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Hiring Winners! Strategies that Work

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1 Hiring Winners! Strategies that Work

2 Agenda Introductions UC San Diego’s Hiring Process
Understanding the “War for Talent” The Cost of Hiring Poorly Interviewing Game Best Predictor of Success Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners Before the Interview During the Interview After the Interview

3 UC San Diego’s Hiring Process
What is the order in which events should happen? HR refers applicants Dept. reviews applicants and completes the screening matrix Dept. interviews (Phone or In person) Hiring Manager completes Selection Report and Department HR faxes back to Central HR with Screening Matrix and Successful Candidates Resume HR approves Selection Report Dept. makes offer

4 Submitting Final Paperwork to HR
Key items needed by HR Screening Matrix, Selection Report, Applicants Resume (signed, preferred) Key elements for quicker approval process A min of 3 applicants interviewed for the position (grey areas) Salary is below the mid point (grey areas) Required signature obtained No Barriers to entry were used for screening criteria Remember to allow for up to 2 business days for approval (we shoot for a 24 hour turnaround)

5 Best Practices Good Faith Efforts Equal Access Fair Treatment
Consistent Process

6 War for Talent According to the Aberdeen Report: State of the Market 2007, the top challenges that companies face when it comes to employees are: Finding the right talent at the right time and dealing with a generational and skills gap that is eminent due in large part to the mass of retiring baby boomers. Success will come to those companies that: Make talent acquisition an organizational priority.

7 War for Talent Best-in-Class PACE Model
Pressures Actions Capabilities Enablers Future Workforce Planning Proactively search for and communicate with desirable candidates Create a data repository of desirable active and passive candidates Assess candidates for skills, attitude and motivation early in the hiring process Emphasize strategic, longer-term workforce planning Collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters Utilize and other communications to promote the company and relevant job openings to desirable candidates Map desired skills against applicants and candidates Implement an employee referral system Understand which sources provide the best candidates Define common skill set of top performers Background checking tools Applicant tracking tools Employee referral tracking tools Company career portal Tools to ascertain competitiveness of top performers to hire people with like traits Social networking technology Workforce analysis tools Online/Off-line assessment tools for skills, cultural fit and attitude Aberdeen Group, A Harte-Hank Co. June 2007

8 Cost of Hiring Poorly? Time and Energy
"You can't spend too much time or effort on Hiring Smart." The alternative is to manage tough, which is much more time-consuming" Gary Rogers, Chairman and CEO, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream. Money The cost of a bad hire is approximately 1-1/2 times the person's annual salary. Put another way, the wrong person earning $50,000 will cost your company $75,000. Reputation Morale People you hire have a direct impact on the future success of UC San Diego

9 The Interviewing Game Facts:
The top 10 business schools offer no ongoing courses about how to evaluate, select, or hire key people. MBA students today are offered courses about how to get themselves hired by performing well in interviews. Duke University has a required course in individual effectiveness partially devoted to interviewing skills, job offer negotiations, telephone etiquette and other tips for the applicant. Without a strategy, you are at a disadvantage. Applicants know the game… So let’s even it up by showing you some strategies.

10 The Interviewing Game The typical interviewing game for the applicant:
Prepares a strategy in advance Prepares an excellent resume and cover letter Prepares for predictable questions Practices their answers to these questions Enters the interview and regurgitates the information Lands the job The typical interviewing game for the employer: Skims over resumes Has an assistant contact applicants for interviews Asks the same questions – No deviation to resume Documents information (or doesn’t) Checks a reference (or doesn't) Makes a hire Applicants know the game… So let’s even it up by showing you some strategies.

11 The Interviewing Game Change the game by changing your perspective:
What if… the employee you hired had a direct impact on your future? you were not interviewing for an employee but were interviewing for a lifelong relationship? “Recruiting someone for a long-term relationship is very different than thinking about trick questions and body language in an interview. Your purpose is not to trip up the person, but to make the best possible match.” Dr. Pierre Mornell – Author of Hiring Smart Applicants know the game… So let’s even it up by showing you some strategies.

12 Best Predictor of Success
The most recent, past performance is the best indicator of future performance and success Tony Razzano: 200 Play Rule Tony Razzano example: hire Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, because he did his homework and have a rule never to hire anyone, unless he is seen 200 plays. When other organizations were basing their hiring decisions on athletes, who ran 40 yard dashes, did bench presses, and had a high vertical jump. None of this was proven in game situations.

13 23 Effective Strategies Before the Interview During the Interview
After the Interview

14 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners Before the Interview
Define Position/Strategies to Use Improves the efficiency of your organization and search Ask the following questions: Can the position be changed to run more efficiently? What were the shortcomings of the previous individual and are they clearly defined in the job description? Is the position structured for success; is it even needed? What is the timeframe to hire? “Market” your Position Identify your market? Where can you advertise to reach that market? Better candidate pools equal better finalist. Cast a wide net and use your networks to let people know about your job opening. Work with your recruiter to access resume banks of candidates.

