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1 GSA Expo 2009 I’m a COTR, What Do I Do Now?. 2 Panel Members GSA Expo 2009 Craig Curtis, Contracts & COTR Career Manager Department of Homeland Security.

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1 1 GSA Expo 2009 I’m a COTR, What Do I Do Now?

2 2 Panel Members GSA Expo 2009 Craig Curtis, Contracts & COTR Career Manager Department of Homeland Security Virna Edwards, Director, Acquisition Workforce & Policy Development U. S. Department of Commerce Eleanor Nolan, Acquisition Career Manager, Policy & Training Division U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

3 3 Overview Info on DHS, DOC, and EPA COTRs Attributes of a Successful COTR Federal Training Requirements for COTRs Nomination and Appointment Roles and Responsibilities Technical Expertise Limitations of Authority aka “COTR Dont’s” Keys to Success Questions GSA Expo 2009

4 4 Department of Homeland Security From 22 component organizations, formed March 1, 2003 Mission: we will lead the unified national effort to secure America. We will prevent and deter terrorist attacks and protect against and respond to threats and hazards to the nation. We will ensure safe and secure borders, welcome lawful immigrants and visitors, and promote the free-flow of commerce. Prior to the creation of the Department, Homeland security functions were traditionally dispersed among various Federal agencies and 1,000s of 1 st responder groups across America One corporate umbrella Transportation Security Agency (TSA) United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) United States Coast Guard Federal Emergency Management Agency United States Secret Service Federal Law Enforcement Training Center United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Along with 14 others Director’s priority: “Establish One DHS” GSA Expo 2009

5 5 DHS COTR Nuances GSA Expo 2009 Lust to Dust 70% services contracting There is disparity in how COTRs perform at each of the Components COTRs are drawn from any and all career fields Filling vacancies in procurement across the Department COTR serves as interface between program and contracts The COTR works closely in the requirements process Supplements the CO Due to close working relationship with Contracts, must ensure that they do not cross the line into CO’s responsibilities Easily can be a full time responsibility

6 6 Department of Commerce Mission: Foster, serve, and promote, the Nation’s economic development and technological advancement through: Creation of National Policy Promoting International Trade Promoting Domestic Business Policy Improving Uses of Oceanic Life Ensuring Growth of Scientific and Technical Resources Analyzing Economic Information GSA Expo 2009

7 7 DOC COTR Nuances 36,000 employees across 12 Bureaus 1,500 COTRs COTR Certification Program Includes Four (4) Certification Levels Project Management Competency Performance Plan Element GSA Expo 2009

8 8 Environmental Protection Agency The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is to protect human health and the environment. Since 1970, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people. –Develop and Enforce Regulations –Give Grants –Study Environmental Issues –Sponsor Partnerships –Teach People About the Environment –Publish Information GSA Expo 2009

9 9 EPA COTR Nuances 17,000 employees across ten regions and HQ 5,500 certified COTRs COTRs are mainly scientists Most COTRs are not continually serving on a contract Robust training program for over 15 years GSA Expo 2009

10 10 Attributes of a Successful COTR Strong technical skills Basic familiarity with People skills Proactive Strong communicator Good at documenting & keeping records GSA Expo 2009

11 11 Federal Training Requirements Courses will vary depending on your experience, your agency, and the requirements of the contract. Contact your agency’s ACM for specifics. OMB requires: –22 hours of training in a specific set of competencies –register and use ACMIS –Maintain 40 CLPs every training cycle GSA Expo 2009

12 12 Nomination & Appointment Program Office nominates COTR serves as a technical expert between Contracts and Program Office Nominate an alternate in the event primary is unavailable for extended periods. Alternates should only engage when needed in order to avoid confusion GSA Expo 2009

13 13 COTR Roles & Responsibilities Develop Requirements Document Conduct Market Research Plan Technical Aspects of Source Selection Monitor and Evaluate Contractor Performance Perform Inspection and Acceptance Review and Approve Invoices Perform Performance Assessment GSA Expo 2009

14 14 The “T” in COTR: Technical Expertise Provide Technical and Business Advice Establish Technical Terms and Conditions Participate in Negotiations Perform Technical Evaluation of Proposals Provide Technical Direction GSA Expo 2009

15 15 Limitations of Authority COTRs may never: Modify Contract Terms or Conditions –Waive Requirements –Give Direction outside Scope –Change Period of Performance Obligate the Government –Require Additional Tasks –Increase Dollar Limit of Contract –Approve Shifts of Funding GSA Expo 2009

16 16 COTR “Don’t’s” Do NOT Commit the Government to changes in price, performance, quality, quantity, or delivery Provide guidance that changes scope or terms of the contract Sign changes or modifications Direct the contractor how to perform Allow substitutions Increase the dollar limit or add expenditures Share procurement or advance acquisition information that could provide preferential treatment to any one firm GSA Expo 2009

17 17 Keys to Success Early Involvement in the Contracting Process Adequate Time for COTR Duties Communicate Early and Often Write an Effective Statement of Work READ your Contract Maintain your records and files GSA Expo 2009

18 18 Key to Success: Write an Effective Statement of Work SOW: States the Objective, Identifies the Work to be Performed, and Defines how Results are Evaluated Should be clear, complete, concise, specific and express only functional needs Define acronyms, use words consistently, label references as either “mandatory” or “advisory” GSA Expo 2009

19 19 Key to Success: Achieve Maximum Results Provide Technical Direction Keep track of what the contractor is doing Enforce contract requirements Verify invoices GSA Expo 2009

20 20 GSA Expo 2009 Questions?

21 21 GSA Expo 2009

22 22 GSA Expo 2009

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