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Define Your Own Road In Life

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1 Define Your Own Road In Life
Roadtrip Nation Define Your Own Road In Life

2 Roadtrip Nation As you continue through high school and beyond it’s important to take time to think about what you want for your future. Think about: What you really love to do? Your interests, values & talents?

3 Words of Roadtrip Nation
Roadtrip: A life-changing journey; to define your own Road and pursue your interests in life by seeking advice from others and looking inside yourself to figure our what your are truly passionate about. Leaders: Individuals interviewed on the Road who share the insights and perspectives they gained as they defined their own Roads in life.

4 Words of Roadtrip Nation
The Noise: The views of society- including family, friends, or strangers-that often influence what you thing you should do with your life. It’s a constant process to filter The Noise and focus on what matters most to you. Set Point: What you know about yourself and your goals for the future when you begin your Roadtrip; used to measure your growth as you continue to define your own Road in life.

5 Words of Roadtrip Nation
Interest: A subject or activity that you feel a strong connection to, which you are willing to continue exploring. Basing your studies on your Interests may offer you the greatest chance of achieving happiness and satisfaction with your future.

6 Roadtrip Nation Video: "Red Rubber Ball" Think about it…. What is your “red rubber ball”?

7 Roadtrip Nation What Is Your Interest? (Example: Cooking)

8 Roadtrip Nation Using Career Interest Profiler results, go to Roadtrip Nation under the careers tab. Click on Explore More Create your own road: Explore careers by Interest, Theme, Leader, or Playlist Link to tools and lessons

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