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Yakama Nation Domestic Violence Program

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1 Yakama Nation Domestic Violence Program
By Rhiannon Bill

2 Introduction Patricia Ashue has a bachelors degree in psychology. She is currently the program manager for the Yakama Nation Domestic Violence Program and has been with the program since 2002.

3 What are the individual job duties?
Program Managers are responsible for: Grant Writing Reporting Case Work

4 What services does the program provide?
Services are provided to descendents and enrolled members of the Yakama Nation. The program provides services for both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) courses are provided for perpetrators. Counseling Services are provided for victims.

5 What do you like most and least about the job?
Patricia likes the satisfaction of providing services to those in need. Also the feeling when perpetrators finally understand and take responsibility for their actions. She dislikes the administrative tasks and the lack of communication with funding agencies.

6 What do you see as the cause of domestic violence?
There are no excuses for domestic violence, because violence is a learned behavior. Do you believe domestic violence is passed on from generation to generation? Yes, adult behavior serves as a role model for children.

7 What other programs do you guys work with?
The program works with other tribal programs such as: Tribal Court Tribal Police Behavioral Health Organizations outside the Yakama Nation include: YWCA Comprehensive Mental Health

8 What are essential elements for intervention?
The willingness to help victims regardless whether they choose to stay within a violent relationship. Many people tend to give up on these sort of victims and it only helps to isolate these victims. They need more people who are willing to support them regardless of their choices.

9 What are essential elements for prevention?
Educate the public about signs of domestic violence. Acknowledge that domestic violence is a problem, because many victims experience retaliation from perpetrators family members. These family members refuse to acknowledge that their family member is capable of committing a violent act.

10 Are traditional values an important factors when working towards preventing domestic violence?
Yes! Traditional values are a key factor in stopping domestic violence. When victims and perpetrators have traditional values they are more likely to make positive choices and changes in their lifestyle.

11 What are your thoughts in regards to no contact orders?
When they work, they work. The no contact order helps couples work harder for their relationship. One misunderstanding is that people believe victims file for the no contact orders, but in many cases it is the judges that place the order.

12 What do you think future Social Workers need to know about domestic violence?
Listen to the victims without making judgments. Learn to understand equal laws. Don’t make threats, because it causes many victims to hide or run. It scares them from reaching out for the help they need. Also understand that many victims don’t want to acknowledge domestic violence as a problem in their relationships.

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