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Oklahoma Inter-Tribal Diabetes Coalition.  Is a non-profit organization consisting of volunteer members from tribal, IHS, and urban clinics and other.

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1 Oklahoma Inter-Tribal Diabetes Coalition

2  Is a non-profit organization consisting of volunteer members from tribal, IHS, and urban clinics and other organizations.  Mission Statement: To address the American Indian diabetes epidemic as a sovereign group of nations and other partners, collaborating to explore and implement new strategies for the purpose of improving and sustaining diabetes health care initiatives.

3  OFFICERS ◦ President = Shon McCage, Chickasaw Nation ◦ Vice President = Kimberly Little, Muscogee Creek Nation ◦ Secretary = Lee Ann Sherrill, Choctaw Nation ◦ Treasurer = Lea Caufield, Chickasaw Nation

4  41 SDPI programs in Oklahoma ◦ 33 Community Directed Grant Programs ◦ 8 Prevention Initiatives Grant Programs  4 Diabetes Prevention programs  4 Healthy Heart (CVD Prevention) programs

5  Active members ◦ American Diabetes Association ◦ Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma ◦ Chickasaw Nation ◦ Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma ◦ Harold Hamm Diabetes Center ◦ Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa ◦ Muscogee Creek Nation ◦ Native Youth Preventing Diabetes ◦ Oklahoma City Area Inter-Tribal Health Board ◦ Oklahoma City Indian Clinic ◦ Oklahoma State Department of Health ◦ Otoe-Missouria Tribe ◦ Seminole Nation of Oklahoma ◦ Wewoka Indian Health Center

6  EVENTS ◦ Tribal Leaders Summit ◦ Native Youth Preventing Diabetes (NYPD) Camp ◦ Curriculum Trainings  DPP  HH  TRAILS (diabetes prevention for youth)  Eagle Adventure (school based prevention program) ◦ Indian Falls Creek (church camps)  Health Fair booth (blood sugars, bmi, and risk test)  Surveys  Diabetes Education

7  ACTIVITES ◦ Provide financial assistance for diabetes related community events ◦ Network with other programs and organizations to share community and program news/events ◦ Act as a resource center for diabetes professionals ◦ Recruit professional speakers to present at monthly meetings

8  Events for 2013 ◦ Partnership with the Oklahoma Area IHS CHR program  Assist with teaching CHR’s basic training (annually)  Assist with CHR training for Diabetes Educators Certification course  Assist with CHR national and OK area conferences  Host Oklahoma Area CHR diabetes training ◦ Adult Diabetes Camp ◦ Diabetes Registry Training ◦ Oklahoma SDPI grantees meeting  Dr. Bryer-Ash, IHS OK Area Diabetes Consultant  Connie Barker, Oklahoma representative for the Tribal Leader Diabetes Coalition

9  All events and trainings are paid for by OIDC and are provided at NO COST to the programs/participants.  Goals for 2013 ◦ File for a federal 501(c)(3) status (in-progress)  Currently hold state 501(c)(3) status ◦ Expand fundraising events/activities  Held 4 th annual golf tournament in April ◦ Research grant funding opportunities

10  Benefits of OIDC membership/participation ◦ Opportunity to network with members to improve diabetes medical and education services  Identify members’ needs and assist in the development of solutions  Provide access to current news and information regarding funding, research, training opportunities, and program resources at local, state, and national levels ◦ Receive assistance with events and activities  Access to multi-disciplinary diabetes professionals ◦ Obtain financial assistance/sponsorship for events and activities ◦ Provide education to patients about services offered by OIDC members  Many programs across the state share patients

11  How OIDC began ◦ In the spring of 2008, staff from the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center hosted a meeting and invited all IHS/Tribal/Urban diabetes programs. After the first meeting, the group decided they wanted to continue meeting and working together as a group and 6 months later we hosted our 1 st event, the Tribal Leaders summit. The success of the summit influenced the OIDC members to apply for 501©3 status.

12  Steps to help you get started ◦ Network with grantees in your area at the Initiatives Meetings ◦ Contact your Area Diabetes Consultant  Your ADC may be willing to help, and can provide contact information for all SDPI programs in your area. ◦ Gather a group of invested individuals with a common goal and vision in mind.

13  Steps to help you get started ◦ Assess all of your resources Professionals Medical staff from hospitals Attorneys Accountants  Universities/colleges  Medical, Nursing, public health, Native American studies, law  Colleagues  Community leaders  Organizations  Financial $$$

14  Obtaining 501© 3 non-profit status ◦ State and Federal status ◦ Reference:  Process Process ◦ Steps to obtain 501©3 status  Select name for the group (make sure it’s not trademarked or already in use)  As a group consensus, create the mission and vision statements  Create Articles of Incorporation  Create bylaws  Elect officers and board members  Apply for EIN (employee identification number)  Apply for a Not for Profit Corporation with the Secretary of State  Apply for 501c3 Status with the IRS


16  For questions please contact: Shon McCage 1921 Stonecipher Blvd Ada, OK 74820 580-421-4532

17 Arizona Regional DPP Meeting Special Diabetes Program for Indians Diabetes Prevention Program and Healthy Heart Initiatives Year 3 Webinar Meeting 1 Taryn Watson, Diabetes Prevention Manager Gila River Health Care – Thoak Thag Ké Life Center Diabetes Prevention Program

18 Purpose of the Arizona Regional Meeting  To provide networking opportunities for DPP Staff  To learn about other DPP site implementation  To tour DPP facilities  To learn about in-state DPP resources  To exchange ideas on program activities  Enhance teamwork and collaboration efforts

19 Arizona DPP Grantees Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp., Tuba City, AZ Native Americans for Community Action, Flagstaff, AZ Gila River Health Care, Sacaton, AZ

20 Planning DPP Program Managers utilized:  Email  Teleconference

21 Planning  Discussions included: Introduction of DPP Staff/Icebreakers Meeting Objectives Meeting Logistics Meeting Topics

22 Planning  Meeting Logistics Travel Budget IHS Grants Management Approval Leadership Approval Facility Space

23 Planning  Meeting Topics – Technical Assistance Cross Training/Staff Development Nutrition Updates Fitness Industries Behavior Modification Adventure Learning Recruitment, Retention & After-core Program Sharing

24 Sample Meeting Minutes

25 Regional Meeting 1  NACA hosted the first Regional Meeting in Flagstaff in August 2012  One-day meeting  Open for all DPP Staff

26 Sample Agenda

27 Upcoming Meetings  Post-meeting Survey  Alternate meeting sites – next meeting at Gila River Health Care or TCRHCC  Quarterly Meetings

28 Any questions? Preston Holiday, TCRHCC Preston.Holiday@TCHEALTH.ORG 928.283.1420 Peterson Brown, NACA 928.526.2968 Taryn Watson, GRHC 520.562.7940

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