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Personal and Professional Ways to Combat Climate Change Kimberly Smith.

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1 Personal and Professional Ways to Combat Climate Change Kimberly Smith

2 Shift Happens education-2008.htm education-2008.htm Our world is becoming more and more interconnected Technology is changing how we live each day – we can hardly keep up The top jobs of 2020 do not exist now We must think globally in terms of jobs, technology, security, the economy, and health of our planet.

3 Outline Personal –How each of us can be green –Green recipes –Electricity saving tips –Hazardous waste Professional –Teaching students about climate change –5 minutes –50 minutes

4 Why Care About Climate Change?

5 Glacial ice melting, less potable drinking water. Migrations.

6 Earth if Antarctica Melts. Environmental refugees. Spread of diseases.

7 Antartic Sea Ice Breaking Up Loss of animal and plant life.

8 Coral Bleaching – Dead ocean zones, mass extinctions

9 Top Ways to Combat Climate Change at the Personal Level. Save up to $540 per year and reduce your CO 2 by 10,713 pounds per year !!!

10 1)Wash clothes in warm water or cold water, not hot. CO 2 Reduction: 350 lbs per year Money Savings: $20 per year 2)Turn down your water heater thermostat: 120 o F is hot enough. Changing from 140 to 120 o F: CO 2 Reduction: 200 lbs per year Money Savings: $10 per year

11 3)Use the energy-saving setting to dry the dishes. Don't use heat when drying. Only run a full load of dishes. CO 2 Reduction: 100 lbs per year Money Savings: $5 per year 4)Don't overheat or overcool rooms. Adjust your thermostat (lower in winter, higher in summer). For each 2-degrees lowered: CO 2 Reduction: 350 lbs per year Money Savings: $20 per year Don’t forget to change your filter often!

12 5)Buy energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. By replacing six incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights: CO 2 Reduction: 500 lbs per year Money Savings: $30 per year 6)Wrap your water heater in an insulating jacket. CO 2 Reduction: 250 lbs per year Money Savings: $15 per year

13 7)Install low-flow showerheads to use less hot water. CO 2 Reduction: 350 lbs per year Money Savings: $20 per year 8)Insulate your attic: this can save about 20% of home heating bills CO 2 Reduction: 2000 lbs per year Money Savings: $125 per year

14 9)Plant trees next to your home. For each tree: CO 2 Reduction: 13 lbs per year 10)When you buy a car, choose one that gets good gas mileage. For an increase from 20 mpg to 23 mpg in average fuel efficiency: CO 2 Reduction: 3000 lbs per year Money Savings: $300 per year on gas

15 11)Reduce your trash generation: Buy minimally packaged goods; choose reusable products over disposable ones; donate items to charity, etc. By reducing household trash by 10%: CO 2 Reduction: 1200 lbs per year 12)Recycle your potentially recyclable trash (paper, plastics and glass.) By recycling half of household trash: CO 2 Reduction: 2400 lbs per year

16 Additional Ways to Be Green

17 Support alternative energy

18 Recycle http://www.fli os/maricopa/s ets/72157610 706380663/

19 Watch a Movie !!! The 11 th Hour Inconvenient Truth 6 o Could Change the World Too Hot Not To Handle Climate of Change Planet in Peril Revolution Green

20 Vote and then write your representatives often !

21 Join GCC’s Green Efforts The crisis is real. What will YOU do?

22 What is YOUR Carbon Footprint? Visit And Find Out!

23 What is the number one personal contributor to global warming? Eating Meat

24 Green Recipes Eating less meat will probably lower your weight and cholesterol level.

25 Other Food Tips Replace ground beef with fake crumbles from Morning Star or Boca Replace chicken nuggets with Morning Star or Quorn chicken nuggets Try Amy’s or Kashi frozen dinners Try soy milk Use soy, rice, or almond cheeses Indian, Thai, Ethiopian food is often vegan

26 Electricity Saving Tips Follow the “Peak time” plan and only do laundry, dishes, and shower during off-peak hours. Cook with a crock pot or microwave instead of the oven in summer. Unplug appliances, computer, lamps, etc. when not in use. Buy Energy Star rated appliances with high efficiency. Adjust thermostat – use a timer.

27 Electricity Saving Tips Upgrading from a 9 to 12 SEER AC will reduce electricity by 25%. Change your air filter. Caulk and weather strip doors and windows. Do a home energy audit. Install super insulating windows. Carpool. Put a timer on your water heater. Buy a solar powered water heater.

28 Hazardous Waste Disposal

29 Phoenix Will collect – have HHW events –Aerosol sprays, aftershave bottles, perfume –Antifreeze, oil, car fluids –Car batteries (5 per event) –Rechargeable batteries –Bug spray, cleaners, fuels, paint –Cell phones, copiers, computers, stereos, TV’s Proof of residency required

30 Tempe Similar to Phoenix Will take AA, AAA, B, C, batteries Will take compact fluorescent light bulbs Drop off location every weekend Proof of residency required

31 Glendale ation/hazardousmaterials.cfm ation/hazardousmaterials.cfm To arrange a pickup of hazardous waste materials, residents can call the Sanitation Division at (623) 930- 2660.

32 Peoria content2.asp?id=803 content2.asp?id=803 Various collections days call the Solid Waste Information Line at 623- 773-7441 or the Solid Waste Division at 623- 773-7431 Residency required Sustainability page

33 Recycle CFL bulbs at Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware. Recycle tennis shoes Recycle plastic bags at most grocery stores – of course take your own bags for shopping!!! Use a steel water bottle and STOP buying bottled water. Recycle rechargeable batteries at Staples, Home Depot, Sears.

34 Students use recycled technology to learn Donations are tax deductible They take computers and other high tech stuff West and East drop off locations

35 Glendale – Get Your Green On! g/index.cfm g/index.cfm

36 Professional Ways to Combat Climate Change We owe it to our students to address climate change in our classrooms.

37 Climate Change is appropriate in any course. Edit and share this show with them. Download the 101 presentation. Have students watch movies for extra credit.

38 Watch online videos in class –Penguins –Coral –Help Coral –Vital signs of a warming world –Polar Bear SOS –Solar Panels –Environmental Tips –Blue Man Group –flash presentation –How stuff works

39 Psychology – fear and denial of climate change Health – asthma and pollution Communications – media and climate change Business – green businesses English – global warming and science fiction Environmental studies – oil alternatives Architecture – LEED buildings Ag – end of factory farming? Food science – buying local foods Math – examining the tipping point

40 Economics – flood and drought consequences Political Science – global warming refugees Foreign Language – different nations, different approaches Engineering – green designs Debate – has nuclear power’s time come? Science – ocean acidification, solar power Business – sea level rise and insurance Sociology – breaking oil/car addictions Art – poster contest

41 Thanks for coming I can email any of you any of my presentations or links!!!

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