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Straighthold Investment Group, Inc.

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1 Straighthold Investment Group, Inc. []

2 New traders!!!!!! There are few trader’s program that stilling your money You Should Know!!!!

3 The 2 falling candlesticks are full black, when real falling candlestick should be white

4 This is how it’s work 1. You see the direction of the candles And putting a buy order 2. You decide to put stop lossing order in this point 3.You are doing good 4. Forex lite dropping the candlesticks and braking the stop loss point 5. You lost your money Forex lite stilling it

5 This is what they had to say when I found it Dear Sir. There was an error in the quotation process because of this the spikes were occurred. I must apologize to you for the inconveniences. Please accept it. I have cancelled the result of the deal #29081936. Best regards, Chief Support And When I said : I want more details before I am going to a lawyer Dear Sir. I have just been acknowledged about the happened case. It was our new employer who has taken an action on your account and it seems he did not even go deep into the gist of the problem. As I understand the order which was cancelled by our chief support should be reopened that you could close it with desired price. Am I right? If it so I ’ m ready to meet the wishes of you. Also I apologize to you for the caused inconveniences and misunderstanding. Best regards, Maxim Ustin, executive director of LiteForex.


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