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Enabling users to be productive, responsibly Finding the right balance Devices & Experiences Users Want Applications and data across devices, anywhere.

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2 Enabling users to be productive, responsibly Finding the right balance Devices & Experiences Users Want Applications and data across devices, anywhere Controlled access to data with seamless authentication



5 Devices & Platforms Single admin console



8 Delivery Evaluation Criteria User Device type Network connection User/Device Relationships Primary Devices MSI App-V Windows 8 Apps (SP1) Windows 8 Apps in the Windows Store (SP1) Non-primary Devices VDI Remote Desktop Deliver best user experience on each device Define application once

9 Windows Store Self-Service Portal (SSP) Redirects

10 Integrated platform Flexible virtualization Powerful management Virtual applications work as if locally installed No dedicated drive letter required Virtual applications can work together Designed to support highly integrated applications Optimize disk space in VDI with Shared Content Store Web-based console interface to centrally manage applications

11 Single Management Infrastructure Powerful management Centrally manage applications using Configuration Manager Manage both virtual and traditional applications Can leverage the Configuration Manager 2012 application model Multiple deployment types for an application Flexibility of using App-V virtual applications Management features provided by Configuration Manager integration Application Model



14 New feature Simple configuration User data and profiles configuration items introduced with CM12 SP1 Folder redirection, offline files and roaming profiles for Windows 8 clients Compliance settings enabled in client properties No need to add standard configuration items to a baseline Single user data and profiles configuration item Deployed only to user collections Easy deployment




18 Version 4 (x86/x64) Version 5 (x86/x64) Version 6 (x86/x64 ) Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 9 (SPARC) Version 10 (SPARC/x86) Solaris Version 9 (x86) Version 10 SP1 (x86/x64) Version 11 (x86/x64) SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

19 MP DP Windows Azure Policy Content FIREWALL PR1MP


21 WAN

22 MANAGEMENT ANTIMALWARE PLATFORM Microsoft Malware Protection Center Dynamic Signature Svc Available only in Windows 8 Endpoint Protection Management Software Updates + SCUP Operating System Deployment Settings Management Antimalware Dynamic Translation Behavior Monitoring Software Distribution Vulnerability Shielding Windows Defender Offline Internet Explorer BitLockerAppLocker Address Space Layout Randomization Data Execution Prevention User Access Control Secure Boot through UEFI Windows Resource Protection Measured Boot Early Launch Antimalware (ELAM) MDM Software Updates ELAM & Measured Boot Cloud clean restore

23 Real time Endpoint Protection operations from console Simplified Administration Single administrator experience for simplified endpoint protection and management Simplified, 3X delivery of definitions through software updates Malware-driven operations from the console Client-side merge of antimalware policies Integrated optimizations for Windows Embedded clients New and improved Endpoint Protection client



26 All Systems French Systems French Desktops French Servers English Systems Meg gives Louis permissions to “French Systems” Louis can read French Systems and all collections limited to French Systems cannot see All Systems and English Systems can modify and delete French Desktops can create new collections limited to French Systems or French Desktops

27 What is Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring? MBAM 1.0 objectives: MBAM 2.0 improved 1.0 functionality and adds additional focus on: “ We can use MBAM v1.0 to get greater value from BitLocker. We can ensure that BitLocker is enabled and that we are compliant with corporate encryption mandates without taxing our employees or IT staff.” Bob Johnson Director of IT, BT U.S. and Canada Improving compliance and security Integrating with existing systems ( e.g.: SCCM ) Reducing costs ( e.g.: Self Service, Simplified Deployment ) Simplify provisioning and deployment Provide reporting ( e.g.: compliance & audit ) Reduce costs ( e.g.: Simplified Recovery )

28 Configuration Manager Integration Compliance reporting integrated to CM environment Hardware compatibility & targeting via CM collections Offload MBAM client reporting workload to CM client Windows 8 Support Windows 8 Enterprise support Non-TPM / Windows To Go Support Bitlocker Pre-Provisioning support Self Service Information Worker able to retrieve Recovery Key via Portal Recovery Keys protected with Access Control Auditing of all Recovery Key access Customer Feedback More pre-req flexibility (TDE, SPNs, SQL Server) Improved encryption flow & Smarter compliance calculation Improved scalability and performance

29 Infrastructure Experiences Real World @ Microsoft IT

30 107 Countries

31 Redmond Site 1 75k Clients Redmond Site 2 75k Clients North & South America 35k Clients Europe, MidEast, Africa 40k Clients Australia & Asia 75k Clients Unified Device Mgmt Site ~98K devices * MS Online Directory Services (MSODS) Active Directory Federation Server 2.0 MS Online Directory Sync (DirSync) AD User Discovery corp domains Intune Subscription Connector Site role Infrastructure 6 Primary Sites 13 Secondary Sites 250 Distribution Points PCs & Devices ~300,000 clients ~125k mobile devices Users ~98k FTEs ~82k Vendors

32 More info available here: distribution-points-in-configuration-manager-sp1.aspx distribution-points-in-configuration-manager-sp1.aspx

33 Enabled for ~270,000 clients geo distributed across five primary sites Automatic Client Upgrades @ Microsoft IT

34 Simplified Administration Experience Advanced Modern Device Management

35 Unified Device Management Scope @ MSIT Native Management Scope Windows Phone 8 Current: 140 Planned: 24k Windows RT Current: 35 Planned: 19k Apps Published 9 WP8 LOB 1 Deep Linked Apps Published 12 WinRT Apps 2 Deep Linked Device Enrollments and Modern Apps

36 Unified Device Management Solution @ MSIT Simplified Administration Unified Device Management ArchitectureUnified Management @ MSIT


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