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ICS Leaders Conference

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1 ICS Leaders Conference
27th Nov 2014

2 ESB Overview: Vertically Integrated Utility
Networks Generation Supply Innovation Overview: Established 1927, Vertically Integrated, 95% owned by Irish State, Commercial Mandate Networks: Electricity Transmission and Distribution Networks in both the Republic of Ireland (ESB Networks) and Northern Ireland (NIE Networks) Generation: All-Island Capacity of 4.4GW, GB Capacity of 1.2GW Electricity and Gas Supply: 1.5M Customers served on an All-Island basis (Electric Ireland) Innovation: ESBI, Smart Grids, e-cars, R&D Programmes Engineering Services: ESBI engineering services franchise with global presence

3 ESB - Delivering its mission for 85 Years
Nation building Rural electricification Securing Ireland’s energy supply CO2 & market integration Competition Electricity generated Real GDP 1927 2012

4 ESB was the Irish Electricity Market !
Industry Structure c.1999 Integration of All Customer Facing Activities Generation National Grid Customer Services Republic of Ireland Focus “ESB,100% of everything” ESB was the Irish Electricity Market !

5 Industry Structure c.2013/14 Ireland and Northern Ireland Focus
46% of Market System and Market Operator Generation 37% of Market Networks Energy Suppliers Generation Networks Ireland and Northern Ireland Focus

6 Competitors of European scale Great Britain Generation Output
All Islands Market - Step Change in Competition for Generation and Supply All-islands market integration Competitors of European scale Great Britain Generation Output 50 TwH 40 TwH 41 TwH UK Big 6 34 TwH 31 TwH Driven by EU Directives and Interconnection 27 TwH 16 TwH

7 Decarbonisation of Society
EU GHG emissions towards an 80% reduction (1990 base year) 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 40% renewable electricity by 2020 in Ireland 30% renewable electricity by 2020 in UK But 2020 is just the beginning 80% reduction in total CO2 by 2050 Carbon-Free power sector earlier 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050

8 Decarbonisation will require different business models & technologies
Today The future Fossil fuels Renewables Passive networks Smart grids Capital intensity / upfront “sunk” costs Variable operating costs Active participants Passive consumers Providing services Supply electricity

9 Challenges of Emerging Technologies
Smart Technologies The core business of utilities is being challenged Distribution Network Renewables 6 EV Charging Station 3 4 1 5 Solar PV Demand response services Mini CHP Battery Storage Big Data 7 2 Energy Flow Data Flow Innovation in EU power sector could be worth €70bn/year by 2030

10 Challenges of Emerging Technologies
Smart Technologies Growth New & Emerging Technology Distribution Network Renewables 6 EV Charging Station 3 4 1 5 Solar PV Demand response services Mini CHP Battery Storage Big Data 7 2 Energy Flow Data Flow Innovation New Business Models & Services Closer to Our Customers

11 Delivered as a central service Part of the Business Services Centre
IT In ESB Delivered as a central service Part of the Business Services Centre 250 Employees contractors / partners Budget of €90m (Capex & Opex) Adopt and Enterprise Wide Application Strategy SAP and Microsoft Footer

12 IT Supporting Change Employee Productivity
Enabled Market Liberalisation Complexity of processes Volumes of data Speed at which data is processed New Business Trading of Gas and Carbon Overseas Investments Maximising the value of assets Asset Management Work Management Employee Productivity 11k employees to 5k Footer

