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Nation Chief Training Yomechas Federation May 15th, 2013.

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1 Nation Chief Training Yomechas Federation May 15th, 2013

2 2 Agenda Introduction7:05 – 7:10David Fisher Federation Structure/Goals7:10 – 7:15David Vandenbosch Resources7:15 – 7:20David Fisher Tools7:20 – 7:25Dave Vandenbosch Leadership7:25 – 7:35 Dave Vandenbosch Timeline7:35 – 7:40Dave Vandenbosch 1 st Nation Meeting7:40 – 7:45David Fisher 1 st Tribe Meeting7:45 – 7:50David Fisher Honor Points/ Beads7:50 – 8:00David Fisher Nation Administration/ Forms 8:00 – 8:15David Fisher Recruiting8:15 – 8:25Dave Vandenbosch Strength Reports8:25 – 8:30 Dave V Registration8:30 – 8:40Jennifer, Administration8:40 – 9:00Jennifer Anderson

3 3 Introduction Who we are Why we participate Why we think this training is important and what we hope trainees will get from it Overview of tonight and the next few weeks

4 4 Federation Goals Focus events, meetings, and experiences on parent/child interaction This is not a “drop off” program Recruitment and retention of participants Recruitment and retention of leaders

5 5 Yomechas Federation Structure Yomechas Federation Pioneer Nation 2 Circles Guides Nations Heartland 9 Tribes Plains 8 Tribes / Circles Woodland 7 Circles Princess Nations Meadows 8 Tribes / Circles Prairie 10 Tribes / Circles Streams 5 Circles Trailblazer Nation 11 Bunk- houses

6 6 Resources Jennifer Anderson, Yomechas Outfitter & Program Coordinator (w) 630-708-0469 Kevin Waden, Federation Chief Joe Fodor Assistant Federation Chief Federation Weaver (Web Site) Jay Derbis, Federation Pathfinder (Campout planning) (c) 202-486-5100 Atis Makstenieks, Federation Sachem (Federation patches & Supplies) 630-968-5654

7 7 Electronic Resources Officers Page Yomechas Family Calendar Camp Site Info Templates

8 8 Templates (Tools) Available if needed Streamlines Program Year Setup Customize and Update As Needed Templates Include  Nation Officer List, Monthly Meeting Agenda, Nation Calendar, Circle Roster, 1 st Meeting Agenda & Others

9 9 Volunteer Participation THANKS! – Nation leaders are cornerstones All volunteer program – Everyone needs to help Volunteers needed at several levels Within the tribe Within the Nation Within the Federation Many Benefits

10 10 Leadership & Leadership Perpetuation Nation Chief positions are two year commitments Year 1 – Assistant Chief Year 2 – Nation Chief (Leader) Filling Nation and Tribe leadership positions is a fundamental responsibility

11 11 Leadership & Leadership Perpetuation – Page 2 Perpetuation planning is critical to success Nation Chiefs set the tone for how their Nations will run this year. Preparation leads to better program “Many hands makes the load light” Ease into role as opposed to “crash start” Perpetuation Planning = Building on Past No perpetuation planning = decay

12 12 Leadership & Leadership Perpetuation – Page 3 Be Wary of Co-Chief Situations Avoid if at all possible If unavoidable, still must have a Assistant Chief Having Assistant Chief prepares the group for when the Chief departs

13 13 Leadership & Leadership Perpetuation – ACTION FILL OPEN POSITIONS Nation Chief Tribe Chief Assistant Tribe Chief Tally Keeper Nation and Tribe level Face to Face contact as needed Contact the Federation for assistance, we are here to help and support your efforts Set expectations – All parents need to help. Recognition – Patches for both Parent & Child

14 14 Timeline Overview Program year timeline is front loaded Circumstances beyond our control August - School Registration – Recruiting Key August – Decisions being made on activities & sports by parents Fall Camp-outs in Sept & October Induction Ceremony * We need to organize ahead of time

15 15 Timeline Overview – Page 2 Act RIGHT NOW for the best result Fill leadership positions Recruiting/New membership/ Strength Report Communicate Key Event Dates to Members Help Tribes start planning for the year

16 16 Timeline Specifics 1 st Federation Meeting Aug 3 1 st Nation Meeting Aug 5 Nation Chief Training August 15 Tribe Chief Training August 18 1 st Tribal Meeting August- early September Recruiting & Registration Aug / Sept Annual Fishing Derby Fall Campout Sept / Oct

17 17 First Nation Meeting First Nation Meeting is VITAL Both Tribe Chief & Assistant Tribe Chief should be present Run two sessions of the meeting if necessary Help Tribe Chief’s understand how to start

18 18 First Nation Meeting Topics Recruiting Timeline Explain program “cadence” Benefits of regular Tribe Meetings Discuss Good Tribe Meetings

19 19 First Nation Meeting Nation Calendar – highlight key events (camp outs) Allocate Volunteer Responsibilities Floor Hockey/Soccer – Tribes report back on

20 20 First Meetings First Tribe meetings ASAP – August or early Sept. Fill any open leadership positions Recruiting Volunteer commitments - planning template Online registration at the meeting

21 21 Honor Points Beads /not mandatory but recommended The basic purpose behind these awards is to provide additional opportunities for every parent and child to work together and learn together, thereby building a closer relationship between parent and child. Honor Points/Beads

22 22 Campouts Campouts are the centerpiece and defining activity of our program Build around this centerpiece Best recruiting tool Promote ASAP so folks can plan on it Nations need to not schedule events in conflict with campouts

23 23 Campout Communications Attendees Camp Staff Jay Derbis/Pathfinder Tribe Chiefs

24 24 Campout Communications Continued Attendees Email directly with members 2-3 months in advance Face to Face & email with Tribal leaders Identify & work with any tribes w/out camp tradition Define camp for new members or those who have not attended Invite recruits, if space available

25 25 Communication Makes Program Run Smoothly Early and Frequent Use Several Methods / Mix it Up Face to Face via Nation / Tribe meetings Flyers / Post Card Mailers E-mail, getting the message out is key! Phone Calls

26 26 Communication via E-Mail Exercise Common Courtesy Be concise and to the point About E-Mail E-mail Manually by Nation Chiefs / Tribal Chiefs Automated e-mails via Circle bridge Email Lists/use web site email for event reminders and Mass email communications

27 27 Recruiting “Good coaches have to be good recruiters” During the Training Meeting Review current tribe strength Open discussion about techniques that work Word of mouth Dad-Dad, Mom-Mom, Kid-Kid Fliers in backpacks & at school events, open houses, church functions and community events After the Training Meeting Target tribes that need help Separate session Work with chiefs to set goals / strategy Bring recruits to meetings, events, etc

28 28 Federation Strength Report

29 29 Nation Strength

30 30 Nations By Grade

31 Tribal Strength





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