institutions (ODIHR, HCNM, RFoM), field activities (15 missions), election observation Personnel ~ 2.700; budget 144 m€

6 Goal of Helsinki +40 ? Much remains open. Dublin: “...advancing work towards a security community...” “...further strengthening our co-operation in the OSCE...” “...intensified efforts to fully implement OSCE commitments...” “ reconfirm and build upon the OSCE achievements...” “ meet the challenges of the 21 st century...”

7 Start of the work? First meeting in February, second in March – good start How to move from general discussion into more structured and goal oriented preparation? Sub-structures? Results along the way, or in 2015?

8 Perspectives in view of 2015? Broader questions of international relations, US-RF relations Arms control, Post-CFE, crucial for the success of Helsinki + 40 Protracted conflicts (Nagorno- Karabakh, Georgia, Moldova) Who is the driver of the process?

9 Outcome? Failure, time-out, or success? Risks? What is success? –Landmark document? –Strategic vision for the years to come, that will strengthen the OSCE? –Coupled with concrete results, and further taskings for the OSCE work? –Summit? –40th Anniversary of the Final Act on 01.08.2015

10 Finland´s views? Strong support, co-operation, goal to make OSCE stronger, forward looking process Build upon OSCE acquis, promote broad concept of security, adapt to changing world, ensure OSCE´s vitality Fresh talks on arms control/CSBMs, conflict cycle, update of EED, HD, TNT, gender, efficiency and effectiveness

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