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Chapter 23 Section 1 Forging a New Deal.

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1 Chapter 23 Section 1 Forging a New Deal

2 New Deal The relief, recovery and reform programs of FDR’s administration that were aimed at combating the Great Depression

3 Hundred days Time period from the inauguration of FDR to June 1933
FDR pushed program after program through Congress to Provide relief Create jobs Stimulate economic recovery

4 Emergency Banking Act This act authorized the government to inspect the financial health of all banks All banks were closed, and not allowed to re-open until they had all been inspected and declared to be safe

5 Why do you think the bank is so crowded?
Many were just probably making sure the bank was open and functioning properly Some were probably wanting to withdraw their savings

6 What steps did FDR take to restore the nation’s hope and boost public confidence in economic institutions? His easy, confident manner His direct communication with the American people (fireside chats) He renewed confidence in economic institutions Bank holiday Glass-Steagall Banking Act

7 Public Works Program Government funded projects to build public facilities

8 What role did public works programs play in Roosevelt’s plans for economic recovery?
They employed a large number of people building roads and public facilities Reenergized the people through employment The nation benefitted from the work done by the programs

9 Civilian Conservation Corps
Put more than 2.5 million young men, ages to work Maintained forests, beaches, and parks Earned $30/ month They lived in camps with little to no expenses, so most money was sent to the worker’s families

10 Agricultural Adjustment Act
Set up to raise crop prices pay paying farmers government money to cut production of certain crops Hoped that by lowering supply of crops, demand would rise As demand rises, so would prices

11 Tennessee Valley Authority
Helped farmers and created jobs in one of the country’s least developed regions (The Tennessee Valley)

12 What benefits did the Tennessee Valley Authority bring about?
Provided cheap electric power, flood control, and recreational opportunities

13 What historic appointments did FDR make to his administration?
FDR was the first President to appoint a woman (Frances Perkins) to a cabinet post He hired African Americans in more than 100 policy making posts, including at least 1 African American woman, Mary McLeod Bethune

14 Second New Deal 1st 100 days of FDR’s 2nd term as President
Included more social welfare benefits, stricter controls over business, stronger support for unions, higher taxes on the rich

15 Wagner Act Legalized collective bargaining, closed shops
Outlawed spying on union activities and blacklisting Set up the National labor Relations Board to enforce its rules

16 How was the Wagner Act a triumph for organized labor
You already answered this…why would you answer it again!?

17 Closed Shop Workplaces which are open only to union members

18 Social Security Act Passed in 1935 Had 3 major parts
1. Old age insurance 2. Unemployment compensation system 3. Aid to families with dependent children and the disabled

19 Social Security Act Old age insurance 65 and older
Supplement to a person’s private retirement plan-not a complete retirement plan

20 Social Security Act Unemployment compensation- funded by a federal tax on employers Administered at state level

21 Social Security Act Families with dependent children and disabled- assisted blind, crippled, needy elderly, mothers with dependent children

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