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Unit 3 Creating A Nation Road to Independence p. 130.

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1 Unit 3 Creating A Nation Road to Independence p. 130

2 Proclamation of 1763 Stated Appalachian Mountains temporarily western boundary Prevented colonists from moving west of the Mountains Great Britain ignored settlers land claims past the mountains. Led to friction between Americans and Britain.


4 Taxation Without Representation Relationship with Britain
Great Britain placed 10,000 troops in America to ensure the plan was followed. Colonist felt the proclamation limited their freedom.

5 Cost of War French and Indian War left Great Britain in debt
George Grenville became the England Prime Minister. King and Parliament decided to tax the American colonists in order to help pay the debt.

6 Mercantilism was the idea that colonies were an important source of raw materials. A lot of the raw materials were taken from America and sent to Britain to help the mother country manufacture goods to trade with other countries. It was thought that by increasing exports and collecting precious metals in return, that it would improve the national wealth and power.  Mercantilism

7 The Sugar Act Lowered tax on molasses imported by the colonists in hopes the colonists would pay the tax instead of smuggling. Allowed to officers to seize goods from smugglers without going to court. Colonists felt rights as Englishmen were being violated.

8 The Stamp Act 1765 Tax on almost all printed materials in the colonies (newspapers, wills, etc.) Samuel Adams began organization called The Sons of Liberty. They protested the act publicly, saying only Americans had the right to tax Americans.

9 The Stamp Act Congress Delegates from nine colonies made a petition declaring colonists could only be taxed by their own assemblies. People and merchants boycott, or refused to buy, the stamps. British merchants lost so much business that they begged Parliament to repeal, or cancel, the act. Parliament repealed the act in 1766.

10 New Taxes Townsend Acts (1767) – taxes to be paid on imported goods at point of entry. Taxed many basic, but necessary, items such as glass, tea, paper, and lead. Colonists felt only their own representatives could tax them. Colonists boycott these imported items.

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