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THIS IS Aboriginal 100 200 300 400 500 First Nations Métis Current Events Turtle Island Oh Really Dates Aboriginal.

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3 THIS IS Aboriginal

4 100 200 300 400 500 First Nations Métis Current Events Turtle Island Oh Really Dates Aboriginal

5 This is how many Numbered Treaties are in Saskatchewan First Nations 100

6 What is 6 Numbered Treaties? First Nations 100 Picture

7 The Total number of First Nations Bands in Saskatchewan First Nations 200

8 *What is 74 First Nation Bands, with over 233 land bases… *according to Aboriginal Affairs, there are only 70 registered. FSIN represents the other 4.. Big Bear Band, Young Chippewayan First Nation, Chacachas First Nation and Chakastapaysin Band of the Cree Nation First Nations 200

9 The percentage of Canada that is First Nations Indian Reserve land. First Nations 300

10 Ubs/can/can-eng.asp What is 0.2%... or 2.6 million hectares on 2267 Indian Reserves. In Saskatchewan, 618,815.9 hectares or 1%... First Nations 300

11 The percentage of the Prairie Provinces in Canada that is covered by Treaty First Nations 400

12 What is 100%? First Nations 400 Picture

13 The “ British Regulation or Law” signed in 1763 that fathered Treaties in Canada. First Nations 500

14 What is Royal Proclamation of 1763? First Nations 500

15 The literal term “Métis” Métis 100

16 What is “Mixed Blood”? Métis 100

17 Historical Métis land transportation Métis 200

18 What is the “Red River Cart”? Métis 200 Picture

19 The name of the annual Métis Celebration near Duck Lake, SK Métis 300

20 What is “Batoche”? Back to Batoche Days… Métis 300 Picture

21 The official Métis language… Métis 400 Métis Sash picture from

22 What is “Michif”? Métis 400 Picture by

23 Historically how Canada defined who are the Métis… Métis 500

24 What is through “Scrip”? Metis 500

25 Canada’s current Assembly of First Nations Leader … Current Events 100

26 Who is “Shawn Atleo” Current Events 100

27 The animal on Saskatchewan’s Métis Flag Current Events 200

28 What is the “White Buffalo”? Current Events 200

29 The First Nation with the largest land base in Canada… Current Events 300

30 What is the “Blood First Nation” in Treaty 7? It covers just over 1400 square km Current Events 300


32 The province with the largest (%)Aboriginal population in Canada… Current Events 400

33 What is “Manitoba”, with 15.5% in 2006? Current Events 400

34 Where the last “Treaty” was signed… Current Events 500

35 On October 30, 2006 in British Columbia, what is the “Lheidli T'enneh Treaty”? Current Events 500

36 Location of “Turtle Island”. Turtle Island 100

37 What is “North America”? Turtle Island 100

38 The largest Aboriginal language group on the Canadian Prairies. Turtle Island 200

39 What is the “Cree”? Turtle Island 200 There are 52 Tribes, Nations or Cultural Groups in Canada... Haida, Cree, Mohawk…etc

40 The largest Indian land base in North America… Turtle Island 300

41 What is the Navajo Indian Reservation? 3,328,302 acres Picture

42 Turtle Island 400 The United States adopted their Governance Style

43 What is the “Six Nations” Iroquois Confederacy? Turtle Island 400

44 A popular sport created by Canada’s First Nations people… Turtle Island 500

45 What is “Lacrosse”? Turtle Island 500

46 This was the year First Nations were allowed to educate their own children… OR 100 Clearwater River Dene School picture by Darcy Tourangeau

47 What is 1973? OR 100 Chief Gabriel Cote Education Complex Picture Cote First Nation

48 The year the last Canadian Residential School for First Nations people closed… OR 200

49 0 What is “1996”? The Gordon First Nation Indian Residential School OR 200

50 The year the first urban reserve in Canada was created. OR 300

51 What is 1988? Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Saskatoon - an agreement on the establishment of the reserve was reached in 1988, and one on the delivery of municipal services in 1993. OR 300

52 One of the five National Aboriginal organizations that currently lobby the federal government… OR 400

53 What are the AFN, MNC, NWAC, CAP, and ITK? OR 400

54 Dec 10, 2007 Lt. Governor Gordon Barnhart read the Throne speech to include the following Aboriginal content… OR 500

55 What are the Treaties? Lieutenant Governor Dr. Gordon Barnhart read the Speech from the Throne outlining the government's priorities for the session and for the next four years, which include: stronger balanced budget legislation known as The Saskatchewan Growth and Financial Security Act; tuition rebates for post-secondary education students who stay in Saskatchewan following graduation; the creation of Enterprise Saskatchewan - a new partnership to ensure sustained economic growth; changes to ensure balanced labour legislation; increased funding to post-secondary institutions; increased property tax relief; a commitment to train and hire more doctors and nurses; a new Active Families Benefit to assist families with the cost of cultural, artistic and sports activities; more police officers; more addictions treatment beds; a commitment to meeting greenhouse gas emission reduction targets; and mandatory instruction in First Nations Treaty history in the K-12 curriculum.

56 The importance of the year; 1885 to Métis People… Dates 100

57 The Riel Resistance… November 16, 1885 Louis Riel was hanged… Dates 100

58 The year Indians were allowed to practice some aspects of their Culture Dates 200

59 What is 1951? With the removal of the Pass System… Dates 200

60 What year were women allowed to vote anywhere in Canada? Dates 300

61 What is “1916” in Saskatchewan. Women could run in election in 1920. Indians were given the right to vote in Provincial and Federal elections in 1960. Dates 300

62 The year the Indian Act was created for Indians in Canada… Dates 400

63 What is 1876? The Indian Act was to; a) Civilize: Residential Schools b) Control: Pass and Permit System c) Define: Who is an Indian Dates 400

64 The first year First Nations people were consulted regarding changes to the Indian Act… Dates 500

65 What is 1995?… the removal of the “Permit system”… White Bear Casino was raided by RCMP March 1993 because they had no permit. Dates 500

66 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Well known Aboriginal People in Canada – Living! Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

67 2008’s “You can let go” was a fast rising first single for this Anishnabe artist The Chevy Rising Star of the Year Award winner at the 2007 CCMA’s This First Nations actor had a role on ‘Flags of our Fathers’ Click on screen to continue

68 Who are... Crystal Shawanda from Wikwemikong, Ontario Shane Yellowbird from Hobbema, Alberta Adam Beach from Dog Creek First Nation, Manitoba

69 Thank You for Playing Aboriginal History Trivia! Game Template by Images by

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