13 IT Landscape Technology Solutions Support for ESB Offices
2,500 thin clients 3,000 Laptops / PC’s 500 smart phones 480 Windows Mobile Devices 500 HP MFP Print Devices currently Single IT Service Desk 12,000 User Accounts ( ESB , 3rdrdParty, System Accounts ) 26,000 Incident tickets per annum (2011) 2,000 Infrastructure Change tickets per annum Large IT Infrastructure 681 Database (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2) 1,592 Physical/Virtual Servers in Production –: (Windows, AIX, VMS) (330 Citrix Xenapp Servers) 1,200TB of Data on SAN Storage devices : IBM Xiv, EMC, Centera 12,500 Network Devices 520 Applications Hosted Secure IT Facilities 2 Data centres for Hosting (8,900 sq ft) High Availability & Disaster Recovery Architecture 24 x 7 monitoring Security , Remote Access & Firewall Services Data Communications Monitoring & break-fix Work Area Recovery facility Hardware Monitoring & Break-fix Data storage and backup Main Enterprise Applications Finance/ Materials / HR / Payroll SAP ERP 6.0 Financial Consolidation SAP BCS Business Warehouse SAP Business Warehouse 7.00 Data Marts Microsoft SQL Server Document Management Microsoft SharePoint 2007, OpenText, Easy, SAP DMS, Doculive (ESB Networks only) & Calendar Microsoft Exchange 2007 Unified Communications None Main Business Unit Specific Applications Plant Maintenance SAP ERP 6.0 (ESB Networks) Scheduling & Optimisation Click Schedule 8.0 (ESB Networks) Retail Electricity Market SAP IS-U (ESB Networks) Mobile Data Management SAP Mobile Infrastructure 2.5 (ESB Networks) Geographical Information System Intergraph (ESB Networks) Outage Management System Oracle SPL Customer Care & Billing SAP IS-U (Electric Ireland) CRM SAP CRM 4.0 & 7.0 (Electric Ireland) Electronic Billing SAP UCES (Electric Ireland), Demand Forecasting Oracle Lodestar (Electric Ireland) ETRM Allegro (Sungard ETRM Project) Pool Market Operations Oracle Lodestar Desktop Software Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 & 8.0 & Calendaring Microsoft Outlook 2003 Productivity Microsoft Office 2010 Project Management Microsoft Project 2010 Process Modelling Microsoft Visio 2010, ARIS Business Intelligence Tools SAP Business Objects, Microsoft SSRS Application Delivery Platform Citrix Xenapp Application Virtualisation Microsoft App-V Remote Access Citrix Access Gateway PC Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Anti-Virus Symantec Endpoint Protection Encryption Symantec Infrastructure Management Databases SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 (SAP Systems) Real Time Databases OSISoft PI System Integration SeeBeyond, SAP Xi 3.0, SAP Pi 7.0, Biztalk Application Servers Microsoft .NET, IIS , SAP Netweaver, WebSphere, Oracle IAS, Tomcat Server Operating System Windows Server 2008, IBM AIX Server Virtualisation VMWare, AIX Service Desk Open Pursuit Operations Management Microsoft Operations Manager 2007, BMC Patrol, Foglight Configuration Management Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007 Security Management Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Data Backup Mgt Netbackup

14 IT Landscape Infrastructure Used By Supported By
520 Applications Hosted                > 1,700 Production Servers ~ 700 Databases 1,200TB of Data 12,500 Network Devices 4m automated jobs 25k concurrent firewall sessions Used By 12,000 User Accounts 80 Irish Locations 58 Countries 2,500 thin clients 2,000 Laptops / desktops 500 Smart Phones 480 Windows Mobile device’s 500 Managed Printers 15m pages Capability to support 3,000 remote users Supported By Highly Skilled People High Availability & Disaster Recovery Architecture 2 Data Centres 24 * 7 monitoring 26k incident tickets p.a. 2k change Tickets p.a. ITIL processes

15 IT Enabling the business
Manage 2.1m Network assets worth €5.1bn 3.6m customer payments worth €1.2bn 9.5m customer bills per annum (1.3m e-billing) €500m annual payroll, 6000 staff 22m Retail Market messages 2.5m customer calls to ESB Networks Call Centre 450,000 electronic meter work service orders €11bn in treasury payments €2.8bn energy payments 48,000 Power station data points in real time 4,000 conference calls (25k hours with 40,000 participants) Footer

16 Our Mission, Vision and Values for 2025
Our Vision: To be Ireland’s foremost energy company competing successfully in the all islands market Our Mission: To bring sustainable and competitive energy solutions to all our customers

17 A Strong Diversified Vertically Integrated
The 5 Priorities of ESB’s Strategy to 2025 World-Class Networks Generation/Supply Businesses Of Scale Agile & Engaged Organisation Sustainable Innovation A Strong Diversified Vertically Integrated Utility Transformed Cost Structure

18 Thank You Any Questions ?

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