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“We must use the technology to enhance the education of the nation and thereby its compatibility. In poicy-making from primary school to universities we.

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1 “We must use the technology to enhance the education of the nation and thereby its compatibility. In poicy-making from primary school to universities we must see to that the advantages of ICT are used.” ( Polcy of the ministery of education in Iceland 1996) Explorer on the Education –ferry Þuríður Jóhannsdóttir Iceland University of Education This presentation will probably involve audience discussion, which will create action items. Use PowerPoint to keep track of these action items during your presentation In Slide Show, click on the right mouse button Select “Meeting Minder” Select the “Action Items” tab Type in action items as they come up Click OK to dismiss this box This will automatically create an Action Item slide at the end of your presentation with your points entered.

2 What is the situation like?  What kind of teachers are likley to use ICT in their teaching /their students learning?  Why is it that innovations oftens have no effects in schools, while they schould be a beginning of an evolution?

3 A qualitative study fall1998  A secondary school teacher with 10-15 years experience of teaching  Female  Subject: Icelandic language and literature  Medhod: Life-story – open interview  Vistit to school as back-up  Study of web-material as triangulation

4 The explorer  Thinks that new and unknown things are interesting  Is easily moved ? Excited ? Quick on board !  Is ready to take tours into the unknown with all the inevitable difficulties  Has good sense of how to organize  Takes initiative  Has the temperament of an eager person  Is stubbard enough not to let anything hinder him/her from reaching the goal

5 Hekla – an active volcano  She has caracteristics of an explorer  To be an explorer is a way of living  Explorer does not devide herself between the private life and the work  On the contrary she connects personal experience and work  Taking initiative and good organizing capabilities make things happens

6 Hekla - the innovator  She is not afraid changing her role as a teacher  She thinks that trying new things is absolutely nessecary – otherwise teaching would be boaring  Ready to work a lot to make things happen  Needs attention and often gets media attention

7 The Education-ferry  Most students and teachers are like travellers on a ferry from harbour to harbour  The explorer is looking for new lands and new adventures  Most people think that safety is the most important - and keeping the schedule  The explorer provokes that goal

8 The crew on the ferry  The explorer thinks the trip should be fun and adventurous  The crew see its role to be responsible for the safety of the passengers on board  The explorer takes risk, finds new islands and gets media attention  The crew will do its job  taking passengers to the next harbour  do their duty as they are paid for  They see the explorer risk-taking and need for media attention irritating

9 The innovator  Difficult to understand the lack of interest of her fellow teachers  “I must not think I am something special” they say  “ I think many teachers would like to find the solution for all problems in teaching. I find the solution every other year”

10 How the innovator estimates the situation?  “It is the same people all the time, the same innovators always doing this job outside their schedule and out of vision. They will start to burn out....I have always had to do this on top of other jobs.”  Smaller projects and better prepared  The administration of the schools is very important  The schools needs counsellers with an experience in ICT-use in education  Make the innovators councellers !

11 John Saye: The opinion of most of the students and teachers - Accidental tourists  Prefer safety, control and organasation  Education is a serious matter  Education is to manage; a way to a goal; stresses a determined place to go, final goal  Will keep traditional standards in education  Will use the technology to support traditional teaching

12 John Saye: Opinions of the minority of students and teachers (Voyageurs)  Supports well unsafety and experiments  Sees education as an adventure  Education is a life-long project. Stess on the voyage, the process to maturity  Doubts traditional methods and processes

13 Niki Davis: ICT-devolopement in schools; 1. Step: experiments of innnovators which are full of engagment and are powerful people 2. Step: administrators take initiative, policy- making in technology and software and how to use the technology to reach educatioal objectives 3. Step: the technology has become a natural part of the institution and that is where we are heading.

14 Rogers, 1995: Theories on diffusion of innovation 16 %

15 Robinsons model on devolopement of ICT in schools 1. Technology; that we have the devices and that teachers get training in computer-use 2. Didactics: how the technology is useful in learning and teaching, e.g. word and excel in writing and math. 3. The human factor and the institution; ICT in schools demands change in how students and teachers work at school and alsoo change of the the school as an institution.

16 Betty Collis: factors that impact and their interaction  Factors connected to the institution  Factors connected to social and cultural context  Factors connected to technology and pressure because of the technologcal developement  Factors connected to believed educational value of the tecnology  Factors connected to external situations that ease or make use more difficult  Personal factors connected to, experience, personality a.s.o.

17 Betty Collis: The 4 E - model

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