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Chapter 10.2 Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson

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1 Chapter 10.2 Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson trusted the people to fix their own problems… Hamilton wanted a government strong enough to fix America’s problems…

2 Do these people look happy or mad?

3 Now that President Washington is in office…
It’s time to fix the economy What’s the problem? Our government had a national debt of $81.5 million dollars! Amount of $ owed by our country to other people Foreign countries Citizens we borrowed money from What happens if we don’t pay these people back?

4 Debate over settling the debt
Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton Wanted to pay back all bonds sold to citizens over time! Bonds = certificates purchased that can be turned in for more money in the future Why did Hamilton want to do this? Government gains credibility with the people Ok with Hamilton’s ideas, but there is a problem: Speculators have bought bonds from citizens for less than they are worth! Now the government is going to buy them from the speculators for full price? That cheats the original owner out of money! Who wins? Hamilton! 1790 Government starts buying bonds back!

5 Debate over Paying off debt owed by States from the American Revolution
Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson Argued that government should pay states debt off Why? We all fought for freedom. So, our federal government should pay the bill. So who wins? Both….sort of. Felt each state should pay back their part of the bill Why? Some states owed a lot! Massachusetts New York Some did not owe much at all Virginia North Carolina

6 They both get something in the end.
Hamilton Jefferson Federal government pays off the states debt. In exchange for…. The nation’s capital moves from the North to a more Central location…. The birth of Washington, D.C. Will be built as the new nation’s capital!

7 New York to Washington DC

8 Washington, D.C. 1800

9 Washington 1850

10 Washington DC today

11 Debate over Role of Government
Hamilton Jefferson Had little faith in the average citizen Said they could not be trusted to do the right thing. Why? Because the average American does not take education seriously They take politics even less seriously So, you need a large government Job = protect the liberties of all citizens equally Had a lot of faith in the average citizen Said they should govern themselves Said they would educate themselves and do what is right So, government needs to be small Job = stay out of the way

12 Debate over how the Economy should grow
Hamilton Jefferson Government should give “stimulus” money to American entrepreneurs Why? So they could start their own factories and businesses Hire people Make products here in USA Government should pass protective tariffs Tax on goods from other countries Government should stay out of the economies way Why? America is made up of farmers! They know how to do it themselves! Don’t need any help! Tariffs should remain low Keep price of goods lower. Helps citizens be able to afford them

13 Debate over a national bank
Hamilton Jefferson Hated the idea of a national bank Why? Some states are richer than others They would lose this power if the federal government owned all of the money What is the big deal? The Constitution does not give the government the right to make a bank anyways…. Or does it? Wanted to start a national bank. Why? So that the government can make their own money No more state money What is the big deal? Federal government would own all of the money in America! Not each individual state

14 What does the Constitution say?
Article I, Section 8 Congress has the right to “make all laws that are necessary and proper” Hamilton (loose) Says a bank is necessary for future growth as a nation Jefferson (strict) Says a bank is convenient Not necessary

15 Who wins? Washington agrees with Hamilton…again.
Bank of the United States Created in 1791 For 20 years If it works we will keep it longer If not, we get rid of it.

16 Meanwhile… While America is trying to build itself into a great country…. A great country is trying to destroy itself…. 1789 France decides to have their own Revolution Replace their monarch with a democracy like America….

17 Review Questions What is the national debt? What are bonds?
What was Hamilton’s idea to fix the economy? What was Jefferson’s idea for the role of government?

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