15 REDUCED ADVERTISING $225 per posting versus $519 (57% savings) National and local exposure for your job openings. The added bonus with posting, your job will automatically be posted with their diverse partners websites. There are currently 88 diverse partners websites. $225 per posting versus $575 (61% savings) National and local exposure for your job opening. This site is considered one of the premier sites and is for all levels and classifications of positions. $45 per posting versus $300 (85% savings) Premier diversity job seekers website. This site is dedicated to providing job postings, career and self-development information to all minorities, specifically African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and women in all job professions. Urban League Website $35 per posting versus $150 (77% savings) The Urban League of San Diego County’s career website’s mission is to assist underserved people in San Diego County to achieve social and economic equality through employment.

16 Post Submit the online Requisition
Remember to allow for up to 3 business days for your job to be posted and a required posting period of 2 weeks. Use an attractive and understandable working title. Write a job description to interest and motivate jobseekers to apply, soft skills (good communication skills, good listener, team player) needed for this position should be use here. Limit your qualifications to 5 – 7 and use hard skills (skills that can be determined/viewed on a resume) UC specific qualifications are always advertised as “preferred” Special Conditions of employment Use Notes to communicate to Recruiter

17 Posting Example: DESCRIPTION:
The Human Resources Department functions as a …… This positions function is to…… Key responsibilities are: * Key responsibility one * Key responsibility two QUALIFICATIONS: ***Absolute Requirements*** * Qualification 1 (Most important hard skill) * Qualification 2 * Qualification … EEO/AAE

18 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners Before the Interview
3. Read Resume in Teams Teams are more accurate and insightful about resumes than individual readers and typically provide unique insights based on their experiences. 42% of all resumes include falsification or omission of information. Look for the following on resumes: Previous experience with comparable job elements. Patterns of progressively increasing responsibilities. Level of education and educational achievements. Patterns of progressively increasing compensation. Experience with specific products, clients, and organizations. Career or position objectives which are consistent. Common areas of misrepresentation/falsification: Education Employment History Salary and Job Title Experience and Achievements Criminal Conviction Record References (Previous Supervisors)

19 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners Before the Interview
Call Candidates (Manager – Highly Recommended) First impressions even by phone can tell you a lot about a candidate and if you don’t make the call, you miss the opportunity for a first impression. When making the call, consider the following: How hard or easy was it to reach the candidate. Does the candidate return your call at the specified time that you suggested? Is the candidate articulate in the conversation? Does the candidate blame someone for not receiving a phone call? Conduct a Brief Pre-interview or Phone Interview (20-30 Min.) Saves hours, even days of your time. The key to a successful pre-interviewer phone screen is asking solid questions and keeping the process consistent.

20 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners Before the Interview
Give a Pre-interview Assignment This can be an indicator of how well they handle small assignments and timelines. Possible assignments: Send an questionnaire and ask them to complete it. Ask the candidate to visit the campus or website. Ask the candidate to bring a copy of his or her last performance evaluation and/or portfolio of their work. Remember to give a deadline. Walk Around the Office with the Candidate Sets the stage for a productive interview and relaxes the candidate while providing additional insight into the candidate’s behavior. Most candidates wait for the beginning of the “official” interview like a runner waits for the starters gun to fire. This allows you to assess the following: Does the candidate ask questions? (Curiosity is a valuable asset of an employee.) How well the candidate interacts with personnel in the office. Allows you to go back to your staff to see what their first impression was of the candidate.

21 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners During the Interview
Trust your instincts but keep an open mind Star performers do not always “interview” well. Be aware of your bias and remember you are not there to judge but to assess for qualifications. Look for a passionate candidate: Passion for a type of work differentiates the exceptional candidates. Ask candidates what they are passionate about. Does the job entail that? Can it? Chemistry vs. Qualifications. You need both! Relax/Have fun If you are relaxed and having fun in the interview, the candidate should respond accordingly and you will learn a good deal in the process. Provide water to the candidate. Give brief instructions about the process which will open communication lines and eliminate tension.

22 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners During the Interview
Interview Top Candidates in a Committee Although sometimes difficult to coordinate, this strategy can provide more insight. Statistics suggest that when interviewing alone, you have a 96% chance of making a bad hiring decision. Things to consider when interviewing in committees * Be the expert or have one on hand a. Places you on firmer ground in evaluating candidate responses. * Use an intuitive person a. Choose people for the committee with track records for making good hiring decisions and assessing character. * Watch for inappropriate behavior/comments a. Enables you to isolate issues that don’t come out though verbiage. * Identity strengths and weaknesses a. Candidate strengths predict weaknesses (Big Picture… detals?) * Take notes a. Notes will help jog your memory & use exact quotes for defensibility. b. Remember, notes and s can be subpoenaed.

