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Work Experience 2015 Monday 13 th – Friday 24 th April.

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1 Work Experience 2015 Monday 13 th – Friday 24 th April

2 Placements Online Selections BEP Group will aim to ensure you are allocated a placement – where possible this will be from the choices made online The school should be made aware of relevant medical and special needs information It is essential that your parent, guardian or carer checks and approves the choices made

3 Webview (Online Work Experience System) To access the site you must go to Click “Student” You will be issued with a PIN number by Mrs Steadman (your name should be entered as it is shown on the label – however it is not “case sensitive” so don’t worry about capital letters)

4 Webview cont. Student home page When you have successfully logged in, you will be directed to the student home page Click “search”

5 Making Selections I would suggest that you don’t change the postcode - you can sort the choices that come up in each category by clicking “postcode” and it will sort the selections into postcode order. Because BEP Webview covers the whole of Essex and some boroughs of London you will see jobs in Walthamstow, Colchester, Chelmsford, Romford etc – scroll down to find those in the local area (SS postcodes)

6 Webview cont. This is page 2 of the “retail” selections To see the placement in more detail click VIEW

7 Webview cont. If you like the look of the placement, then click “Add to selections” It will redirect you to put in your PIN number again. Once you have done this, it will take you to your selections.

8 Webview cont. Make 3 more selections by clicking “Return to job list” Put your 4 selections into order of choice

9 Webview cont. Once you have finished making your selections and put them in order of preference - and ONLY if you are HAPPY TO ACCEPT ANY ONE OF YOUR CHOICES - click SUBMIT Your choices will then be LOCKED IN and CANNOT BE CHANGED so please choose carefully

10 Webview cont. Once you have locked in your 4 choices, BEP will allocate you a placement from your choices. This will be done on MONDAY 2 ND FEBRUARY. If you need to change your choices before this date then please come and see Mrs Steadman, who will unlock them for you Once you have been allocated, you MUST accept this choice or face a possible charge of £46 from BEP for a failed placement If BEP cannot place you from one of your 4 choices then you will be asked to choose again, and so the process continues until you are successfully placed.

11 Helpful suggestions: Please choose CAREFULLY, as once you have pressed “SUBMIT” your choices are LOCKED IN and can only be unlocked by Mrs Steadman Only choose placements that you can get to and are happy to accept Please make 4 choices Don’t leave making your online choices until the weekend of 31 st January/1 st February as BEP will push the “allocate” button on Monday 2 nd February. Any problems you may have cannot be rectified in time.

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