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Mars Nation Project.

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1 Mars Nation Project

2 Your Mission The United Nations, along with NASA is conducting a search for proposals to establish new states on the planet of Mars. Proposals will be judged and selected by the “Committee to Populate Mars”.

3 Your Mission The winning submissions will be granted a tract of land on the planet, and NASA will provide transportation of populations and materials needed to begin construction of the new nations

4 Your submission must include the following:
Requirements: Sovereignty: You have been granted the right to rule your land. Now name your state. 2. Land: Assume the land you will be granted will be the size of Texas. You may decide what types of natural land features exist on your land. Decide how to use the land. Will it be mostly residential, commercial, industrial, open space? Create a land use map to illustrate how you will organize your space.

5 Your submission must include the following:
Population: Who will populate your state/What regulation or restrictions will you establish on the population process? Develop a recruitment campaign to encourage people to settle in your state. You must create a visual for your campaign (poster, brochure, flyer, Powerpoint presentation, etc.) 4. Government: Design the government for your nation. Your proposed government must address the three classification questions

6 Incomplete projects will be ruled ineligible, and the participants disqualified from the competition!

7 When submitting your proposal, the review committee will demand the following:
Cover page with the name of your nation, a flag for the nation, and the names of the group members Land usage map and supporting materials explaining your usage strategy Visual effect for your recruitment strategy and supporting materials explaining your strategy Detailed government proposal Any other materials that you would like to submit that will convince the judges that you should be granted the right to develop a state on Mars.

8 Your team will have time in class to work on your proposals and visual effects.
Your team should be prepared to present your proposal to the Committee and the class on Monday

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