23 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners During the Interview
Interview Top Candidates in a Committee Continued… * Behavioral Based Interview Questions a. Prevents personal impressions from affecting your evaluation by focusing on job requirements. b. Reduces applicant “Canned Responses.” c. Focuses on open-ended questions. d. Allows for the best indicator for future success… proof of past success by asking for “Specific Examples.” e. Allows for silence. g. Don’t forget to deviate to the resume to ask unique questions (related to the position). * Seek Closure a. “We have five more minutes” - Candidates invariably say something that is really important at the end. The most egregious error made by interviewers is that they talk too much.

24 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners During the Interview
Ask for a Legal Release Background check forms/reference release. Have candidates sign at the beginning/end of interview. Cuts down on potential litigation issues. Allows potential references to give more truthful responses. Ask the Candidate “What will I hear?” “What am I likely to hear both positive and negative when I call your references?” Informs candidates that you intend to check references and gives them a chance to tell their side of the story. Candidate’s tend to be more truthful when they know you will call references. Use Validated Testing Software Federal regulations require the validation of employment “Tests”, which must be job related to successful performance. TES has approved computer-related software for Typing and Microsoft Office products.

25 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners During the Interview
Assign a Position-Based Assessment During the Interview ● Evaluates candidate’s ability to handle position-related duties. ● Consideration for Position-Based Assessments (PBAs). - Based on the "Requirements" of the job (On the Job Description). - The function to be assessed is over 50% of the requirements or is performed on a daily basis or is a critical function of the role. - Have conditions in place so the assessment is administered consistently for all candidates and enough time given to complete the PBA. - Have a defined measure of success (what are the best responses to the questions or actions to be performed?). - Does not have a grading scale (i.e., 10/10 = 100%, 9/10 = 90% etc). - Is not used as the sole qualifier or disqualifier of a candidate but is used in conjunction with the candidate’s interview and reference checks. - Consult with Central Human Resources before administering a PBA.

26 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners During the Interview
Go on a Campus Tour You may learn more in a minutes walk with the candidate than you do in the entire interviewing process. Observe the candidates behavior and questions asked. Questions are indicators of what the candidate is interested in or passionate about. Simple gestures of saying “excuse me” or “thank you” tells you something about their character. Set a Day/Half Day to Have “Final” Candidate Shadow You Lets you observe the candidate under game conditions. Schedule non-confidential meetings and ask the candidate for input. See how they interact with the group. 200 plays. Assign a Take-Home Project Evaluates finalist’s ability to meet a deadline, attention to detail, ability to analyze problems and suggest solutions, as well as utilizing resources with more time.

27 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners After the Interview
Use a Reference Check Template Allows you to be prepared to ask for pertinent information. Build rapport with the references. Don’t just go right into asking questions. Remember to use the candidate’s first name when referring to him/her. It makes it more personal. Listen for pauses, ums, well… sort ofs. As mentioned if you have a reference release form signed by the candidate you may refer to it or send it to the reference. With such a form, references feel they have more freedom to give good and bad information about a candidate. Use an reference check template. Some references will respond more readily to this technology.

28 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners After the Interview
Don’t Just Contact References Given – Use Your Resources Larger HR departments typically do not tell you anything other than confirming title, dates of services, and some will tell you if the individual is eligible for rehire and salary, but not all. Use one reference to spring you to another and another. Ask who else did CANDIDATE work with? May I be transferred to them? If it is a large organization ask for the name then go to their online directory to find the phone number. Use the Internet Google, Yahoo, MSN, are at your fingertips. Use them. Caution: Be careful that you are not using information in a discriminatory way… Always verify the information you receive. It is common for the following to be found on the Internet. Criminal history. Previous organizations where the candidate worked. Actual work done by the candidates.

29 Effective Strategies for Hiring Winners After the Interview
Livescan (Fingerprint)/Consumer Report Background Check Utilize these services for positions that work with kids, keys, cash, cars and computer access. This check will illuminate risk to UC San Diego. Highly recommend that you use the Police departments (Livescan) machine to do a fingerprint check. Meet the References for the Finalist Face-to-face meetings are superior to phone conversations and templates, especially for top-level prospects and campus employees. The more personal your contact with the reference, the more likely you are to get honest information. Whenever appropriate, visit a key referral in their office to discuss a final candidate. Have a Trial Run if/when Possible Is it possible to hire this individual in a temporary assignment or short-term exception? If so, this will give you the ability to see the person under game conditions. Behavior aside, red flags will become clearer during these auditions.


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