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How to Transform Your Life, City, and Nation

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1 How to Transform Your Life, City, and Nation

2 Revelation to Reward Every Conquest begins with Revelation
Isaiah 43:19 When the Lord asks a question, He’s trying to get you to Think Differently. Asking the Lord, also provokes an answer.

3 Partners with Christ Romans 8:16-17
When we partner with Christ we begin seeing His plan of awakening for America.

4 Seeing as the Lord Sees How do you see your city, state and nation?
Zechariah 4:2—The Lord asks, “What do you see?” Seeing as Heaven Sees Tell Encounter Florida is a Seer State Cindy Jacobs 8/15/09

5 Discovering your Redemptive Gifts and Purpose
Genesis 49:8; I Chronicles 12:32 Your Life Your City Your State

6 Recognize Kingdom Authority
Joshua 1:3-5 Genesis 1:26-28 Psalm 8:4-6 Story of Capital

7 Change the Atmosphere How a Culture is Formed
Spiritual Influence is exerted—Good or Bad This Creates an Atmosphere Examples—Amsterdam; Berlin; Nazareth When the Atmosphere is sustained it creates a climate If Climate is sustained it will create belief systems. Strongholds are created. A Culture forms Examples: Berkeley; Haight-Asbury Streets

8 Change the Atmosphere Through Worship
Corporate worship changes the atmosphere over a city. Psalm 22:3 Worship in public places will change the atmosphere over a region.

9 Change the Atmosphere Through Intercession
Moving from Priestly Petition only to Kingly Decrees Matthew 6:9-10 Psalm 24 Priestly Prayer are from the earth upward. Kingly Decrees are from Heaven Downward.

10 Change the Atmosphere Through Intercession-Cont’d
Kingly Decrees 1 Peter 2:9 Royal—Basileios – royal; kingly; regal. From the root Basileus meaning foundation of power; a sovereign; a king Proclaim—Exaggello from Ex – out and aggello – to tell; to declare; To tell out; Declare abroad Excellencies or Praises—Arete – Superiority of God revealed

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