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Gospel means “the good news” Jesus teaches us the path to Heaven.

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1 Gospel means “the good news” Jesus teaches us the path to Heaven

2 Do you see this map? It is the land of Jesus. We don’t know when Jesus lived there, but others did. Like good witnesses, they have narrated to us what happened.

3 Those who lived with Jesus narrated what they have seen, and the Evangelists wrote it down. Thanks to them, we know much about Jesus.

4 Jesus announces the Kingdom of God When Jesus was 30, He left Nazareth and went to towns and cities of Palestine, explaining the path to heaven to everybody.

5 Jesus compared the kingdom of God to a treasure hidden in a field. He who finds it rejoices. He goes and sells everything he has and buys the field.

6 Jesus is God like the Father. That is why He has the power to perform miracles. Navigating through the sea of Galilee, a great storm arose. The apostles got surprised, thinking that they would perish. But Jesus stood up and ordered the wind to keep still. Then, there was a great calm. They were filled with awe, and said to one another: Who is this, that even wind and sea obey him?

7 Jesus performed many miracles to show He is truly the Son of God. He was God like His Father. He also did miracles to show His mercy and His love for men, especially the needy. One day, a blind man called Him. What do you want? Jesus asked. That I may see! The blind man replied. Jesus touched his eyes, and the blind man saw. Everybody was awed and told it to all those who were not present at that moment.

8 Jesus is God, but He is also a man like us. One day, Jesus, tored from a trip sat down beside a well. A woman arrived to draw water. And Jesus told her: Give me to drink. Jesus is the same as we: He was born in a family, He grew up, He ate, He slept, has friends, feels hunger and thrist. He suffers, rejoices, smiles and cries, sympathizes with others. He is different only in one thing: He does not commit any sin.

9 Jesus, I want to be Your friend and to live everything You teach me. THE END

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